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Hello. Good theme, thanks. I think i am not the only person who will ask you to do one more thing. Can you please add a possibility to show pictures for GIGS carousel on a home page (or other). I think, when you using this theme for Band of for DJ, this option not so necessary. But when you use this theme for CLUB or for CONCERT HALL – this is very important, because every GIG is different, and visitors should see the preview picture for GIG. Unfortunately, we did not knew it, before buying this theme. SO please, try to ad this feature in next updates. Thanks in advance.

Hello Alexdmitrijev,

Thanks for your input. I totally understand your point and you are right. I will add this feature to our roadmap. I don’t have eta of this feature but it’s a good idea. Thanks.

The workaround for now would be that you insert your flyer or poster or image into the content of the gig.



I JUST bought and have been updating the theme, looks rad so far. I searched the comments and see two people have asked already, but I’ve not seen it yet. I’m looking for a Mixcloud social media icon.

did i say rad theme yet? ;)

solid, thanks for the link, i”ll put in a request too. When I see it I will let you know, if you can also do the same :)

Since I know little about wordpress widgets and building columns, I figured I would try and just import the default data since it was an option and I love the default home page so much. However, when I go to Import Default Data, where it says: This will flush all your current data and clone our theme demo contents. It says flushing current data… for a second or two and then in red says: Please make sure this file is writable: /hermes/bosoraweb157/b1311/ipg.incuboacusticocom/wp-content/themes/ironband/import/default-data.xml.

How would one go about making sure that that requested file was writable so that they could use the default data or this ironband theme?

Thank you in advance -Morgan Routt

Still says: Flushing Current Data … Please make sure this file is writable: /hermes/bosoraweb157/b1311/ipg.incuboacusticocom/wp-content/themes/ironband/import/default-data.xml

Hello Morgasmo,

I just replied your ticket.

Thanks, Maxime

You fixed it!!! Thank you!!!

When clicking on each individual blog post, all of the featured blog photos are automatically blown up above the original photos size to over 1,000 pixels wide and they all look pixelated. Where can I update the default size to stay around 500 or 600 pixels wide and center the image on each blog post? Maybe even decrease the width of the text area so the blog post layout looks better. I would suggest making this edit to the theme…the photos now are way too big and lose quality when blown up.

Hi Jsaviano,

It’s you day.

We just released an update 30 minutes ago that add an option to IronBand. Go to Ironband > Post Settings. From there, you can choose how you want the posts display your image. Full Width, Original or no image at all.



Great thanks! How do I update to 1.6.3? Do I have to download and install the new files or is there a way to do it from inside my current version on wordpress? I’d like to update with out losing my current settings.

I found the answer to my last question on how to update. Thanks


  • Added a setting for single post to show the featured image in Full width / * Original Size / None
  • Added 2nd level menu support to the mobile
  • Added child theme support
  • Added caption to the photo section in the lightbox
  • Fixed Mailchimp newsletter ajax call
  • Fixed an issue regarding the footer in the single video post
  • Reduced presets background quality for faster page load

I really like your theme and interested in buying but have the following questions:

1- Is it easy to re-arrange some of the sections on the homepage – example remove or move “latest posts” to the very bottom and bring “up coming events up”

2- Can I replace “popular songs” and “latest tweet” with something else in those areas as well?


Hi Navindesigns,

Thanks for your interest !

1- Yeah, it’s very easy. all the blocks you see on the homepage are widgets. So you just have to drag and drop them in the order you want. To do it, go to Appereance > Widgets

2- Yes. Since you can remove these widgets or replace them with other widgets. All the blocks can be removed/replaced by other widgets. You can also add infinite numbers of blocks.

Thank you,



I am interested in buying the theme but when I click the preview button it got this message:

Fatal error: Class ‘acf_field’ not found in /home/irontemp/public_html/wp-demos/content/themes/ironband/includes/acf-addons/acf-repeater/repeater.php on line 3

is that happening after the update you just did?

Thanks! :-)

Hello AdmixCreative.

Thanks. We fixed the issue.


“Well Documented” ?

I cant find any Documentation! – This is the “worstest” Template to start with, i’ve ever bought!

Its nice, but nearly useless this way… I want to set up my Homepage with its “Widgets” and cant find any settings…

Why is there no PDF or anything, to start from !? I dont want to Import your Default Data….


Hi Laufgestalt,

Thanks for your interest. Basic documentation is located in the root folder that comes with the full zip file. More advanced documentation and FAQ here:

If you need help installing the theme, let me know, I can help you and even do it for you. Please open a ticket at



Im almost finished setting up my Ironband site and it’s looking pretty good! There are a few features I cannot figure out how to change though, like “latest tweet” it still shows the default info. I tried to go through every single setting on wordpress but cannot figure out how to make it display my twitter feed as apposed to the envato latest tweet.

Please help… =)

Ha!!! nevermind, I fixed it. The setting was located under appearance/widgits, then under the column that holds twitter feed.

There you go ! ;)

Whats going on with your support, i posted something 5 days ago and still no reply???

Hello Karl,

We have replied to your ticket.



Hi, is it possible to connect the slider to the latest posts? so it automatically updates every time a new post is up instead of replacing the featured image all the time. is this possible?

Hi TheLabelTeam.

There is no theme option in IronBand set for this. I am sorry.


Hi Maxime

Couple of things:

1/ Can i replace the social media icons in the menu to a search box

2/ Can i change the slider to this one?

many thanks


Hello Camtheman,

Thanks for your interest.

1) You can’t replace the social media icons in the main menu to a searchbox. You can’t put widgets in the menu.

2) Changing the jQuery Slide to the WP slide is doable but you must have a certain PHP/CSS knowledge to do it. It will not be a beginner task.

Thank you,



I submitted a support ticket a day ago, could you have a look please, cheers…

I am thinking to buy this, But can you tell me how will i be able to change that buy now to download and link the mp3 file in it. Or is there any ways for users to download the mp3 if i want to share them for free rather than selling.

HellO Theweblover007,

This would be simple. You just need to upload your mp3s on the web somewhere (either in your wordpress or on Amazon S3, etc), change the label buy now to download and link the button to your corresponding URL.

There is a theme option for this.

Thank you !


Hello I have a problem with the home page…. my soundcloud live (with all my track) is down since 4 days!! there is this message instead of the soundcloud player with all my track

”`url` parameter is not a valid SoundCloud URL. Learn more about using SoundCloud players.”

So i don’t change anythin in my soundcloud parameters and my home page

thanks for your answer

Hello Jeckhill, It seems that you use an incorrect URL or you have not embed the correct iFrame.Check out this faq about this:



Good morning, I congratulate you on your topic. It would be vitally important to have the entire history of past gigs. Please pray so provides. Kindest regards.

Thank you Lovetalavera,

It is part of our plan to integrate past gigs. Probably gonna be part of our next update. Stay Tuned.



@lovetalavera +1 :nerdy:

:) stay tuned !

hi the best theme eva but one thing pls if you can next update try to make album grid now is list thanx

Hello Taajir12,

Thanks for your input! I noted this in our roadmap. Thank you,


One thing Maxime is it possible for you to do “ALBUM” A-Z that people can find easily artist they want??thanx

Hello Taajir12, It have been noted it as well, but honestly, this feature is not our priority at this time.




How do i move COMMENTS from pages like biography etc etc?

I only want people to be able to comment in the NEWS posts..


Hello Jared !

To hide comments on specific pages or post, go to “WP-admin > Pages > Edit your page”.

Simply check the “Discussion” checkbox in Screen Option – corresponding “Discussion” box will appear. Then uncheck “ALLOW COMMENTS”.

See screenshot:


Thanks!! Your a star!!

You’re welcome!


Is there a way to keep on viewing the past gigs? The problem is that now once the gig has been done it dissapears… I would like to keep on viewing the past gigs.

thank you

Hello Chotito,

Unfortunatelty, it’s not a theme option. However, we want this feature badly and will release this feature in a next release.

Thank you, Maxime

Really?? That’s very bad news! I really need to be able to have that option!! It does not make any sense showing only future dates!! :( When will you have that feature ready???

Hello Chotito,

Sorry for this. The very good news is that we have decided to release an update next week (within the next friday April 4th) that will support Past Gigs ! stay tuned.