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Also another question

Is there a way to restrict on the slider for news to just one category so say for example you call one “news” and the slider would only call that

Its just a way to get related bands I want to have that as another post item but dont want it to show up on the slider

Is this possible at all ??



Hi Andrew,

I understand what you want and this would be very usefull, i understand. For now, it’s not possible but I will add this option to our roadmap. Thanks,


Updated Fontawesome to 4.1 version but SoundCloud icon is not in list


Sorry for the issue, we have updated to 4.1 but forgot to update our social media icons listing. our mistake. you should be ok now, please redownload.


Hi !! hel please

I’m french… I don’t want to buy WD… traslate because it”s not free :( And I had buy IRONBAND THEME, cool but It’s very hard in english !!

So… Where is the example for shortcodes, so.. if I want Page Biography; where I found the modele ? and how apply to this site ?

And, for HOME PAGE … I want to had the same of your demo… with a BIG SLIDE .. but I NOT FIND on my wordpress gestion where I can make that ? THERE ARE NO Plug in REVOLUTION SLIDE .. ? :o



Pour le slider, il y’a une section “Slides” dans l’admin ou l’on peut rajouter des images pour le slider. Il vont automatiquement activer le slider sur la page d’accueil.

Pour la page de biographie, c’est une page régulière. Il faut juste utiliser l’éditeur texte pour modifier le contenu et ajouter des images.


Hi I’m having a problem with the gigs section of the template. Is there a way i can set it to retain the gigs and not have them dissappear after the date elapses?

Unfortunately, we need a purchase code. If there is a technical problem with your ThemeForest account, please contact Envato support so they can retrieve your purchase history

My purchase code is MV62186L3634671N

Hi Micheal, this is not a valid Envato purchase code:

Hi, my IronBand – Responsive Music & DJ Wordpress Theme is not updated and my licensing page has also disappeared. I really need the latest version. Please help!!!

Will I ever get a reply on this?

Hello Michaelngigi,

Sorry, we were low staff last week with the holidays.

Perhaps you bought it with another envato account ?

Unfortunately, I can`t directly help on this issue. Please open a support ticket with Envato:

Thank you,


I go to upload the theme and it just says Please Try Again.

Nevermind… I used FTP to install it. Through wordpress and add theme didn’t work btw.

This might be because the theme zip file is bigger than the allowed upload size. Glad it worked by ftp!

when I go to customize I only get 3 options.

- Site Title - Navigation - Static Front Page

and it just shows a blank page on the right.

what steps do you have to do after installing the theme?

The theme has it’s own custom options panel. You need to click on IronBand within the backend menu



I’m looking to buy IronBand but was just wondering if it works with Wordpress 3.9? Also are there support files/videos that come with it? I’m a beginner to WP so will need all the help I can get :) Many Thanks in advance!

Yes it supports 3.9.

As for videos, it only supports embeds. You can insert ant kind of embed for each video post.


I just downloaded IronBand V.1.6.8 – 02.06.2014 but don’t see how to create/make viewable past Gigs. Can you please show me how?


You just need to create a new page and set the event template. Then an Event Filter Dropdown will appear where you can select Past / Upcoming



Just wondering if there was an update on when woo commerce would be supported, just so I can decide when to launched our new website.

Many thanks

No fixed date yet but it’s on it’s way


I need to insert some code into the right column into all the interior pages of (a client’s website) I’m working on. It seems that I can’t find the sidebar.php file—I need to be able to use a <?php …. ?> code to replace the use of a widget from Facebook Feed Pro,—the company gave me a PHP script to use because [short codes] can’t be used with this theme in the widget area. I need help to find out where this sidebar file is because I must integrate this for the client ASAP!

Hi !

I think the easiest way would be that you use a special widget such as this one:

this will allow you to parse php code directly into the widget. then place this widget into the sidebar

Is it a good solution for you ? Maxime

Just upgraded to the newest template !

Why did you change the contact page It is so much harder to structure multiple contacts than before !

Boooo!!! Just kidding !!

Hello Raindahl !!

We just centralized all the info into a single place instead of having 3 differents places to setup it.

Now, everything is into the contact page (pages > contact), instead of having some options into the Ironband option panel.



