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Hello . Great work here ….really impressing , i would like to buy it soon but i have a few questions . Can i Add several artist sub pages with bio of each , discography and implement video in the subpage ?

2. Do you provide the backround images or are this only for the demo ?

3. Is it multilingual ? can i translate and if yes , how can i do this ? with Gtranslate ?

4.Thank you in advance :)


Thanks for your comment.

1. You can add several artist pages (+subpages +sub-sub pages). You will be able, for every pages and posts, to implement videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..) as well as soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.. So you could have this kind of structure:

+ Artist 1
– Bio 1
– Content page 2
– Content page 3
+ Artist 2
– Bio 2
– Content page 4
– Content page 5


With this version of IB, you cannot assign different discography to different artist. We are working on it. This goes for Gigs as well.

However, you can categorize your video/photos and news into different categories (or artists)

2. Yes, the background and icons are provided. Also, full layered PSD (Desktop + Mobile) file is included !

3. It’s WPML Ready. So yes, you can do this easily. However, you will need a WPML License. We did not tested it with Gtranslate.

4. Thanks to you :)

Cannot seem to change the bg image. I have even tried editing CSS and also replacing that image with my own via FTP.

Has this been encountered before? What steps should I take?

ALSO – tried a fresh install of everything (including wordpress), and it still won’t do it.

please, send us your URL when you will open the ticket.

Ticket submitted with URL

replied by ticket.

For those who are considering buying this theme, here is an example of the theme, customized and up & running now in full swing.

I can do nothing but recommend that you DO buy this theme if you like it ! It’s incredibly responsive, intuitive, everything is clear and organized, and the support is amazing !

Thank you ! It’s really appreciated.

Good evening would first like to say thank you for me the best for this great theme :)

Have 2 display error

and Music Player Error

They see pictures please

Error 1 Discography at the track is not Displayed remains black (see picture)

Error 2 when the Home page is always Displayed array where the fault may lie?

Discography in Music Player Error I’ve just recorded it shows the music player on the main page not to ask for their help

Hi Tekboy,

Could you please open a ticket and our support team will get back to your very soon.

Don’t forget to send us the URL of your website so we can figure out what’s wrong.

Thank you.


Hello, I have a client who wants to use ironband for their website.

However I am experiencing an issue on the demo:

-the MP3 player does not work in firefox, I tested firefox on two computers and a android nexus 10. The tracks on the homepage & the album pages do not load. Nothing happens when I click play. The same problem exists on who is using the ironband theme.

The theme works fine on all other browsers.

If you are able to fix the issue I will definitely purchase the theme, thank you.

Ok allgood :) I will let you know when the update will be published.

Aloha, checking in with you to see if the MP3 Player/firefox conflict has been resolved? The demo still does not work in firefox., thank you!

This theme has the option of translation via .po files (editing the translations with Poedit)? I’m considering buying. It’s amazing work, Thanks!

Hi Demian !

Thanks for your interest. When you buy the theme, .po files are not included directly. However, the theme is WPML Ready. That said, you could install WPML, and translate from the WPML plugin..or, if you like, export a .po files with WPML and translate it via PoEdit.

Thank you very much.


I can’t seem to find any shortcodes. Are they in the theme?

Hi. you can use basic WP shortcodes and third-party plugin’s shortcodes (columns shortcodes, visual composer, soundcloud, etc..) but we did not setup our own shortcodes yet. We are also working on an update to provide a widget ready theme. Should be released by the end of next week.



I have installed the theme and selected ‘Import Default Data”, but it just keeps saying “Flushing Current Data … ” and never does anything – I left it for over an hour and its still saying “Flushing Current Data … ” ... how do I get past this? is there a way to manually install the sample data? ... (I had to manually install the theme via ftp to get it to show up correctly in wp admin)

thanks for your reply… I just added all my own content starting from scratch and managed to get it looking good … If I have any other questions, I will ask via ticket in future.

thanks Coldhart !

update has fixed the error for me thank you

but now I’ve noticed new errors :-(

see it photo

and can I change it or you can remove it with an update and this

Hi Tekboy,

I am sorry.

it seems that ThemeForest have used the right package file we submitted. We have resubmitted it and waiting for the approval. Should be available in 3-4 hours max.

thanks for the update now everything is running again but I still have a question please look at me photo


open style.css

find the line:
below this line, add:
display: none;

that’s it.

great theme. I miss something or theres not documentaion on file ? :-/

I don’t understand how works slider ?

update is available. 1.4.3 :) thanks.

