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Before I purchase this theme, I want to know if it is possible to display all my past gigs? Thanks


Thanks for your interest.

It’s not possible right now to display past gig. We will however add this feature in a near futur.



Ok, another question, is it possible to have the home page display the slider and then the most recent blog posts below it (as displayed on the “News” page of the Live Preview)? Thanks a lot

if you see it on the live preview, you’ll have the option to do it. you can disable the player/twitter box, or move theme below the 3 blog posts.

how can i disable the “Custom Social Buttons” for some pages? i don’t need it on every page. thanks!


You can’t enabled/disabled our social buttons for only some page. it’s either enabled, either disabled. If you want to set sharing buttons for every pages, maybe there’s plugins who do it, but i don’t know any.

To completely disable the sharing option, go to ironband > social media, and remove the “AddThis custom code in the text area”



I have purchased the theme and want to update it to 1.5, please can you specify the files I need to update? I have made some mods but still need to update.

Thanks Ryan

We did a lot of change in several files. I can’t tell you exactly where all the modifications have been done. I suggest that you do a backup first. very important before updating. If you need futur support, please open a ticket at Thank you.

Also the media player still wont work on Firefox for me! I have installed the new jplayer, I think in the right place.

Please, submit a suport ticket and we will investigate. thanks.

Hello, can you please tell me how to change the box title “IRON’S SONGS” on top left homepage ?

Thank you so much ! I love your theme, very intuitive and good skills !

And just another little question, can I change the image portfolio category order ?

Hey ! Thanks for your comments !

For now, you cannot change the order of the photo categories. It’s on our roadmap for a futur update. What you could do if you still want to manage your categories and have complete control over your galleries is to check photo gallery plugins..there are good one on CodeCanyon, or even free one such as NextGEN Gallery in WP repository.

Thanks, Maxime

Hi :) I have a few questions:

1. How can translate “MORE” in News and delete “Categories”

2. How can translate “Play Video” 3. How can translate “More Videos” 4. How can translate this


Wondering why you don’t have the “purchased” badge, right to your nickname here.

Could you please open a support ticket at Our support team will assit you.



because I help a person who bought the template :)

Hello! no problem:) maybe you should install WPML plugin or qTranslate if you want to translate the whole theme. it will be much more easier and have more’s the best way to translate these variables.


Can we use Woocomerce with this?

Yes, but we didn’t run all the test with it. It works, but we don’t offer support for it yet. You might have to customize some pages to suit our design perfectly.



Whenever I make a change to settings of the theme I get an error, saying: “You don’t have sufficient permissions to access this page”. After that, the theme get’s disabled and I have to re-select it from the themes to activate. This is becoming quite annoying having to do this all the time. I have disabled all my plugins (that I can disable without the theme not functioning anymore). To no avail … Any word on what could possibly cause this? Thanks in advance …

Hi Stay-Gold, also, make sure the theme is installed in wp-theme/ironband/ folder and NOT in wp-theme/ironband/ironband/

If you still have issue, please open a support ticket at with a temporary access to your wp-admin.


Hi Maxime, I missed your replies. I’m running the latest Wordpress build and installed it in a fresh WP-install. Ironband is the only premium theme I have installed … I am still getting this error. I will open a support ticket right now and I’ll give you a temp login for my wp-admin.

Thanks in advance!


Hi SG! The issue you have is because you have renamed ironband theme folder with your own name and there is a bug with setup.php. We will push an update soon that will fix it. In the meantime, either you rename the wp-theme/your-theme-name for wp-theme/ironband or you open a support ticket at and I will send you the fixed file of setup.php

Thank you,


I noticed that the drop down menu items are not accessible when the site is displayed on mobile/small window. The menu button only opens the top level menu items. The menu should display all menu items, I hope you can fix this for the next release.

Thank you again for all your help, Marlowe

Yes ! its gonna be fixed. thanks for your input.

I appreciate all your help and excellent support!

I was able to add additional icons and reorder them. I also added them to the options panel. Your coding is very clear and clean, making edits easy!

