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Does this theme support html5 video on the homepage?

Hello Atdavies,

There is no theme option to put a html5 video on the homepage.

Howerver, depending of your needs, you might use a widget than can acheive this and use this widget on the homepage.


i cant get my twitter to work and my slider doesnt work when we purchase the theme it doesnt come with revolution-slider???? Please get back to me

Hello Artifactsgfx !

First, I am very sorry for the delay. We just came back for Christmas vacation and are currently unloading our support requests queue.

I visited your website and your twitter and slider seems to work. For your info, the theme comes with the Revolution jQuery Slider plugin not the wordpress one (Revolution Slider –

If you need further assistance to resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at along with a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.




I customised a little bit ironband’s homepage using Video widget to show food dishes.

Is there any simple way of renaming the directory where the video posts are published, so that “video” folder is not shown? Let’s say ”/food/post-1/” instead of ”/video/post-1/”.

Thank you, Joanra

Hello Joanra,

Have you tried to edit the slug name of the video’s page ? Maxime

Hello, yes I did, but I can only edit the last part of the slug (right of ).

As I read in another answer, maybe the Custom Permalinks plugin would do this work.

Yeah, you should try with custom permalinks. I think it will works.

Is it possible to change the slug of ‘Albums’ so that I can use, for example: rather than


Hello Duanedoogan,

You can do it using this plugin:



Hello, how do I fill in the email us files to get them working? thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

To resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.



How do you change the text “Contact our booking agency” on the contact page?


Hi WizardWithAGun.

To change the text “contact our booking agency”, go to APPEARANCE > EDITOR. Select page-contact.php. See screenshot:

Make sure to not erase the single quote.

Have fun!



Hi, great job this theme.

At the moment I have two questions:

1. How I can show the events that have already happened? 2. In the twitter widget, data from the date of publication of the tweet, appears in English, where can I change it? I have searched but can not find any .js or .php to change that.


I have sent a ticket with the information. I have also sent the script, which I use on another website, and properly play my audio files.

Thanks for the help in the support, the problem of the music is solved.

You’re welcome

One feature request: Scroll for the audio player. To move forward and backward in playback. A simple bar or something

I refer to this player:

I do not see how to move forward in the audio. One idea for this player could be something like this:

And the player from the homepage, would have to move forward in the audio without having to download the entire file. As here:

Things that come to my mind, some may be useful hahaha

I love the work you’ve done with this template, it is easy to configure many sections. The only thing I miss is to work with language files. In many places there is text in English which can only be changed by editing code. If in the future you add that option, I can help you with Spanish, and also a little Italian and French.

Hey Unomas,

Thanks for your input. Good idea. I will think of it how we can manage it.



Thanks! I keep waiting for response from my ticket.

Is there something in the theme that is preventing me from using Advanced Custom Fields plugin?


Please check this faq to enable ACF:

Hi there,

I need your help please for a few issues. I set the widget “Iron: Upcoming Events” on my homepage but when i click on any events there comes a page up with the text: :


Are you lost? The content you were looking for is not here.”

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Hello !

Make sure are you logged with a super-admin account. If still not working, please go to Ironband > Content Type and make sure that GIGS are linked to your event page.

If still not working and to resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.



Loving the theme! Any plans to add a Spotify social media button or multiple two-column blocks in the next update?

Hi Infugue,

Thanks for your message. We plan to add G+ soon. For Spotify, it’s not available from Awesome Fonts for now (Awesomefont is the library we use for all our icons)

We will add it as soon as it will be available.

For the multiple two-column blocks, I don’t exactly understand. Could you explain ?




How can I add the date to a gigs ? Didn’t find it !


Hello Howkward,

Please read this faq: Maxime

Hi Maxime,

I have a problem with changing the color of the theme in the theme setting menu. It doesn’t seem to react when I change a color. If I change the preset I see the difference, but changing a single element with the slider won’t affect the front end.



Hello Randy. I’ve replied your ticket. thanks.

hai there i already purchased this awesome template, but my problem is i can’t find a documention file, can you give me the link or send me an email for the documentation file? thanks

Hello Magindo,

The most update and recent documentation is located here:

Thanks, Maxime

Hello my friend,

I love your template ! Rated 5 stars :-)

Question: with the music player / albums, is it possible to play a song located in my root ? Exemple: ??? Possible to play a song by simply giving an URL ? Or I need to re-upload ALL my dj-mixs? In this case, it’s not very good for me because my mixs will be duplicated… I can do that, but if possible, i wanna give an URL…

Thank you in advance for your answer

Best regards

Hello Yann, thanks for your message !

To use the included audio player with Ironband, you need to upload your song directly into the wordpress admin. See this faq:

So the way you want it is not possible with IronBand. However, perhaps you could find a widget mp3 plugin that will manage mp3 the way you want..perhaps you could check on

Then you can add the widget into the homepage of IronBand.

thanks, Maxime

Hi, I purchased the theme (Ironband). three questions:

1. How can I remove the “Want to date us ? Contact our agent and he will take care of the business” on the Contact Page?

2. How can I add the Mixcloud icon to the social media icons?

3. How do I lock the Menu so that when I scroll downwards it doesn’t follow?

Tks much

Hello Hayure,

Here’s the answer: 1) You can do this in PAGES > CONTACT also, make sure you have the good settings in IRONBAND > Contact/Booking.

2) for the social media icons, please read this faq: Take note that our support covers getting setup, trouble using our theme, and bug fixes. We can’t provide support for custom modifications and plugin integration.

3) to remove the fixed menu when you scrolldown, go to Ironband > General Settings, and disable fixed header. See screenshot:

Thank you,


Oooops, I forgot the second question ^^ When you insert a link to the “main menu” the target is _self, possible to change with Target=”_blank” ?

Best regards

Hello Yann,

This is a Wordpress feature. Please look at this thread and follow the Alex’s answer:



Hello – I’m trying to sell my client on the IronBand theme and I know the answers to the following questions will help: 1) can I change the title area background to a different color (currently black) and/or image? i.e. Popular Songs, Latest Tweet, etc.; 2) Can I change the white background below the slider to a different color and/or image? Thank you, David

Hello DJBarrus,

sorry for the delay getting back to you.

1) Yes you can change the title area background color or an image directly with our theme option. See screenshot:

2) you can also change the white background color below the slide the same way.



I just purchased the theme, thank you!

thank you DjBarrus !

Hi, does this works with WordPress 3.8.1?

Yes it does.

Do you have any issues ?

Im trying to purchase this theme here, and keep getting this message – Your purchase of IronBand – Responsive Music & DJ Wordpress Theme was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try using a different credit card, or we also support Skrill deposits.

Any ideas why? Is there any other way to purchase?

Hello Aurynchild,

Thanks for your message.

I suggest that you contact Envato Support for this. Follow this link: