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I’m Spanish and my english is very poor… I’m sorry! :$

How can I change the background color of the footer? I can’t find the option as the header… :S


Hello Baltahurtado,

Your english’s better than mine actually :)

I need more details of what exactly (which part) you wanna change in the footer. The “footer” is composed of 3 parts: http://d.pr/i/Ryaj

1) The black part where the social icons are displayed 2) the white part where the newsletter stands. 3) the other black part completely at the bottom where the copyright notice stands.

For which part you want to change the color ?


Hello Maxime and thanks for reply me!!

I think it’s better you view my page! It’s: www.abstudio.es

I need to change the color of all the footer. Now it’s black and I need the same color that all the page.

Once again, thanks!!!!!


an easy way would be that you go in IronBand > Look and Feel > Custom CSS (Scroll down the page and you will see the custom css box).

add this into the box:

#footer {
    background: #000000;

Change the hexadecimal of the background color for the color of your choice.

Thank you, maxime

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome theme. I’m very happy about the options offered and results, it works very well!

A feature I’d like to request though is showing the gigs from the past under (or somewhere) the upcoming gigs. Or is there a way I could enable this myself somehow in the code or functions?

Once again thank you.

Hello MikeHoogland,

This is your lucky day. We just decided to work and release a feature that will allow IronBand to support past Gigs. The past gigs will not be displayed under the upcoming event. they will be displayed on another page so you will be able to have 1 page showing your upcoming event and another page showing your past event. The events will switch automatically from the upcomming event page to the past event page when they are considered as “past event”.

The update should be available around next friday.

Thanks, Maxime

Oh, and by the way, feel free to rate IronBand 5 stars on ThemeForest. It’s my little reward to offer good support :P How to rate my theme ? Check out this screenshot: http://d.pr/i/89Tt

Hello guys, I am writing to enquire about something regarding the theme: I can´t add columns, it just let me add just one page of my lastest post. I would like to add more columns and more features as well, like gigs for example. If you could help me, I would be pleased.

Greetings from Chile


To resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at http://it.ticksy.com along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you. Thanks,


awesome theme!!

Hey thank you Shizzle303 !

Hello, my website is almost complete, however a few things are bothering me that I would love help with…


Under my shop tab, the text is written in black and cannot be seen for any of the titles or descriptions of my products, how can I make that text white? or If that is not possible, how can I make just the background on my shop, white?

And then underneath my products on my shop page, there is a list of links that do not need to be seen that look like this:


#402 (no title)

March 2014 Categories

KTR Products (1) Uncategorized (1

It is not on any of my other pages like this, only on the shop page. How in the world do I make them disappear?

Thank you for all your help so far!

Hello Morgan,

I’ve replied your ticket on ticksy. Unfortunately, we do not fully support WooCommerce at this time.



it’s possible to autostart mp3 player in home page?


Hello JeyHeich,

It’s not currently possible but i’ve added this to our roadmap. If everything goes well, we should release this feature in this week’s update.

Stay tuned,


Hi, very nice template but i’m having problems when writing posts, the text is not formatting correctly. when i have a new paragraph the text is all together there are no paragraph breaks. when looking at the html after i saved a post, its using div tag instead of p hope i’m making sense, i’m using latest version of wordpress also, please help hoping is just a case of changing the css

Hello Ezmoto,

To resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at http://it.ticksy.com along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.



It would be a great news that you could get the new update on April 4 with changes to see all gigs. Very professional of you. Thank you.

Hi Lovetalavera,

We are waiting to hear from ThemeForest to approve the update. Should be ready soon : http://d.pr/i/umXd


Great theme.

I would like to add copy before the gigs listings page. What is the best way to do this? I tried adding it to the template in the PHP file but it breaks the page.

You would have to play it with the php template. If you know php, then it will be kinda easy. Look in the /items/gig.php template.

Take note that we can’t provide support for custom modifications. Thanks, Maxime

Ok but that file is for the list of the gigs. I want to add copy here: Where which file would i hard code it into? http://tinypic.com/r/2qdocc5/8


We will update the theme next week with this feature.

If you want to do it yourself, you need to look in the archive.php file. Look out for the exceptions.



Hi I have just a few questions about the Iron Band template.

1. Is it possible to make the logo header image wider than 400 pixels? If so, how? 2. How can I adjust the height of the slider image box? 3. Is it possible to add a thin black line on the top edge of the main menu?


Hello Jsaviano,

Thanks for your message.

1- Sorry, this is not possible. I mean, there is not theme option to do this otherwise it will break the layout. 2- to adjust the height of the slider, please, read this faq: http://it.ticksy.com/faq/1469 3- It would be possible for you to add a thin black line but we don’t offer support on custom modification of the theme. You can hire a Wordpress developper to do this. Check on http://www.microlancer.com/



OK thanks for the quick reply. Is it possible then to put an image on the right side on the header instead of the quote text? If it is custom coded…I want to make sure it won’t mess up the layout out when adjusting to tablets/phones.

Like, everything’s possible and adding an image instead of the quote would be pretty easy if you know PHP/CSS/Media Queries. Thank you,


Is there any possibility you will make this theme compatible with woocommerce?? I love the look of this theme but I really need woocommerce

Hello Yra,

It’s in our plan but I can’t say yet when it will be released. Thanks for your interest !