Yeah I liked the Iron band control panel because it had a text editor which was easy to mess with but managed to get it working in a crude fashion lol

Thanks again


is it somehow possible to add the latest album pictures (photos) on the main homepage? It is possible with Videos, but sadly not pictures.

Thanks for your help!

Hi NelRai

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time, but we will consider adding this feature in a future release.



I’ve created a contact form 7 form with a select box and I’m having a problem that when an option is selected the entire page jumps back to the top.

I’m using the latest version of the theme. Any tips on how I could fix this/debug this issue?


Hi DigitalChild,

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.




I love the theme and i am very close to buy it but there at two things i need to know before cliking the buy-button.

1) Will you make it “high resolution”?

2) The Front Page; is it possible to adde severeal category-based sections? On your demo you have “latest post” but i have to be able to have one for post from my sport-category and one for my music-category (and probably one or two more).

I really hope the answers are “yes and yes” because the theme is gorgeous and i really wanna use it on my own site.

Hi ShoottheShow,

Thanks for your interest !

1) It’s in our plan to make it retina display, yes. I don’t have ETA yet.

2) Yes it’s possible !

Thank you,


How do you install the updates? do I have to remove the theme?

Hi 6Laze,

Please read this FAQ:

(yes you have to remove the theme)

Thank you,


How can you make the border(Bottom Border Line) transparent?

Could you provide us with an URL to your website so that we can take a look ?

Thanks !


How do I remove the border around the widget boxes?


I’m using this theme to build a friend’s website, and we love it! I have a few issues/questions I’m hoping you can help with:

1. I understand WooCommerce is not supported right now. Our website needs a store built into it – can you recommend another e-commerce plugin that this theme does support?

2. In the Fontawesome icons, there is no Bandcamp logo. I uploaded the logo myself, and it appears in the social media bar in the header, but is not aligned correctly with the other icons. And in the footer, it does not appear at all. Is there a way to fix this?

3. How can I change the height of the large slides on the front page? I am having trouble finding this in the code.

4. This must be an easy fix but I cannot figure it out – I would like to change the title ‘Upcoming Events’ to just ‘Shows’. How can I change this?

5. Last question! The website I am making is for a record label. We would like to use the ‘albums’ layout for bands (instead of albums). So each band would have a page with the album page layout. However, we don’t like that the albums listing page is not a grid. We like the grid layout for ‘videos’ and ‘photos’ and would like ‘albums’ to look like this also. I understand this is not an option, so we thought we could make another ‘videos’ or ‘photos’ template page, where each thumbnail would link to the album layout page. However, this does not seem possible. Can you please advise if this IS possible, or how we can get around it?

Thank you so, so much!!!

Hi Pandamakeup,

Thanks for your comment.

1) WooCommerce feature is on our roadmap. Currently, IronBand doesn’t support other eCommerce plugin.

2) Using your own icon set along with iconset from Fontawesome is kinda difficult to maintain the same look and feel. I suggest that you use only your own iconset for this.

3) To change the height of the slider, please read this faq:

4) To change the title, go to Appearance > Widet. Edit your widget and you will find the title field:

5) Sorry, this is not possible. Well, there is no theme option to convert a template into another. You would have to do Custom modification but that would require advanced php/css programming. We don’t offer support for this unfortunately,




How can i change the “gigs” URL ?

Today my url for the gig pages are

I want to change the ”/gig”.

How can i do this ?


Go change it in “Pages” then the “Gig” page. Not through the Gig section directly.


The fact is in the Gig section in the front page of my website, the event are linked to

I have a gig page with all my events its ok. But the single page “gig” are linked to And i want to replace the “gig” thingy.

And i can”t change the URL in wordpress and i searched in the code but i doensnt find it !

Here it is step by step:

1 – Click on “Pages” on the left side of thw wordpress dashboard. (

2 – Find the page called “Gigs” and click on it to edit it. (

3 – Click on “Edit” next to the Permalink and rename it as you wish. (

4 – Click “OK”.

5 – Click on the “Update” button on the right side of the screen. (

This should automatically replace the URL for all your single Gigs pages.

Hope this helps !


any possiblity of woocommerce compatibility in the near future?

Hi yra300,

It is planned to be added to the theme somewhere down the line but we have no solid date or ETA for that feature.

Sorry for the inconvenience.