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how can i reactivate “widgets” under “appearance”

Hi Branderboy,

Version 1.5 of IronBand doesnt support widgets so it won’t show up. However, we are working to release an update that will fully support widgets. The release of the update should be around october 18th.

Thank you,


In the next update could include the ability to insert the lyrics for the songs. In track list, where there are “Title”, “Where to buy” and “mp3”, you should also enter the field “Lyrics”.

Is it possible?

Hi WhiteButterfly,

You would use this field to enter all your lyrics or use the field to enter a link to an external page/site ?

I did not understand your answer. I ask you if in a future update, there is a new field for the lyrics when I add a new track to the album.

Now there are 3 fields: - Title - Where to buy - MP3 file

If you add a field lyrics, it would be nice if the lyrics are displayed in the frontend with an accordion effect, similar to that for gigs.

Ok got it ! thanks for your input ! we will probably add this very soon.

thanks. Maxime

When i upload “Header Logo (Mobile Version)” the normal logo still displays. So on a mobile device if got 2 logos in the header!

i made the normal logo centered, has i got something to do with that?


Could you please open a support ticket with your URL adress. I’ll assist you.

Thank you, Maxime

How do you upload pictures to slide show and how do you make it running?

and how do you change the color to the mouseover menu so when I hold my mouse over one of the menu items I can choose the color?

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your message.

To upload pictures to the slideshow, go to Slide > add new. Enter a title, and upload the image in the “set featured image” area.

To change de hover color, go to Ironband > Look and Feel, and look for : Menu Link Hover Background

If it doesnt work, please open a support ticket at and provide us your URL. Also if possible, provide us a temporary username/password to your wp-admin and we will assist you,



when I make a slide and “view post” it says: Page not found

Are you lost? The content you were looking for is not here.

replied by ticket.

Hello :)

I want to see my old shows in the GIG section. At this moment, when the date of the show is older then (Today) the GIG disappear.

How can I fix that?

Thanks you very much! NICE WORK!

Salut Ian (tu parles francais ?) :)

Pour l’instant, ce n’est pas malheureusement pas possible d’afficher les gigs passés. Cependant, nous travaillons sur ca et devrions pousser un update d’ici 3 semaines. Je suis d’accord avoir toi que c’est un feature qui manque au thème. merci pour ton input.


Salut Maxime, merci pour ta réponse! Sinon tu ne saurais pas où je dois travailler (Quel fichier .php) J’ai un peu de mal à me retrouver :)

Merci pour ton aide!

Salut Ian,

Tout dépendant de tes skills PHP, tu peux modifier comme tu veux. Cependant, en modifiant les fichiers PHP, tu ne pourras plus faire de update du thème (et nous en prévoyont environ 1 à 2 par mois) car l’update écrasera tes changements PHP. pour edité la page gig, tu dois regarder dans le fichier items/gig.php

Cependant, nous n’offrons aucun support quant à la modification php et customization du thème.

Ce que je te recommande en fait, c’est d’attendre encore un p’tit peu et l’update du thème viendra avec la possibilité d’afficher les gigs passés.

Merci Ian, A+


Hi there Love the theme. I was wondering is there a simple way to put a search box on each page or a specific page? Many thanks for the great template

by the way the site looks great!

Hi Westie68,

Thanks for the comment. Sorry it’s not possible to put a search box. However, we are working on this feature. thanks for your input.


ok thanks

I’m trying to install the theme but it doesn’t seem to work. I get “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” each time. Please help.


Hello JT! thanks for purchasing!

to install the theme, please follow this video tutorial:

if you need assistance, please open a support ticket at and we will help you.

thank you,


Being able to use the widget area for the blog & single posts would be awesome. Kinda sucks to only have ‘category’ show in the widget area.

Also, could you consider adding support for WooCommerce with this theme?? I’m having to host my merchandise store on a sub-domain install of WordPress with a theme that does not resemble the rest of my site….

Hello Anthony,

I totally agree with you. In 8 days, you’ll be able to use the widgets :)

For the WooSupport eCommerce, you can already use it. However, we didn’t test every features of woocommerce so we can’t guarantee that it will works in a one-click install. You might be have to do some minor change in the css. I suggest that you install it and you will see how it react and adjust what you need. In the meantime, WooCommerce is on our roadmap but i don’t have ETA yet.