Is there a way to filter each post from the post section into each of the categories from the navigation menu. Ex. the Post section will have all of the post, if i click on the fashion link it will only show the fashion post that are link to their category & so forth. heres a link to the site: http://www.goodear.co/

Hello Shizzle,

If I understand what you mean, you would like to create different pages that will list a specific post’s category ?

Look at this tutorial and tell me if it’s what you want to acheive.. http://en.support.wordpress.com/category-pages/

For the slider in the homepage, you cannot show post in the slider.


Thanks for the response Maxime. The link you provide did help, but what I’m trying to achieve is having the main navigation to act the same way as if i clicked on the different categories links. So say if all my post are showing up on the main page and i click on “Videos” page it will show all the posts that I categorized for “Videos” only. What I noticed is that what it was doing was posting all the posts on the different pages & not sorting the different posts with its categories.

Hello Shizzle,

why don’t you create a new item menu, then when you click on this menu you open the page directly in the specific category ? such as this page: http://irontemplates.com/wp-demos/ironband/category/category-3/

this page display all the post in “category 3”.

Does this help ?


Where can i find the subscribed emails.?

Hello Ern,

if you have selected Wordpress database in IronBand > Newsletter, you can click “Export Newsletter in a CSV File” then download the emails in a csv file format.




Hi, I am trying to get the titles of my page to look like the demo. “EVENTS”, “LATEST NEWS”, “VIDEOS”, ETC.

For example. The Demo show “Latest Post”, “Recent Videos” AND “Upcoming Events”. These titles are displayed in a different way compared to my site. I’ve dragged the widgets and followed your instructions from a previous post. My titles are displayed like this: http://www.gopropromotions.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/example.png


Tanks for your message. Instead using default widget such as recent post and latest news, please use our custom widgets. You can recognize our custom widget easily because they all start with the name: IRON:

Let me know if you have issues.


I have a question again about the widget title. Can I change the size of the black line?: https://imageshack.com/i/eyHEUHyNp

The border only reduces if you reduce the H1 typography size from the theme panel


I am still using the Ironband 1.6.1 version, and not quite sure what is the safest way to update. I have downloaded the 1.6.4 template, but what should i do next. Can i update using a plugin like “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” without destroying my current content? Should i rename the package before uploading it to my server? This due to the fact that there is already a folder called Ironband in my Themes folder. Any help would be very welcome!

Hi DJ Devotion,

Thanks for your message.

First thing to know is that if you did modifications of the theme php files or the .css files, the update will overwrite what you did. So it’s up to you. The update will NOT affect your data such as your blog post, photos, videos, option theme settings you already set into the Ironband menu. Basically, the update replace the php, javascript and css files, not your content. thats it.

Remember that if you have updated or modified the template files (php/css/js files) updating could be tricky, otherwise just delete and reinstall the new version of Ironband.

full info here: http://it.ticksy.com/faq/1541

thank you,


I want to purchase it. But i have one questions before:

Is possible to install new plugins and setup it into the differents widgets areas? For example JetPack, instapress… or another?


Thanks for your interested,

We haven’t tested Instapress and JetPack but they are implemented through widgets so I don’t see why it shouldnt work.

I must say that I can’t guarantee that Ironband is compatible to all third party plugins tho.

Thank you, Maxime

So far, the theme is not very intuitive and there’s a lack of documentation. It seems that after a couple of hours I am able to get something going here. I cannot, however, get the Slider to work. Any help is appreciated.

PS – I am not new to wordpress, I have many wordpress sites up. This is kicking my butt.

Hello Spyrodeath.

Sorry for the issue you had.

We have setup the most frequently asked question here: http://it.ticksy.com/faqs/#category_4298

If you have any question, do not hesitate. Thanks,


Believe it or not, it was my fault. Ha! forgot to add an image to the slider.

ahh, no probem Spyro ! Enjoy the theme.

Hello Maxime,

Im not sure if you got my ticket but i have 2 issues with the update.

First one is the contact details are now situated within the contact page itself and also on the Ironband Contact/Booking platform.

The second major fault with the update is that when i click on an individual gig its taking me to an error page (only on IE and Chrome) The links work with Firefox. Can you please update me on this as i already logged my issue with you 2 days ago now.


Hello Bailesham,

Sorry for the issue you have.

For the contact details now situated within the contact page, please use only this form. We will fix the issue and remove the contact option in the Ironband > Contact next week.

For the gig, please edit and just UPDATE your gig. make sure your gig are set to “Published” and not “Scheduled”

Thank you,


Hello Maxime,

Thank you for your reply, regarding the GIG single pages it works when i view it in FF, but not in Chrome or IE. When i set the gig to Published and save it then it automatically resets to Scheduled!

I’ve replied your ticket. thx.

hi, it’s possible to set a standard size for all photo thumbnails? i’ve some problems here:




To resolve your issue, we need more details. Could you please open a support ticket at http://it.ticksy.com along with your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-Admin and our support team will assist you.

he image size should be set in Settings > Media.

Please, open the support ticket and we will figure out, what’s the heck.



Any plans for Woo-Commerce integration? For a band, i think this is all this site needs.

Hello Spyrodeath,

yeah it’s on our plan and it’s coming a priority. Stay tuned.