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How can I change the text in the radio widget from “+All Album” to “+More music” and then direct that to a specific album’s page, not all albums?

nevermind…...found it.

Well, I found how to change the name anyway….not the direct link issue. Any help would be appreciated

Hello Vzndnz,

You cannot set a specific link on the block zones, there is not theme option for this, sorry. Each specific blocks (such as Radio Player or Gigs, News, Videos) will links to corresponding template. To associate each block zone to its template, go to Ironband > Content Types.


would need help please see photo thank you

4 days is my request already here :-(

Hello Rene,

Im trying to find your ticket but I see that there is no ticket opens at your name.Which ticket number is it ?

There is no theme option set to remove the page title. However you could do it on your own by modifying the templates.

Support covers getting setup, trouble using our theme, and bug fixes. We can’t provide support for custom modifications and plugin integration.



I have posted errors and filed a support ticket 3 days ago but have had no response. If you could email me or check them out. Thanks


159798 159795

ticket replied.

Please how can I disable the responsive functionality for this theme? Where can I switch it off?


Hello Roye209,

Sorry, there’s no theme options inluded in Ironband to set ON/OFF the responsive. However, you might look for a plugins that will remove the responsive. never tried tho.


Wow! Never seen a theme on here were you cannot switch off responsive. Can this be done via CSS?? Please I really need this functionality

Hello Roye,

Yes by modifying the CSS you will be able to remove the responsive. It’s up to you. But there is no theme option to remove it in the panel, sorry. Maxime

i bought tthe theme but cant see how to upoad into wordpress..i have no knowledge of these things & im just trying to do this for the 1st time

Hello Babym,

Do you have wordpress installed ?

Please, read this faq about how installing Ironband on your Wordpress:

For all the documentations:

If you still have issues, please open a support ticket at along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.



I love the your theme. :-) I have a question about where to find the help file. I looked for it in the zip folder and cant find it any where. Plus do you have a FAQ about this theme?

Cheers William

Hello William,

Thanks for your message.

The most updated and FAQ documentation can be found here:

Enjoy :)


For some reason, when I upload a new background image, it doesn’t overwrite the default background? No matter what I do, I can’t get my custom background to show

Also, I keep trying to turn off the newsletter, but it still shows up?

Hello Bradlow,

To resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you. Thanks,



is it possible to change the fonts ??


Yes, you can go in Ironband>Typography and change the fonts there. Fonts that cant be changed there can be changed in the CSS.

While creating pages in WP I usually have the option to check or uncheck “Show comments on page, but not with this template (see screenshot

How can I hide “Leave a reply” from pages in this template? Thank you.

Hello Nerita,

When you edit your page, or post, click Screen Options ( and make sure to check DISCUSSION then you will see the option in the bottom of your page “ALLOW COMMENTS”



Thank you, Maxime, very kind.

Hi… is it possible to have youtube videos play as a slide on the slider?


Hello Roye,

Sorry there is no theme option built-in IronBand to play YouTube video as a slider.


When using the Import Default Data tool it just stays on “Flushing Current Data…” status. It’s been on for the last half hour. How long does it take?

Hello Caleb.

Perhaps you have an issue with permission folder or your upload size limit is not enough to import the data.

I suggest you that you upload the default data using another way.

Go to Tools > Import > Wordpress then upload the xml file located in the ironband / import folder


I just did that and it seems to work fine. Thank you Maxime!

You are welcome ! :)

Hello, my site is In the sample Ironband template each section is sectioned off by big titles such as “EVENTS”, “LATEST NEWS”, “VIDEOS”, ETC.

For example. This person ( uses the Ironband theme and her homepage is sectioned off by “NEWS”, “SHOWS” AND “VIDEOS”. You can see them clearly sectioned off by big bold bars with links in them to see the main news, shows or video page.

However, on my site my sections don’t have big titles over them. How do you activate those?

Hi, from what I see, you are using the big blocks so I assume it got it alright.

Just use widgets, (apperance > widgets) and drag them to the home:one or two widget areas.

If you have other issues, please open a support ticket at and our support staff will assist you.

Thank you very much, Maxime

Can someone please respond to my ticket? I had to take the site live due to time constraints but the newsletter widget still does not notify the user that they have successfully registered their email address. I submitted the ticket 3 days ago: Ticket #165671

Hello Freshdezigns,

ticket has been replied. thanks.

Sorry for all the questions!

I think I’ve got all my previous issues sorted out!

But now, when I try to add things to the menu, they won’t save after I add them and update the menu? Is there a max number of pages allowed for the menu?

did you make sure that the main menu is selected under menu locations ?

Yes, and when I go to add more to the menu, it changes it back to a default menu and automatically unselects the “main menu” option.

Is there a limit of menu items that I can add?

there should not be any limits, it’s weird. Could you please open a support ticket at and provide us with access to your wordpress so we can troubleshoot this issue ?


Hello! I pretty much have my theme at a comfort zone. My only question (remaining) at that time, is how do I get a “rectangle” featured image on the single blog post? What’s happening is, the featured image is the original size of whatever the image is. Aside from cropping the image manually to the size I want and then upload, is there a way to code the CSS to do this for the “primary” featured image of the single blog post? See this link >>

nevermind. If I do that in CSS then it would be the same “ratio /size” for single blog posts and full width pages, and of course, I want the full widtth page featured image to be a little longer/wider in size than the single post pages with sidebars, unless there’s a way to code where the wp will recognize which featured image to apply to which post??

Hi, KDM-Life,

I think what you need to do is wrap the tag with a and then apply the css to that div. the div would have 100% width and a max height in pixels. and you need to add overflow:hidden;

Let me know if this works for you,

Thanks Georges

Hello! for some reason when I attempt to upload the theme via wordpress as a zipped file it comes back as an error? I uploaded it via webftp but when i do it that way the widgets options are missing? sorry to be a nussance and now the site is down but would like to know if im just missing something simple :) Thank you awesome theme! -Michael

Once you download the original zip from themeforest, you need to unzip and upload the zip inside IRONBAND-WP-PACKAGE\THEME\

Is that the one your uploading ? or is it the original file that contains everything ?

Just wondering how i’d go about getting a Youtube video to display on the homepage slider instead of a featured image?

Hello !

Sorry, there no theme option to replace the actual image slider for youtube video. Sorry


Hi, I am having a problem with image sizing…whenever I include an image on a page it is automatically up-scaled regardless of it’s original dimensions. For example I have been trying to upload images around 100×50 but when I preview or publish they cover the width of the page!

Please help, this is driving me crazy!

Many thanks!

Hi Mamertine,

Please, read this faq. It will fix your issue:



where we can find the .mo file for an italian translation? and if we customize the widget call to action, is it normal that the strings don’t appear in the WPML translation string? thanks for support

Another problem is that the Widget title is inside the WPML string to be translated, but in the front end they aren’t translated.

Hello Stefania,

Sorry, there is not .mo file for italian translation. it’s up to you to translate it.

What do you mean by the strings don’t appear in the WPML..which strings ? All the strings or specifics strings ?

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you.

Thank you,


Where are documentation/help files?

Hi Nasq,

Here’s the most up to date documentation we have:

Thanks, Maxime