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Excellent work. I wish you continued success and even greater sales ;)

Thanks HappyBird !

Good theme!

Thank you Zisi ! :)

I can not install the theme, please help, I’ve done the same as always, and I get an error message.

i get this … Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Hi ! The problem you have is because you have a upload max file size restriction on your server.

You can install the theme manually (by FTP). Please read this faq:

Thank you, Maxime

How Come when I upload a photo to the slider the quality of the photo drops significantly? I have a high quality jpg, that once uploaded looks like garbage. And what is the exact dimensions of the slider?

Hi Leatherrebel,

For best result and to avoid automatic resize/scaling, you will have to upload a 1144×500 image directly in Wordpress. That’s the exact dimension of the slider.

If you still have an issue, please open a ticket at and we will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-admin.



Theme preview is blank after installation. I am on WordPress 3.6.1 Hope there is solution.

Hi Maw84,

we will assist you, no problem.

so after installing the the theme, theme preview is blank? do you see it in theme>appareance? is it activated ? if yes, what do you mean by blank? the best way for us to assist you is that you open a ticket at Don’t forget to provide us your URL and if possible, a temporary access to your WP-admin.

thanks. Maxime

Just bought theme, having same issues as macaherreram. I cannot upload it, probably due to restriction. I have no idea how to upload it using FTP Client. This is an issue that should be highlighted to potential buyers. Either you install it manually, or I want my money back.

Thank you.


Sorry if you have issue. Here is an “How-to” provided by ThemeForest about installing themes: (skip directly to the video tutorial).

Otherwise, please read our FAQ:

If you still are not able to install the theme, please open a support ticket at with your FTP address, username/password as well as a temporary WP-Admin access and we will do it for you.



thanks for the great theme but i got 3 questions, would be great if you could help me:

1: how can i translate the words in your theme like “read more”, “all news”, “categories”.

2: how can i get the logo centered, and the header quote completely erased?

3: instead of mp3/twitter block i would like to have soundcloud/facebookfeed block, would that be possible?

thank you very much!

Hi !

Thanks for the comment.

to have a better exchange and to assist you faster, could you please open a ticket at

Our support team will assist you,

Thanks !


Slider does not work out of the box. Why? Where is the documentation to make this work?

The same goes for the twitter plugin. Does not work on first install. Where is the documentation on this?

Hello Philly,

I will assist you. For the slider, have you set an image in the SLIDE > Your Slide > Set as featured image ?

For the twitter plugin, have you got your API Key from Twitter ? it’s a restriction asked by twitter.

I can assist you. Could you open a support ticket at Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, temporary access to your WP-Admin.




it would be extremely nice to make the theme widget ready for these page templates: Blog, Default template.

Is that possible?

Awesome! I used that css to make the icons bigger, it was easy! thank you!

I looked through the list of icons at font awesome, I want to add a google+ icon, please instruct me how to add this icon, thank you!


You could edit parts/networks.php and add your awesome fonts icon there. If you need support, please open a ticket at



I need to tell you that by doing this, you are modifying the core theme…I do not recommand it because if you do a futur update of our theme, the update will overwrite the icons you’ve added. This is up to you.


if i choose on “Pagination Style” the option “Displays a row of paginated links (e.g. : « Prev 1 … 3 4 5 6 7 … 9 Next »)” it doesn’t work. the site stays always on page 1 – it doesn’t matter what number i click.

Also a big problem on “Pagination Style” -> “Dynamically load more items as you scroll down (infinite scrolling)”

After scrolling down some sites, it always starts looping the same content. so i scroll down and instead of loading older news it will display always the same news over and over.

Hello Excelsis_dei,

Could you tell me which version of IronBand you are using (Go to Ironband > Theme Information). We have resolved an issue with paging system in version 1.5.

If it still don’t work for you with version 1.5, could you please open a ticket at and our support team will assist you.

