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This looks like a great theme. and I am seriously considering buy it.

Quick questions about the music.

Is it possible for people to rate the songs? For instance, out of 5 stars or something?

Also for gigs; Is it possible to see past gigs?

And is is possible to have a box in the homepage just to add text in? For instance, a little information about what we are about etc…


Thank you Carl,

It’s not possible for people to rate the songs, sorry.

For the past gigs, We don’t support them for now. However, we will add this functionality soon. I don’t have any ETA but it’s one of our top-feature we want.

For the homepage additional box, there is not custom option in the theme for this. However, you could use the slider to show your info, or manually add the block if you have php/css skills.

Thank you very much,


ah right, so the homepage is not that customisable then?

Great news on past gigs feature, be very interested in that.

Shame about the rating for songs, maybe a feature that could be added in future?


Hello Carl,

You can enabled/disabled each blocks row. But you can’t replace/add blocks for now.

Thanks for your interest !


I am looking at purchasing this theme and was just wondering if this includes the flexibility to add a members area to the website or can that just be done via an additional plugin?

Thanks in advance, Matt

Hi Maxime,

Thanks for the follow up. The plugin I was looking at is:

Just let me know and thanks again!

Hello Nerosllc,

I didnt tested wp-members yet. For now it would not work with ironband 1.5 because it use widgets. We should launch Ironband 1.6 this week. Once launched, Wp-Members plugins should perfectly work.



Awesome. Thank you. Looking forward to it!


Where is the slider that was mentioned in the included items? I can only see your link to the place where I can buy it. It has not been installed when I installed the theme, Wordpress asked me to install about 4 plugins I think but the slider was not one of them. Please help.



Hello James,

The slider we use is revolution slider jQuery Plugin which is included. It’s not the WP plugin.

The code is included in the js/main.js



Do you just download again for the updated version as of 10/18/13 or is there a special link?


Yes, download again. See this FAQ:

Hi, probably a silly question, but how / where do I disable select links in the main navigation ? ie: I want to disable certain top level link and only have the drop downs under them live. Thanks so much! the theme rocks, pun intended ;)

Hi !

Go to Appearance > Menu. Then you will see 3 modules on the left column (Pages, Links, Categories). Click Links to open the module: Url field should be: # Link Text should be your menu text name…

Add to menu.

Then drag and drop it where you want it. Put your subpages under it.

Magic happens :)


How do I update the template on my website? and where do I download the update?

And how do I send newsletters out?

LAST spam – i promise: How do I just put some simple text under the title?

I just want to write a line of simple text under the reference title

Hello Adam,

It’s not spam..don’t worry ;)

for the order of albums: the order they appear are set by the publish date of the post. So you could quickedit your album, and change the published date..

For the newsletter, I don’t quiet understand..You want to send newsletters to your subscribers ? You will need a mailing list system such as

For the simple text under the title, could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will try to assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



Hi, loving the theme! Would it be trick to add a store? that could be featured on the home page.

many thanks in advance Bradley

Hello Illustrate,

If you want to use WooCommerce, it will works. However, we have not fully tested it and you might have to do small modifications to the css files. But from what I saw from other users, they have implemented WooCommerce quiet easily. For my part, i’ve setuped WooCommerce in about 20 minutes with very minor modification.



Okay, I’m assuming I don’t need podpress any longer for mp3 (podcasts) whether I’m using the album or not. however, now my home page audio won’t play, and I can’t remember where I go to update that on the home page either.

hello KD,

Could you open a ticket please ?


I am excited for the new update!

I have V.1.5 – 26.09.2013

My client recently signed up and saw the wordpress update notice – they clicked it – and now the site is not showing up at all – I have no access to backend either. How can I fix this?

Also how do I update this with out loosing all the custom css edits?

Hello – was hoping I could get my hands on the update as it is 12 days past the original stated update date – I have all weekend to implement this update – can you please update me on all these dates and updates.

Its been a week since I was expecting the latest update to add basic widgets to the home page – any update on this?


