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Hi, the search icon under the menubar is showing through on the drop down menus. How do I fix that?


Could you please give us your site link ?


saya membeli theme tapi ketika di download file theme tidak ada bagaimana caranya saya menggunakannya di blogger kalau theme nya tidak ada

Email replied.

How to settup this theme at my blogspot

This item is not blogger or cms, its HTML5 template.

how to insatall theme in blogger

This item is not blogger or cms, its HTML5 template.

I noticed that the navigation menu does not display when using IE9. I see it on the example at and on my test pages as well. How can I correct this issue?

Thank you for your response. I have included 2 links to screen grabs from Windows 7 using IE9 for the iPress sample page and my development page:

iPress sample page: My development page:

My development page is located at if you want to view it on other browsers or examine the source code. It appears that the only issue is with the navigation bar. Thank you for your assistance.


Sorry for my late answer, Again i checked it works fine on all modern browsers here. Please check these:

Just i checked your page source code and i found some errors, Example this is one part of your code:

<li><a href="#">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Link 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Link 3</a></li>

you should remove last /li because you do not opened it before.

I think you need re-check your HTML source codes and find any issue and fix them. It seems some of older browsers can’t detect / fix single HTML tags issues automaticaly but modern’s can.


Thank you for your help. I applied your suggestion and it appears to work as it should.

Hi, my drop down menu is being covered by the page contents:

You can see it at

I can send you style and header.php if you need – just send me an email address.

Thanks very much, Nicola

Email Replied.

To which email address please? I can’t find anything.

to Nicolascott@minexsa, we requested screenshot, but didn’t get any email after that.


I bought the theme: iPress – Responsive News/Magazine/Blog HTML5

from you.

Could you please tell me how to turn off the navigation dots in .

The carousel is used at the bottom of this page: The js files are here:

I have put a copy of the script file in the js folder so that you can see it too.

Thanks very much Kind regards, Nicola

Sorry the STYLE file style.css is in the js folder.

You can close this query – I found out myself.

The owl carousel is not working properly in Chrome. After you click it once, it no longer rotates through adverts. Here is the link:

Please advise urgently. Thanks.


Please could you answer the query below – I asked 5 days ago and I have bought support just for this query.

The owl carousel is not working properly in Chrome. After you click it once, it no longer rotates through adverts. Here is the link:

Please advise urgently. Thanks.


please advise how to make column heights equal – please see code at

This is an urgent query, please.


Sorry for my late answer, Not sure exactly what you want, But with css should be work

.widget {
      height: 200px !important

Just you need to add all elements classes like above code.

I noticed that IE is not rendering the iPress layout the same as other browsers. Screen grab 1 ( is from Firefox which is the way it looks on Chrome and Safari and is the way it should look. Screen grab 2 ( shows how it looks in both IE 9 and IE 11. The source code can be found at

You will notice several issues with mvh2.jpg - loses the social media icons at top - top bar is too deep and is not locked on the left side - the search function is missing for the navigation bar - the 2 banner graphics break onto 2 line

Please let me know what I need to do to adjust these issues to make the site view properly on IE. I look forward to your reply.


As i checked evevrything working fine in both IE9 and 10

You can check your site in this online browser checkers: or

Thank you for your response. As it turns out, there was a compatibility mode setting configured incorrectly which rendered the site to show an old version of IE. It is working now since the settings were updated.

please tell me if i can uplaod this theme for my wordpress website


This is HTML template, you can purchase wordpress version here:

Hi – I’m actually wondering – This is an html blog website – how to react and Post a comment? How can you share a post on social media? – I do not see any php part. Thanks…


Actually this is a basic HTML template and not haven’t php funtional files. For comment you can use disqus or facebook scripts.


hi i am sorry i need ipress wordpress theme not html5 i am very sorry i don’t need this theme please refund my money i wnat theme to my website it is wordprees

When the Web site is in the smartphone size, the navigation menu disappears and the three horizontal bars icon appears. How and where in the code do I change the bars to the word “menu”?


Its not possible to change it, but you can add “menu” string side of it, Edit this file “js > custom.js” file and find this code:

<i class="fa fa-remove fa-bars"> </i>

change it to this:

<i class="fa fa-remove fa-bars"> Menu</i>

Thank you for your response. I just removed the in favor of the Menu text and it works.

I meant “i class.” It was autocorrected.


I had an issue with the carousel so I replaced it with a new one (as per my previous support query a while ago). It seems to work OK but not in iPad. Please see: The carousel is a Mercedes Benz advert at the bottom of the page.

The code is in the footer.php file – please let me know if you want me to send it to you.

Thanks very much, Nicola

OK, but these are all included in the template – can you send me an ipress.js file which doesn’t throw these errors? The “innerHTML” I can just remove because I don’t display the date anyway.

It’s an update of jquery which has made e.browser.msie invalid but I have no idea how to replace this code and still retain the functionality. Please advise.

You can download original files via my demo, for ipress.js download this file:

about jquery version, i recommend you to use exactly jquery version that used in ipress template.


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Hi :) Can you tell me how to change the speed of the first slider (carousel) ? Thank you


Sure, edit js/custom.js file and find this:


below it you can change settings.


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Thank you :)


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Hi , sorry i have an other question : Can you tell me how in the shortcodes.htlm page i can put all toggles active by default without the necessity to click on the plus for each one to extend ? Thank you again for you help. Kind regards.


Warnex Purchased

i found solution . thanks :)

i changed my hosting, and i try to reinstall ipress on the new hosting, the system tell me:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. Could you help me?


i bougth the wordpress ipress a few months ago, the problem that i have is the change of my hosting. i want reinstall this wordpress version but is not working

iPress – Blog/Magzine/News Wordpress Theme Regular License 6 months support (expires on 21 Mar 2017) Purchase code: 1bf2cbd2-2e39-4882-ac22-6f116033f162

So if you already purchased it, you can find it in your theme forest dashboard > Downloads tab

And can download > unzip > and install new package. If you have any future questions you can ask them from wordpress author of this item here:

Good luck