Thanks, Maxime

Why would you create theme files that cannot be uploaded within Wordpress?? Could you please install the theme? What information do I have to give you in order for you to install?

I installed the theme using FTP client, but everytime I try to save changes in Theme Options I keep getting this message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. What is going on with this?


I will assist you, no problem.

please open a support ticket at with your FTP address, username/password as well as a temporary WP-Admin access and we will figure out.



When one of the shows is clicked it goes to a blank blog. How can I add a youtube and instagram box left of the twitter feed at the top? I have sent 2 support tickets – do you have a forum so I can review other questions and get some answers there? Great theme thanks for the support

Hello Usnraver,

For the shows, make sure that in the theme option (IRONBAND > CONTENT TYPE) Gigs page is selected as GIG in the dropdown.

For the video in the box of the homepage, Ironband doesn’t support widget for now. We are working on a widget-ready theme to let user build their homepage as they want. We should release it in 2 weeks.

For the forums and FAQ, we are building it day by day:

If you still have issue, please open a support ticket. It’s sometimes faster to get a reply.

Thank you very much,


How did this purchaser

Get the Instagram widget between music and twitter blocks? I want to put a sound cloud in one of those boxes.

This user customized the theme and played with the php/html files. We don’t support personal customization because if you modify the core of the theme, you will not be able to do updates.

Sure you can modify the theme as you want, but we just don’t offert support for it.



How can I make the background stay but the content scroll when scrolling the pages?

Hi, yes version 1.5 is available.

Thanks for your input.


How can I tell what version I have – I purchased and downloaded today – however in changelog it says 1.5 pending….

Ohh. yeah. You got already version 1.5. we’ll update the changelog. thanks.

On the photo page – when hovering over an image – how can I change “view images” to different text. There is not social share option on any photos which is pretty much default on most themes now – any update coming on this or can your recommend a nice quick plugin? Thanks again – cannot wait to show you what I did with this theme.

Hi ! If you edit items/photo.php you will be able to change View images.

We are working on the photo gallery and completely redesign it, including sharing option. This is on our roadmap. We ill release the widget version first.

For the plugins, there is so much nice image gallery plugins out should try some. it’s up to you.

Im very curious about what you did.

Waiting to hear from you,


When adding a new video, photo, or blog post – when I type in new category it ads the category but keeps the 1st one added. Very strange – I cannot get anything to stick to new categories. Please help.

there is minor bug when you edit the post and add categories. However, a work-around is to use “quick edit” option (roll over your item or post) and you’ll be abe to set several categories.

In the gigs section – when I click on buy tickets it opens the url on the same page – how can I set up so it opens new tab with ticket url? Thanks

there is not option for now. sorry. we’ll update it in the next version.

Awesome thanks!

you’re welcome ;)

2nd level menu items do not show on mobile menu

I just realized my other 4 support tickets I issued where all private – can you please set those to public to help others out as I’m sure it will help fill your forum :)

hi, what’s your nickname on ticksy? I can’t find your ticket as Usnraver. will move your ticket to public.

I think it displays my name as “Tom Collins” I have many tickets open – but you answered a few already that I had as private – please make those public as any and all Q&A will help others.

On the front page blog area – how can I change the 3 very large ”+” signs?

are you talking about the homepage blocks (news, videos, gigs)? if so, you can change the icons in IronBand > homepage blocks

Yes that is what I am talking about – I have already changed those but there are sill plus signs all over the site – how can we change those?

Recommendation for next update. Links in twitter box to open in new tab.

I agree. noted. thanks

Where can i change “Home” “All Gigs” and “All Videos” what file?


Hello. To change “home”, go to pages > home, and rename your home page title.

To change All gigs / all videos, go to Ironband > Homepage Blocks > Module Labels.

All gigs / all videos done :)

but my start page name different from “home” however still i have “home” as shown in screen

Hi, you’re right. We will fix this issue in the next update that should be available very soon (this week or next week max)