After 75 hours of works, I would say that we are 99% ready. (The 1% left is to program a script to install the custom widgets by default if you start from a clean and fresh wordpress install) I know that you’ve been really patient. If you’re interested by testing it right now, please email me at

Otherwise, the theme will be uploaded tomorrow at themeforest, but we don’t have control how long it can takes to be approved by the reviewers team.



I’ve got a slide where most of the image is a flyer (text) and looks best without any overlaid title/text.

After updating the theme, the ‘More Info’ action button no longer appears without a title on the slide.

Is it possible to get the button show up without the title/text?

Hello, Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your




Also, my logo is under 400px, but getting cropped on the right side at the smallest resolution (iPhone vertical size).

Shrunk the mobile logo down to 135px and it’s looking good!

I made update to theme – but I still do not see an option for widgets on home page like was discussed a month ago – what am I missing to finally be able to put a basic widget on the home page?

Hello Usnraver,

See log changes to see what’s new in version 1.5.2.

For the widgets, we are doing our final test in order to release it. Our plan is to upload it this week to ThemeForest. Then we gonna have to wait that ThemeForest approuve it. Stay tuned. Widgets gonna be part of the version 1.6



How can I customize the slider? I see you use Revolution Slider. How can we edit the transitions size, etc?

Hello 2Trumedia,

I think i’ve replied you by ticket at

Please, open a support ticket there if you didnt get a reply.



Hi great theme Just a question about the layout. Is it possible to layout copy over half a page side by side? Like in 2 columns. Are there simple shortcodes for this?

OK great thanks for that. Another question will it be possible to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in the home page sliders? Thanks

Just to elaborate, I mean can a home page slide be an embedded video – like the videos on any of the video posts.

Hello, it’s not possible at this time. sorry.

Thanks, Maxime


Where can I find the code that will allow me to change the @ symbol on the gig page to something else?

Thanks in advance Daryl


for the homepage, edit homepage-blocks.php. See screenshot:

for the gig template, see screenshot:



Great Quality Theme! I have a quick question. I would like past events (gigs) to be archived. Currently once a scheduled event has past it is removed from “gigs” leaving only upcoming events. Can you guys give me some insight on this?

Hello Ieast,

For now, IronBand doesnt support past gigs. However, a quick work-around would be that you create a new page called “past gig” and manually list your past gig on this page. Then, you could list the past gig menu as a submenu under GIGS..



I understand its not capable out of the box. Would you be able to point me in a direction of core files that i would be able to edit so i can maintain integration between the homepage gig block and the gigs page? I am modifying this for the sports industry and would like past “gigs” to have past results. Other than that the theme suits my needs flawlessly – thank you!

Hello Ieast,

That would require kinda lot of modifications. It’s why we need to plan it on our side and make sure that the theme will fully support it.

I can’t really point you in a specific direction since there is a lot of file to modify in order to make the whole thing work.



Hi can you include the WP Revolution Slider in next update so I can add Video and adjust the animation etc for the home page?

We’ve added WordPress Revolution Slider in our planning/roadmap. I don’t have any ETA for now but it’s gonna be part of the 1.7 version. For now, we use Revolution Slider as a jQuery Plugins. It’s included when you buy IB.



Is it possible to change the dimensions of the slider box?

Which box you are refering to ? Could you please open a support ticket and send a screenshot of it.



Great theme!! Please add an option to make the background on main home page and side pages & boxes “transparent”. Also a slider text background box transparent option would be great.


Hello DNTV,

Very good idea indeed ! I’ve taken note of it. For now, you could do it via custom CSS, but you would have a lot of little thing to change.




I haven’t received a response from 2 emails/ticket I’ve sent. I’m trying to figure out if a picture needs to be a specific size for the posts so when it’s listed on the homepage (under ‘News’) that the picture doesn’t get cut off. It only shows about half of the picture and it doesn’t look good.


Should be Cali Burns

submitted another ticket

just replied. thanks.