Still the same problem despite the update! No slide and no thumbnails on the videos. Can you take a look ? Can i give my acces id on your profil mailbox ?

Hi Davco. Please open a private support ticket at with access to your wp-admin and our support team will help you. thanks !

hi great theme. planning to buy this soon but i have a few questions.

1. can you have photo galleries on multiple pages? 2. can you have a side navigation on the standard pages? 3. can you link the gig ‘buy now’ ticket link to any website?

would be great if you could let me know the answers to these questions. cheers

You can’t add your own widgets for now. as soon as the theme will be widget-ready, you’ll be free to use any widgets. :)

oh ok i can upgrade to the widget version if is have already purchased the old version?

yes! it includes all the futur upgrades of IronBand ;)

Hello, how do I change the size of the social networking icon on the top menu. I need it to be bigger. Also how do I add a instagram icon. Thanks

Hi Danniee. to make sure we reply you as fast as we can, could you please open a support ticket at

our support team will reply you asap.


replied by ticket.

How do I add images to the slides? I;m going into Add New Slide and there is no option for images. Also I cannot import default data, I get Flushing Current Data …using wp 3.6.1

Hi, have you downloaded the latest update ? 1.4.3 ? it fixes a bug with slide images.

FOr the import default data, we noticed that there is minor bug with some PHP web host. We will push an update this week. Please, open a ticket : and I will send you the bug fix.

I have downloaded the update, thankyou it is working great now :)

you’re welcome!

does it come with dummy content?

Yes, you can :) See screenshot :

@branderboy Yes you can import data content on setting panels ;)

Thanks Davco :)

How do add Gigs? I have set up a page and selected the gigs templates. In the gigs sidebar in admin I don’t see anywhere to fill in the date?


we use the “published/schedule date” of the article to set the date. so in the right column when you edit a gig, you will see the “Published Date”. it’s where you select your gig date.

Thank you


Thanks I was wondering why it didnt show. Awesome theme by the way!

Thank you ! more features are coming soon ;) stay tuned

I love this theme but there is just one thing I’d really like added:

On the discography page can there be an actual music player where you can skip and forward tracks? You have it on the home page just not the discography page.

Hi Snagget, Thanks for your message.

For now, it’s not possible to take the player on the homepage and embed it into the post.

However, you could use shortcode or plugins to show a player into the discography page. As an exemple, we used BandCamp in this exemple.

Thank you,


Question before purchase.

Is it possible to replace the homepage slider with a youtube, vevo or vimeo video?

Is it possible to change or add custom social network icons as well as adjust the size?

Hello 59diamonds,

to replace the slider by YouTube video or vimeo, yes it’s possible. that would requires basic HTML/PHP knowledge but I would be easy. I could help you on this (just open a ticket on support tab).

same things with social networks. it’s just a small CSS tweak.

Thank you


Hi, I’m having an issue with the theme. 1. How do I get the big photo slideshow on the Home page of the web site, like you have in your demo. I see no option for it. And 2. my Gigs section isn’t working. when i make individual gig’s they come up as

Best, Samantha

hi Samantha,

to get you started, you can go to your WP-admin> IronBand > import default data. that will import everything as well as the same setup of the live preview.

in addition, we can help you to set it up correctly. please open a ticket at and send us a temporary username/password to your WP-Admin. we will assist you.

Thank you,


Hey bud I put in a private ticket last week to no prevail…I’ll figure everything out myself, but can you at least tell me how to get rid of the quote in the header. Thanks

Hi HybridMedia,

Sorry, i was just trying to find your ticket but can’t find it. Is it associated to HybridMedia ?

To remove the quote in the header, edit file called header.php find and comment these lines:

<div class="blockquote-box">
           <q>“<?php echo $header_quote["quote"]; ?>”</q>
           <cite><?php echo $header_quote["author"]; ?></cite>

So it should looks like:

<!--<div class="blockquote-box">
                    <q>“<?php echo $header_quote["quote"]; ?>”</q>
                    <cite><?php echo $header_quote["author"]; ?></cite>

Thank you,