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Hi, i have a question about the slider, i want to reduce the border to 0 px. Where can i change the border pixel to 0?

What border are you refering to. It has borders on the buttons as well as above and below the slider.

Hi how do the menu items and col1 get their CSS hights?

Its generated by javascript to ensure they are all the same height. This can be turned off but then things will need to be set manually.

Hi there, I’m about to buy your theme, but I have one big concern: why is the mobile menu not sticky? when you scroll down on your mobile, the nav will not follow, so if you are at the bottom of the page you have to scroll all the way up to get to the nav. is there a way to make the nav sticky?

okay, got it. i added a line of js to your site.js file: $(”#nav”).sticky({topSpacing:0});

Perfect. :)

demo not working!

Its back!

hello, I would buy only what I saw does not have the contact form and the main walpaper does not change.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand.

Hi- This doesn’t have a contact us section?

also, the hero section is not auto slider?

The Top Navigation Menu has a black background. Can I change that to White or some other light color.

You can change this to whatever color you wish.