Thanks for everything!

hey! thanks ! it’s my pleasure :)

Any update on when there will be an update for to add simple widgets to the home page? Thank you for all your support – you have helped me out a lot with many of my questions.

hi! the ETA is October 18th

Hello, I am a complete beginner. What is the actual difference between the 15$ and 45$ version of the theme? Thanks

Hello Aniunia,

thanks for your message. the one at 45$ is a wordpress theme meaning that you can install it and use wordpress to manage the content(add pages, manage music tracks, photos, videos, news, etc…). to use it, you need to install wordpress first. we can assist you on that.

the other one is a plain and static HTML template. if you want to add photos, mp3, news, and manage colors, will have a medium/advanced HTML/CSS skills. people buying the template are often developpers who want to have total control on the HTML, or people who would like to use the template, and plug their own CMS behind it.

the choice is up to you, but I would strongly recommend the wordpress theme because you will be able to manage the content yourself using that CMS with very basic HTML/CSS skills.

once again, we offer free support



I dont have the Instagram icon or option on the site, need help to locate it.

hi, could you tell me which version of IronBand are you using ? In version 1.5(latest), go to IronBand > Social Media and Instagram option is there.



Its 1.4.3 is there an update I need

Yes, version 1.5 has been released last week. Download it again, and reinstall it. Make sure you do a backup of all your files first.

I don’t believe I touched any unnecessary coding aside from font/bg colors and the IronBand options, however, internet explorer version is not compatible with the firefox/google chrome. Please advise

Hi KDM-Life,

Do you encounter the same problem in the demo version ?

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address.


Hi Maxime! You know, when I came to work, I checked the IE version there, and it’s more of a compliment to the chrome/firefox version. I assumed that since my mom had bought a newer (upgraded computer) that she had at least IE8. But maybe she doesn’t. B/c even the menu items weren’t horizontal on her monitor. I’ve already opened a ticket for another round of questions regarding “resizing of the logo ,and header area) I looked at all the different style sheets, and aside from doing a custom css, thought there was a quicker workaround. I also wanted to do a child theme on this, but I never can seem to get that core import stylesheet header down that goes in the child theme. Thanks for your quick response. I LOVE the them, I’m using it for my books, so just tweaking it to accommodate my audience.

Hi KDM, thanks for your message.

I will reply you on the support ticket.

The customer service is so quick and efficient. Just consider me a continuing fan & user of your themes. It’s been a great experience.

Hey ! That’s nice. thank you very much. :)

Hi, I purchased this layout and im having a hard time viewing the slider on the homepage, when i first installed the theme i uploaded the dummy content, and it didnt showcase, wondering if there is something im doing wrong… Can you help me???


Hello Lexfine,

Thanks for your interest,

I will assist you.

Could you please open a support ticket at and provide us your url adress and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



i want to purchase this them, but i dont know the steps how two download this theme… thank you

excellent. let me know if you have questions

how can i install this theme on my wordpress

I keep getting “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” every time I save and then it say theme is broken….I installed it on two different domain and got the same thing is there something I’m doing wrong?

Hello DecaturMC,

The issue you have is because you have renamed ironband theme folder with your own name and there is a bug with setup.php. We will push an update soon that will fix it. In the meantime, either you rename the wp-theme/your-theme-name for wp-theme/ironband or you open a support ticket at and I will send you the fixed file of setup.php

Thank you,


Yea I figured that thanks….How do I remove Envato from the footer? I submitted ticket also…Again thanks a lot…

Go to ironband > social media. Remove the facebook url and leave it blank.


Hey! I was wondering how to get rid of the “Leave Reply” section to the default template. I am using the default template for a bio page and my client doesn’t want the reply part on the page. Can you help me with this?

Yes, Edit the bio page, go to screen option (tab in the right top corner). Then enable “discussion”. You will then see the discussion module if you scrolldown . Then you will be able to uncheck “allow comments” :)

Wordpress is not that user-friendly on this feature :/

I seem to fix all my problems I was having since your code is very well written…..But I can seem to remove this auto draft gig post seen here:


could you please open a support ticket at and we will assist you. provide us your URL and a temporary access to your WP-Admin.

the issue you have can be resolved easily. it’s a minor bug in our theme but we have a fix.



Is it possible to format the time of the gigs in 24h format?

Where can I find the documentation? Is it a pdf or something?



if you go to setting>general, you will be able to set the format you want. If you need assistance, please open a support ticket at . make sure to read the faqs there.

thank you very much,


Hi guys ! I thinks this might be by far the BEST wordpress template i have ever bought ! If you can provide a documentation with a pdf file explaining how to set it up a little better in future templates …it would be PERFECT… the step by step guid inside the tempalte needs improvement…BUT its a 5 STAR RATING for me !!! keep up the good work !

Hi Jimpapa, We are working on a more advanced documentation that will be available online. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s some faqs:

Thanks for your support.