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Good job!

Feature request – woocommerce integration please :)

Hi Kaga,

Thanks! we will look into it ;)

Congrats , looks awesome ! GLWS :)

Thanks Metro!!!

Is it possible to make the logo retina and to center the social icons in the footer (mobile version)? Great job!!!

Hi Rockzi,

making the logo retina is definitely a features that will comes up soon.

For the social icons media in the footer of the “mobile” version, you’re right. We’ll fix this asap. You got good eyes ! thank you !

Thanks for your quick reply. On my desktop the theme is perfect. On the mobile version there are some (really little) bugs, shoud i post it here or in the support forum? Can you give me the link for that?

Hi Rockzi, please report the bugs here:

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude!

Thanks Vicky ;)

Wow, it’s finally here! Awesome, looks great. For some reason the player isn’t loading? Checked it with 4 browsers (desktop and iphone) and do not see it?

Other than that, have been waiting for this and happy it’s now available. :)


do you have a exemple/sample of a type of steaming/shotcast you want to use ? i might be able to assist you if you give me more details.


Here is an example: this is a shoutcast stream. Thank you! :)

Hi, I don’t know if its what you want to achieve, but i’ve setup your streaming on a feed in IronBand. Check this out:

It uses a free plugin called PlayerZbr


Hello. It ‘a very nice template. If you add the ability to manage the lyrics and typography with a shortcode (eg tabs, accordion, multi-column text, buttons, etc..), I think I will buy the theme to renew a website.

Hello IB

I have some questions before purchase.

Are the rows Songs and Twitter changeable? Can i include or disclude each row? For Example If i don’t have any videos yet can i leave out the Videos row?

Also is there anywhere on the template i can include widgets? I would like my site to be multilingual therefore i would need to use the qtranslate plugin.

The last question is when i hover over the gigs, is it possible to change Get tickets into information or something else??

Thanks in advance. :)

Hi Bailesham,

Yes, you can remove any row on the homepage with the customizer. If you don’t want the “video” row on the homepage you can do it with one click in the admin panel.

Yes you can include widgets but basic wordpress programming skill is required. We don’t offer support for this at this time.

The site is WPML ready only. You can translate it with WPML if you buy the wpml license and then, start translating.

For your last question, you can change the “get tickets” for anything else, and external link to the information you want. So you could create a blog post, and link it to your post for additional information.


Thank you Ugurkan !

Does this theme work on mobile devices ok?

Hi, are you planning to have an update with different background image possibility on every pages. That would be so great. Thanks

It’s on our planning. stay tuned with the updates.

I love your work! I looked forward and I am very happy that you’re back from vacation lol :)


1. In discography can I put a soudcloud link that opens by clicking on the image without it opens me to another page?

2. Videos in this is that I might have the same layout as in the pictures page because I think its really class?

Thank you for your response.

Hi Karl,

thanks for your message.

what you just pointed is an excellent idea. We will think of it and might add these features in a next updates. Thanks.

I expect this update to buy. Rather too the presentation of the photo page. Thank you for your response.

Love it! It is just what I need. Will it work with WooCommerce? Is there a standard layout for the blog or is a grid the only option?


Hi, for now, WooCommerce is not implemented. We are working on a “standard blog layout” as an option template for the news page. Stay tuned.

YAY ! Bought it right away, and playing with it right now. SUCH a great theme ! Say, will you include a dedicated field for the time of gigs in future updates? Also, your theme would work great for a venue or for a multiple projects artist (like me). Perhaps a field for “band’s/artist’s name” would be useful as well ! What do you think ?

Thanks so much for your reply ! All is well now, apart from the homepage player. The track listing doesn’t appear under the text editor. I’ve checked screen options, but even when everything shows, I can’t see it.

Bug ?

Hi Mats, yeah, we posted an updated yesterday about this. you can redownload it. Email us at if you require assistance. Thank you.

Sweet ! Thanks a lot ! x

Hi, how can I view the “Albums” under a page with the “Album Posts” page template.

