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This is a great theme, thanks for all the support!!!

2 questions..I want to remove the dates on my “posts” i have them connected to a press or news type are but we dont want dates to show. looks silly all dates are going to be today even for old press we want to put up

2. how do i add the tabs to the home page so they follow after scrolling down? my site has the player, then videos, when you scroll down i want a few more to show, i want news under that on scroll, and possibly photos after that so it resembles a “one page theme” sort of like the demo… this looks great on mobile you can just scroll through it all one page…



i just figured out how to add to the front page as a scrolling list!!! BUT still cant figure out how to remove dates? I “unchecked ” dates box? but dates are still there thanks again :)

Hello Dark,

I’ve replied you via ticket. Thanks


The theme is set up and all :-) , but the twitter widget is not displaying my tweets. Instead, it only reads: “Loading tweets…” How can I solve this?

The theme is set up and all :-) , but the twitter widget is not displaying my tweets. Instead, it only reads: “Loading tweets…” How can I solve this?

Hello Kepolo,

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



I posted on the forum for help but I haven’t received a response yet.

Hello Elvis,

I’ve replied you via

Have you got the answer ?

Yea I just saw it, thanks I will reply there

I am having trouble inserting a featured image for the posts – is anyone else having the same issue?

Hello AssaultMedia,

Are you using version 1.6 or 1.6.1 of IronBand ? We have released on ThemeForest version 1.6.1 that correct a bug related to the media manager disabling image selection. You should upgrade. To upgrade, it’s very easy. here’s a quick step by step:


Hello there,

I was wondering if there is a mobile version of this theme? so it’s more user friendly on the any mobile device.

also I was wondering if you can suggest a great plugin or suggestion for a forum / member section with membership levels?

thank you very much


The site is fully responsive. So on mobile, people view the mobile site. You can have a quick look here:


thank you but, is it a mobile version? on the link its seems like it’s not displaying like a mobile version. or am i mistake? thank you


It’s a responsive layout. So it adjust to mobile so yes, it’s a mobile version.

This is a desktop version:

this is the mobile version:



How can I make the audioplayer work with soundcloud?

Thank you

I’m also having trouble finding where the settings for the audioplayer are! Thanks!


here’s a quick tutorial on how to implement SoundCloud:

For the audio player on the homepage, go to PAGES > Home. Make sure your homepage is set to HOME as the template.

Then you will see the track manager below the big text area.



Hi, this theme is fantastic!

Quick suggestion for a future update – can we have an option to hide the breadcrumbs?

Hello JoeFresh,

Thanks for your suggestion.

In the meantime, you can disable the breadcrumbs in the theme. Please follow this faq:

thanks, Maxime

hi – I logged a support ticket #123080 four days ago and still no reply. The previous responses made me think I would get a more prompt response, are my expectations unreasonable? When might I expect to see a response?

Thanks in advance, Mick

Hello Mick,

I’ve just replied to your ticket.

Thanks, Maxime

Interested in purchasing this theme, I have one question though. For the photos page, is it possible to link the thumbnail photo displayed to its own album?

Hello PikturePerfect,

for the photo section, you can’t make albums. sorry. however, you could implement a photo gallery yourself using a kind of plugin or another wordpress script that you can find at

thanks for your interest,


This is a great theme!

Can you please tell me how I can exclude a video category from the video-grid page?

Hi UrbanNation,

I don’t exactly understand. can you elaborate ? You don’t want a specific category in the video grid ? What do you want to exclude exactly (the videos pulled from that category AND the category name on the right column) ? Why don’t you just remove this category ?

Thanks Maxime

Hi there. How do I set the gigs page to be able to show all gigs, past and future. It only shows gigs that are same day or future days. Or create a past section maybe.

Any luck on this? I tried searching the code myself (I am somewhat fluent with it) but I was unable to see where it represents to and future dates only. A little help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for this,

Past gig is one of the feature we will add in a next release. Stay tuned.



Under ‘Gigs’ (in the admin panel) I’m only getting the future gigs to show up, even under ‘All’ or ‘Published’ (or selecting past months)- is it possible to access them somehow?

I agree, a second section of past gigs displayed below the future ones would be a great addition.


Yeah, past gig is one of the feature we will add in a next release. stay tuned. It’s not possible for now to show past dates.

Is it still possible to access old gig posts in the admin panel? The only gigs showing up are in the future.

Hi, in the admin., the old gigs are the one “published”,

please open a support ticket with wp admin access if this doesn’t work. i will assist you.



im having a huge problem it doesnt show all my widget that i put….. except the footer. and the slides doesnt show nothing is working with this …. help please…

it doesnt let me sign in .


you need to create an account. it’s not your Envato/ThemeForest username/password.

thanks. Maxime

got it

Hi, is there a way to implement a shop if needed so that users can buy an album from the website? Or any suggestions in ways to do this with this theme? Thanks in advance, certainly considering this theme.

hello KateyParr,

it’s possible to implement WooCommerce with IronBand. We do not support it yet, it’s up to you to install WooCommerce.

I’ve seen some IronBand user who have installed it and seem yo works fine !



Thanks Maxime,

I will give you an update if I implement this succesfully. Have bought the theme anyway. The interface and usability of this theme is fantastic. Really amazing job, thank you so much :)

You’re welcome !

hi, i opened a ticket 6 days ago, becasue i need the logo centered. would be great if you could help me, thanks!

Hi !!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve replied by ticket. thanks


Awesome theme! You can see it in action at !

Thanks Groovething ! it’s nice! you have a little issue here:

thanks, Maxime

Hello there,

is it possible to add a podcast page like this one ?!

and also in main page can i replace LATEST NEWS are with ALbums page !?

if possible let me know to make a purchase right away..

Hello Yakazaky, Sorry, there is no podcast page template in IronBand.

And also, no slider to show your album page on the homepage.



Hey, the single video page has a wide footer. If you go here and scroll down you will notice it . I was wondering if there is a way to make the footer of the single video pages in boxed format just how the rest of the website is. Let me know if this is possible, if not then maybe on an upcoming update of the theme this will be an option.

Hello Elvis. Good eye. We will fix this issue in next release. Thanks.

It’s worth the price of the theme just for the support that is provided. I am not very Wordpress/tech–savvy, so having this kind of help is invaluable. The theme is great, but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it without the great help. 5 stars. Thanks so much!

Hey ! You made my day ! Thank you very much Sbocknek ! You are awesome.