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Re: Ticket #136017

I posted 6 days ago and have no response. I have a client waiting on me and I could at least get a response. I have not had this issue with other Author’s in the Envato network. Frankly I have not had issues with simply uploading other WP templates. Again, I have attempted to upload the theme and continually have received an error message. I am using the WP 3.8 upgrade.


I replied to your ticket. If you still have issue, please send me more details of the issue you have.

Thank you very much, Maxime

Im having the same problem as brandjane. I have attempted to upload the theme and continually have received an error message.

Hello Anthony, What’s that error message ? Are you using WP 3.8 ?

If you have the error message: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”, please read this FAQ:


What’s the error? Have you tried using the old fashioned way?


I don’t understand what you are referring to. Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and screenshots and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.

Thank you.

Just some altruistic help here – For those that have problem uploading theme – We actually had to unzip the theme folder, and created a new zip file, that seemed to work – hope that helps?

Also – you can FTP the theme folder then activate it thru WP ADMIN as another option. I can vouch for the frustration though!

  • Make sure you’re actually using the theme folder, not the entire zip package – it’s a subfolder.

Thanks Indieslands,

For further help on how to install a theme into Wordpress, check the ThemeForest official tutorial here:

Is it possible to add album categories ? I would love to be able to have Single, Album, Remix, Special release kinds of things. Cause not all artists only release albums.

If i have to I will just modify the custom post type in the theme itself.

Sorry Digitalchild, there is not theme option for this at this time. However, you could design custom pages and linke these page to a specific album page detail. But that’s is up to you.



Hi Maxime, I ended up adding a new custom post type called releases that extends the albums functionality. Thanks for the reply.

nicely done.

Can you please answer Ticket #137585. This ticket was submitted 4 days ago and I need a reply asap.

Basically I need to remove the default slider and use layer slider.

I am getting the below error:

ticket replied. Thanks.

Hi, what’s the name of the SPECIFIC SoundCloud plugin that’s shown on the demo? The demo that I uploded doesn’t contain it. thnx

Hi Greenseo,

Here’s a tutorial on how to use exactly what you see on our demo as the soundcloud widget:”

Thanks, Maxime


Is it possible to have a default photo or video category selected instead of All?

I’d happily write some javascript to do this but I can’t seem to get it to fire the correct function to make this happen. I currently have it setting the class to active but not sure how to trigger the click action without actually clicking.


Hello digitalchild,

Sorry it’s not a theme option where you can select which category by default you wanna show. You would have to modify and play with the core of the theme to do this. We don’t offer personal customization support for this. sorry.


Love the theme! How do I change two things:

1. Lower the text on the slider so it’s not right in the middle? 2. On the widget for GIGS, where it shows link for ALL GIGS, how can I change it to say ALL SHOWS?

Thank, nice work!

Hello impact,

I replied your ticket.



FEATURED IMAGE UPDATE!!! I have new information. The single blog post image is fine when a SIDE bar is active. I didn’t realize I had to update the sidebar with each post, so all this time my single post pages had no side bar and the image on the full width single post pages have been extra large. Now that I’ve found the culprit, is there anyway to resize that as well? See my ticket #115007

Hello KDM,

I’ve replied to your ticket.



I see your response, however, some of the images that I put on the full-width post page are FORCED to become even larger. There has to be a way to get a “smaller” wp-featured image on the single-post page for full-width. Lastly, even when I chose the sidebar option, it made the page “full-width” anyway.

ticket please.

cant seem to find social media buttons on top menu section…I did not load dummy content.

nevermind – updated files-found it

Is the theme easily Ajaxified?

Hello Hakabe,

We use some page to load in ajax but can’t tell you if the theme is easily ajaxified. Didnt tested it.


is there a way to make this full width?

ticket opened

?? I guess after they have our money no need to reply

Hello DreStreets,

We’re very sorry for the delay. We just came back from Xmas break. We are unloading our support tickets and will reply you very soon. In the meantime to answer your question, there is no full width theme option available at this time. Sorry,


Is there any way to use an SVG for the header and footer logos?

Hello Jimmneedle,

First, I am very sorry for the delay. We just came back for Christmas vacation and are currently unloading our support requests queue.

Can you share the plugin in question ? I will take a look.



All good – Here is the plugin – really makes the logos look better on mobile devices and tablets

thanks for sharing !

3 days and counting on your support forum.. Whats up? This is becoming a trend…

Ticket #140431… it’s been a week

Hello Jondoc,

Sorry for the delay. Christmas vacations are over now :]

We just replied your ticket.



Good afernoon. I need to know if this theme have a video tutorial or tutorial for isntallation and for widgets activation. If so, what is the file name.

Thanx, Albeiro

Hello Albeirofr!

First, I am very sorry for the delay in answering you. We just came back for Christmas vacation and are currently unloading our support requests queue.

The most up to date documentation we have is located here:



I can easily translate the theme to Portuguese of Brazil? Uses file .po ?

You can translate it but “po” files are not included nor wpml/q translate plugins.



My Responsive Website, Is not be Responsive at all when ever I search it on my phone it is over sized and only lets me see half of the site…. also where do I post the Embed code to get soundcloud on my home page like the demo?

Hi, Please open a support ticket at and provide us you URL. Also, can you tell us if looks responsive on your phone? If not, tell us the mobile phone you use and it’s version.



Hi iron Templates I have just upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.6.1 and cannot seem to get Gigs, News, twitter, songs etc to re-appear on the home page?

Any Hints would be greatly appreciated :)

Not to worry I figured it out with the new widgets so never mind. I do want to know how to add coloumns ie: Col1 / Col2 etc

Hello Timothypbrand,

First, I am very sorry for the delay. We just came back for Christmas vacation and are currently unloading our support requests queue.

To use columns, we do it using a plugin called Column Shortcodes available here:

Thanks, Maxime

Videos were working fine after update to 3.8 Not sure what’s going on here, but new posts in the video section and old posts cannot be found, getting 404 errors for both preview and the url. Need this fixed asap..

I have used your support forum. And haven’t gotten a response Ticket #140431

Sorry Jon,

Ticket has been replied.