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Hey, next time you can use photos from my project and say that people can choose photos for their websites there ;)

Thanks, Sure

Perfect! You are the best!

What can I say? This template is awesome!

Great to see it as HTML too. Many authors will only do a Wordpress version, and that means they are not really catering for proper developers.

Good luck with sales. This is on my list to purchase :)

..Also thanks to viktor above

Thanks 8-)

The new theme from t20! It is an amazing ! Good luck pesar!

Demo page load very very slowly & not fully

Hi, yes this is our “Server” problem and template haven’t speed problem and all codes optimized. 8-)

Hi, Ok :) I’m wait )

Nice work! GLWS :)


looks great, i like the style ! Good job :)

Thanks 8-)


i dit it like advise in your FAQ: Optional: If you do not wish to manually upload the theme only folder to your “themes” folder, there is an option. You can zip up the theme folder (remember, ONLY the theme folder) and upload it via the WordPress themes admin panel by selecting “add new” and clicking “upload”. That’s all there is to it, please be absolutely sure you are uploading only the theme folder when trying to install a WordPress theme. If you have specific item questions or require technical assistance, we recommend you contact the author via their profile page. This is the message i received on Wordpress:

“L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème.”

“The zip couldn’t be install. Missing file style.css from this theme”

“L’installation du thème a échoué.”

“install failed”

Could you provide me the good file please.


Hi, This is basic HTML template and not Wordpress Theme.

Ok, no pb i wanna be refund. thx

Hi, I thought served to wordpress but I see no. I just saw the response walfywhoo. I also want a refund. regards

Hi, you should contact with Envato support.


I need to add more flags into the theme, can you please let me know the original source of the flags? I will need other flags such as spanish, turkish, etc ..


Hi, i will update template with new features and more flags in next 1-2 days. 8-)

Regards, T20

Updated :)

Awesome template, thanks dude :)

Template create from twitter bootstrap ??

Hi, no we built template in our grid system.

Hello, I bought your theme ipress, but I’m having trouble installing the wordpress. I downloaded the ZIP file, and threw it into the WP-contente/Theme. extracts the subject and have the time to select the wordpress, the theme did not appear as an option, you know what can be?

already bound

hello, a translation into Portuguese would be great, I have several friends here in Brazil interested in this theme!

Hi, Sorry but this is a basic HTML and Not wordpress … please contact with envato if you want refund. 8-) wordpress version will release in April.

HI there, great work, this theme its great! I bought it because I need to use in wordpress or another easy content manager but i just saw your answer to “dudroid” saying that does not support it. It is a theme for any other CMS? thank you

Hi, You should before purchasing item see item category. Currently this template is a basic html and not for cms, you should convert it to one cms like wordpress then us it. we will release wp version in April.

Regards, T20

I would really appreciate your help in knowing if I could refund and buy a theme instead with wordpress or if there is another solution. Much appreciation for your help!

You can contact with Envato Support for refund or purchase another theme. 8-)

Hey T20! Thanks for your great template. I think i’ve found a bug: The TV section doesnt appear in IE8, any fix for this?


Hi, Thanks, this template not support fully ie8. ie8 is outdated browser.

Hi, nice theme but i don’t understand why did you kept style.css alone it should be with other css files in the same folder . remember it’s html template not wp, and some customers will use it with frameworks and it’s not practical… and try to develop html theme regardeless of wordpress developpement, you have a nice template, different and personnal if you develop it a little more ‘in html’ includings things that are not practical in wordpress and adding more of your personal touch you can obtain the next best seller in that kind. my advise : be different, focus on html and many people will buy, if you want to target wp in priority you will not be competing with others before you

and please, try to explain more with better documentation it’s very important

Hi, Thanks for your purchase and give proposals that, we will try in the next projects apply them. :)

Regards, T20

Hey there, You guys are rock! Great template.

Just a little reminder, Since all the topics are based on ratings, I coun’t see the review items for a post. “single_post”

when you’re planning to release the next one? i’m eager to buy this asap!

One more thing please.. single_post_video and single_post_image should be seperated from “single_post_article”. since the video and image sizes are different from text content it’d be perfect if you add this difference.

Hi, currently we are working on new magazine wordpress theme, and i think i’ll can update template in next ten days.

Regards, T20

Hello, congratulations, this theme is really well done! are you planning to do a version of this exact theme using bootstrap 3? It would be perfect!

Hi, Thanks, We used heroku grids on our templates and not really need bootstrap.

Regards, T20

Hi T20, this theme is really nice, but I have some problems with the bounce effect and the shadow on photo’s mouseover. If you move fast your mouse cursor from top to down over more than one photo, these don’t stop to bouncing. I see this bug only on google chrome, can you give me some advise?


Hi, Thanks, yes this is a small bug with css animation on chrome and we’ll try to fix it in furtur, if you dont like this effect you can change your links class from “hover-shadow” with one class from here:

Regards, T20

Thank you so much, not the best solution but with a big find-replace on “hover-shadow” in “float-shadow” it will works right on chrome.

Nice Template, but i miss a login page!!!! Can you update ipress with it?

Hi, This is a basic HTML template and haven’t login page, sorry.