Hi, When I create new pages and arrange then in my menu section, they don’t show that way on the website (i.e. the HOME page is listed after the BIO, etc). Also, how doI get rid of the “Just another WordPress site” from the top of the header next to the logo.

Thanks so much!

Hi, photos needs to be at least 320×320. You can change the setting by going to Settings > Media and change the default wordpress value.

Thanks, Maxime

Hi, I tried changing the settings but it didn’t work. It also says those settings are for pictures placed in posts only. I am trying to format the pictures so that they are displayed fully on my news posts on the homepage, as well as, the pictures displayed on the Photos page. The pictures are cut off. Thanks!

Hello JT,

please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary username/password of your WP-Admin.

Hello, I have installed the theme, but have no idea how to start to edit. Do I modify the .PSD files first or can work all the settings from Wordpress? Where can I see the preview of the changes? Can you direct me to a wordpress manual? Thank you very much. Everything seams well organized, I just have a difficulty starting.

Hello Aniunia,

I suggest that you start directly in Wordpress. You should go to Ironband > Import Default Data. This will delete all your post and import directly into Wordpress the demo site. From there, that will be a good start and you’ll be easily able to modify/change/add your news, videos, photos, gigs, etc..

If you still needs assistance, please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



The slider and background isn’t responsive it looks crazy on ipad how to I fix that?

replied by ticket.

do you have a release date for the next version?

The next update should be wednesday or thursday. it will fix a minor bugs. The ETA for the widget-ready is October 18th.

how can i set the transition speed slower for the slider on the homepage? thanks!

You need to look into js/main.js look for the line : delay:5000

Change 5000 (5 seconds) for 7000 (7 secondes)...


Is there any way to make a page that will allow others to comment at the bottom of the article like most themes have? I don’t see anything like that in your live demo.

Hi Fabian, yes they stay. it’s a wordpress basic feature which comes with wordpress, not the theme. (The theme will only “skin” this feature). For now, there is no login/membership sections.


One more question! It’s about the commenting area again. I always used Wordpress to build sites and not so much blogging, so I’m still new to that part. Once a comment is made from someone, is it possible that another person can reply to that comment sort of like a Facebook post?

Hello Fabian,

Thanks for your message.

Since there is a lot of things to learn with comments, you should check the complete article here:

You could also change the plugin comment for another one if you want to suit your needs. There is plenty of them.



hi-lovin the template all working good-on Safari this page- when you expand the gig it wont scroll down-is this a bug?

Hello Westie,

Thanks for your message. seems to work fine on safari. I will test it with older version when i’ll be at the office, but in the meantime, could you go to Ironband > General Settings and disable NiceScroll. Tell me if it works.

yep thats sorted it-what is that then?

Hello Westie,

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.

Also, can you tell us in the ticket which safari version you are using.



I’m looking forward to your next update :) How big is the chance you can get it approved before the weekend?

Also +1 for woocommerce support – I read you’re planning on adding woo support too. Would be great to have it working before second week of December, when we release our debut album.

Keep up the good work!

Hello Awareness,

We will push an update tomorrow morning that will cover minor bugs. The widget-ready theme is on the way. If everything goes well, it should be here during the weekend or next monday, depending on ThemeForest reviewers.



Great looking theme. Can a video be embedded into the slider instead of images?

Hello nezty,

It’s not possible to add a video into the slider at this time.



Question. Where do I go to change the text from “Gig” to something else such as “Event”.


Are you talking about the main menu where it shows “Gig” ? If yes, edit your page title for what you want.

If you are talking about the homepage block where it shows the big Gig title, go to Ironband > Homepage blocks > Gigs Block Title.

In some case, there is a bug here. If this happens to you, take note that we will provide an bug fix (theme update) probably today or tomorrow. It’s under review.



i know it sounds outdated, but an option for a myspace social-button would be very cool!


Thanks for your input. We will add this to our roadmap.

Thanks, Maxime

Where can I add the MP3’s to the player, having trouble finding it in the menu


You will find it under Pages > Home below the text field area.