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Nice Work Dude! Good Luck!

Thanks my friend

Great work ! GLWS :)

Thanks mate

Nice Work My Friend, GLWS :)


Very nice theme, good luck..

Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Great work. ( khoda ghovvat migam, be omide moafaghiyate shoma doostan :) )

Thanks Patriot

Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS

Nice work mate, GLWS :)


well, i would like to ask you few things. 1. I don’t want to use wordpress or any CMS engine for my website, is it possible to use this HTML template to start a new blog?

2. How To Implement comments ? It’s easy to do it in wordpress what about this HTML template? Oh yes i hope i can use facebook comments with this.

3. My idea is to use this HTML template to create a blog without using CMS, i’m a bit new to this do let me know whether it’s possible :)



1) This is a basic HTML and you can use it any where

2) you can use comment form with facebook and disqus

3) i suggest you is better convert it to one cms like wp or convert it to ghost or blogger platform.

also we will release wp version next month march

Regards, T20

No, can i have your skype? then i can clarify few things before buying!

Hi, i’m understand whats your mean. but i cant help you more than. this template is good for developers who need convert it to one cms.

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)


Beaytiful theme!GLWS :)

Thanks 8-)

Wow – very nice design!

My only issues are:
1. display issues with random post section on Safari 5.1.10 / snow leopard.
2. loading times way too long (might be that your server is just overwhelmed)
3. DISQUS comment system is a no-go for EU websites (think privacy & data protection) but I guess with wp-version this issue will be gone anyways

On my wishlist would also be a 3/4 + 1/4 layout for single post view.
Overall it’s the nicest looking news template I’ve seen for a while and on top of my shopping list as soon as you realease it for wp :)

Hi, Thanks

1) i found safari issues, will fix them in update
2) yes this is our server problem and template load speed is good
3) in next update i will add comment form as default + fb comment section

also this is a very easy to add columns in grid system, 1/4 3/4 …

Regards, T20

Nice work! Good luck mate ;)


Nice work mate! GLWS! :)

hello, nice work ! it is possible to add in the next update, the choice 1/4 3/4? and a panel toggle (similar to the design of your accordion)? thank you and good sales;)

Hi, in next update i will add mega menu and new page with second menu instead news bar + toggle and more shortcodes.

I’m a hurry! I immediately take it! thank ;)

Beautiful work guys. Congrats on the theme!

:) Thanks

Awesome! :)

WP Version?

Thanks, sure wp will release in March 8-)

just hope ready for wordpress theme :D

Sure wp version will release in March ;)