And I have a small Problem with the installation, I can´t install the theme over the theme installation page, it´s only working wenn I copy the extractet fils to the ftp Server.

Best regards

Hi Aiges,

can you please fill a ticket here: along with your URL. we will look into it.

First of all! Absolute quality work here!

There’s two things i’m struggling with.

1’ The contact form: I’ve filled it in but the emails dont come through to the bands email ad. (i’m not with mailchimp so i selected wordpress setting)

2. I’ve uploaded an mp3 but it wont play or come up on the homepage in the widget.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Apart from that. Easy to work through & great layout etc. Thanks

Hi Hugh, can you please fill a ticket here: along with your URL. we will look into it.

thank you

Hello. Thanks for good theme!

I have Questions for theme support team:

Thanks, Best Regards.

Hi. It’s a good idea but we found that it would be more easier and userfriendly for the user if all the infos about gigs were in the same place than to use the default date system offered by WP.

thank you.

As I said, how can I do? Can you help? Is it possible?

replied by ticket.

Hi! Please can you tell me if it is possible to set the template in French..? Very nice template! I want for my project. =)


Elle coute 79$.

IronBand est compatible et est “WPML ready”. Une fois la license payé, tu as seulement a installer le plugin, et tu peux commencer à traduire tout le thème. C’est asse facile.

Concernant l’intégration du webradio, c’est faisable, mais ca demande un peu de connaissance PHP/Wordpress. et oui, tu pourrais intégrer la radio à la place du iron’s song sur la homepage si tu veux.

Je ne suis pas français de france. Nous sommes situés à Montréal.

À bientôt,


Ok, c’est plus cher que prévu. Je vais donc attendre quelques jours mais je veux votre thème pour mon site donc à très vite, j’aurai peut-être besoin d’un peu d’aide. =)

Je suis lá pour ca :)

Hi, my thanks for such a great template. But i have an insignificant problem. Could you remove the “Array” word from my homepage? It is below the “home” button Because i cant find it on the code. Thank you.

Hi Luther,

I can’t see your website. There is a 403 Forbidden error code. Probably due to your supercache plugin. I can’t help you right now.

Interested in purchasing however:

1. when will the woocommerce integration be added?

2. how flexible is the HOMEPAGE for me to add other information? as in (A. youtube video or video playlist to automatically play) (B. flyer image if i need to) (C. shortcodes or columns in general)

3. Can I add thumbnails or images to the GIGS?

4. In the header (top right) currently has a quote. Can this be replaced with a banner ad instead?

5. Social media icons in navigation bar – does this include instagram? if not please add for next release..

6. Can i have a background image for homepage ONLY and a separate background image for the rest of my site / subpages?

Thanks, Omar

Hi! Thanks for your interest.

1. WooCommerce: We don’t have a release date yet. We are in beta development. We tested it, and it works. Need to adjust it and implement some cool features to make your life easier :) Probably will be release next month.

2. You can customize and personalize the homepage if you want. If you want to implement directly a YouTube video to auomatically play, you can do it, but it’s not supported directly in the theme. I’ve already seen people who did that which is pretty cool. But once again, we do not support it right into the theme. You would need to play with the html/css.

3. You can’t add images in the gigs for now.

4. You can replace the quote by a banner ad, but we don’t support it directly in the theme. You need to do it on your side. Should be easy with some CSS skills.

5. Yes, you can put Instagram as a social medias icons. We support over 30 icons. You can even create your own.

6. We are working on it to let people have different background images on specific pages/subpages. Should be released this week or next week.



Hello it says you can add your own Social Media, Instead of Twitter on the homepage can I put Instagram?


for the social media icon in the header, yes.

you should be able to also replace the twitter feed by Instagram, but it’s not a theme option. you will have to do it on your own.


OK and great Theme by the way! I have one more question before I buy. Where it says Live From Twitter and Irons Song. Can I put Live From Twitter and Live from Facebook? I do have a Facebook plug that allows live posts. Thanks!