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Hello, Great theme, I just purchased, I didn’t find the font or link to the font online, because it looks different when downloaded, also in the demo an option to switch colors “blue and red” which i don’t see here I don’t see the beer in animation but I see the image ready for that in the image folder

I just responded to your email. Check it out.

Thank you, there was no problem, it was my browser problem :-0 But Great Support and Work 5 stars

Thanks a ton! I’m glad it worked out for you.

A couple of questions I have before I buy this, is there a way that I can change (or that it comes with) The beer drink to another drink, and the wheels and the barrels that roll and move to another graphic? What options do I have for those? Also I saw on a few of the comments of a possibility of a contact page and some getting them, how would I be able to get that?

If you wanted to change the beer image, it would take quite a bit of customization. I would be ok helping you with this but I couldn’t do it for free. Also, I never put a contact form on the template. Instead I’ve been working on a wordpress version of the template.

It would be great if that was a Wordpress version of this theme! Also if there was a mobile side slide menu extra option such as the facebook mobile site it would be a great enhancement!

I am working on a Wordpress version. Also, that is a great idea!

I’ve seen several mentions of an upcoming Wordpress version. Do you have an updated timetable for that release?

I don’t. It actually in the review process as we speak. Hopefully it will be approved by the end of the week.

Does it come with PSD file for logo?

I didn’t get an email. Can you tell me your email address so I can send it to you directly?


Hey. I emailed to urgent@svpn.net . Can you confirm you received it?

How can i make the map zoom in more? I saw the comment above and cant seem to figure out where to find that file on my wordpress dashboard.

It shows me that you haven’t purchased my file so how can I give you support?

I am using Iron Bull right now and purchased the wordpress version from you.

Hey Chelsea. The site here tells me you haven’t purchased my theme. Did you purchase it using a different account?

What font have you used for this theme, please? It looks great!

The font is Bree Serif. Thanks!

Great Theme, just a quick question is there a shortcode to make a button and link it to a url?


Yup. There is. Let me know if you have any other questions.

hey , it’s a great theme ,I bought this theme everything is good but I have a few problems. 1.What size of image should I use for “placeholder1” to match with Iphone when you rotate the Iphone to landscape.

2.when I rotate my iPhone 5 to landscape the header will occupy half the screen.How can I fix this .I made another html page that redirect mobile users of my site to a mobile version but I couldn’t fix the mentioned problems.if you want to check that you can take a look at www.burgerhouse.ir ,thank you.

I’ve responded to your email. Thanks.

Tkanks for email.Please let me know when you publish version 2

Will do!

Hello Nick,

I was wondering if there is a way to have the exact theme Live preview installed and edit accordingly and not to start from scratch… As I am just a beginner in Word press and still need to figure some stuff out. Appreciate your help.. Is there any chance to change the Beer to another drink.

Thank you.

Send me an email with your name and request in the subject line.

can you post one shortcode for google map here…..need to add more location markers.

Please review the documentation that comes in your package. The shortcode looks like this:

[ironbullmapmarker name=”Palm Beach” description=”This is my description.” phonenumber=”(305)555-3294” longitude=”-80.036144” latitude=”26.366649”]

Great theme! I’m thinking of purchasing to use on our fundraiser! How hard would it be to switch the colors to green?

Not hard at all. You will just have to edit the CSS file. If you aren’t familiar with css once you buy it, you can email me and I can show you how.

Awesome! Thanks!

Very nice design!!


Is it possible to add images to the menu? Also I noticed in a few previous comments that the PSD file was not included. Have you added that to be downloadable?


The PSD isn’t included in the template. But its included in the Wordpress theme. And yes, you can add images to the menu.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

No problem!

Nice update. Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

hi just amazing theme ,pls do more! by the way how can i update it ?

Since you have the HTML version, to upgrade you will have to replace the files. If you’ve made changes, you will have to re do your modifications.


I must say great work. Its working and looking good, but we need help with 2 issues.


Used font family – ‘Bree Serif’, serif . Well, its very nice font, but its not diacritic friendly. When we type for example” AK?NÍ CENY” letter “?” is in another font so its not look good. Can you please recommend similar font family with diacritic ? strange is that in chrome its ok, but in internet explorer, safari not…

2) Google maps. Well, in your tutorial is this:

The google map in the Locations section is based on the coordinates you place in the id=”map” div. It includes data attributes you can use to set the starting point.

But there is not any note, how to get location, can you recommend some generator?

Thanks for help and if you can send us logo psd to email.

Hmm. For the font I would recommend going to Google fonts and just looking through them. They are all free and there are plenty of options. As for the map, just use https://www.google.com/maps/preview?source=newuser-ws .

Find the location you want and right click on the marker point. Click “What’s Here” and it will give you back coordinate points.

Hi – I purchased this but there are no psd files for the artwork? Can you send them to me please Thanks

The PSD file is only available with the theme version.

Hi. I want the fixed background image to be pulled from the local images folder but maintain the fixed size. I’ve made several attempts at this but I’m not getting it. So how can I get the image from “image:url to a local path?

Thanks JF

I don’t understand. You want the images to be local? They already are.

Nice theme purchased.