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RE: Wordpress version. I think it can take up to a week to go through the review process—after resubmitting? By the way are there any specs available? Will it be responsive? Are there improvements over the HTML version?

Hi. it depends of TF workload. I think we’ll get a positive answer within 12 hours from now. the whole theme have been re-thinked. yes it will be fully responsive, and yes, there is a LOT of improvement overall. Thanks


Only one question (before purchase)

is it possible to have submenus into the menu bar ?

arrghh, i’m not an wordpress user, and it’s really mandatory for me… any chances to see it here ?

In short terms, it’s not on our planning, but I will add this feature to our road map. thanks.

So sad… thanks anyway

Any new news on the WP theme?

Hi Charles,

It’s under review by the ThemeForest team. Thanks !

Hi, I really want to purchase this template as Theme, but I can not wait more than 2 days.

Do you think this will be available in the next 48h?

Thank you

Hi, we resubmitted 2 hours ago an update that we think will be accepted. Stay tuned !

Hi guys, unfortunately the audio player on the home page is not working. Error message: “Loading tracks…”

What I’m doing wrong?

Hi, could you please open a ticket here: and tell us what is your URL address and which version of browser you are using. We will help you.

I would like the music touched automatically upon entering the site. An autoplay. How should I proceed? Thank you.

There is no option at this time. Thanks for your input, we might add this in our next update.

thanks servhost03

OK. It would be nice

Stoked to have the MailChimp integration with this theme! Thanks! I’m noticing that blank / null values are allowed in the Subscribe form after hooking in the MailChimp API. I believe with the DB integration there is validation this form. Just wondering if there is something to enable validation …. just thinking about bots scanning this and seeing that it can easily be submitted and having them continually hitting the site.

Just an update I see that there is some validation but it appears that the default value of “” can be submitted if they user just clicks submit.

Hi Taiyo, In all.css, you have:
.videos .media-block .text-box:after{
-  background-position:-212px -131px;
+  background-position: -212px -157px;

remove the line with the ”-”. Add the line with the ”+” instead.

This will correct a bug we have the mobile version.

(oh, and don`t put the + sign in the css file..)


Getting this error in the error log and wondering if I should be concerned:

Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /*//public_html/ in //*/public_html/ on line 37

I realized this is a related to an external script and not part of the theme. So you can safely ignore. Thanks.

Replied by ticket.

I found the email validation change in the subscription.php file but your code didn’t work with the current placeholder text.

I changed line 31 from:

if($email == '')

to if($email == '') to get it working.

ah ha!—i see you modified the HTML files as well :) so no need to change the code if you copy over all the files…..would be good to have a list of files changes so people with the theme in PRD could easily integrate

Hey Taiyo,

thanks for your message.

yeah, in fact, it works if you copy all the files. We will maintain a list of change in our next release. thanks.


Hi guys, When will you update the HTML version to include the other social media icons ..instagram, youtube and soundcloud like the wordpress version??

Also i would like to email you guys to have a minor change. How do i make the BANNER images FULL WIDTH of the screen instead of boxed?

Hello Sebjones,

It’s on our roadmap but i don’t have any eta from now.

Please open a support ticket at and we will assist you for the banner.



Guys I am getting the stylesheet is missing error and I have no idea how to fix it

Sorry about this xmacvicar.

everything is great so far expect the menu function in wordpress (where you rearrange menu items) doesn’t seem to work with the Iron Band Theme. For example, I don’t want albums to show up in my menu, so I removed it from the Menu items, but that does not remove it from the actual website menu. I had to trash the Albums page for it to leave the menu…any ideas?


please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary username/password of your WP-Admin.

thank you Maxime

Hi there, I purchased the HTML version of the site a few weeks ago and have been slowly checking out theme. I have an issue which I emailed you a week ago but I guess this is the correct forum.

The Taglines for the main image slider are not rendering correctly. I have inserted the title “I Killed The Prom Queen” but when I view on desktop, my title is being clipped and only displays “I Killed The P”. It renders the title correctly when viewed on a mobile device.

Can you provide some assistance please?

thank you. Chris

Yeah, sure,

please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. don’t forget to provide us your URL address.



Hey How do i put the Rev Slider in the Homepage. I copied the Slider Shortcode in the Homepage text but nothing appears on the Website…

Thank You

Hello Djnocoon,

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your




Newbie questions:

01) Can I change the pink color of the menu? Where? 02) Where I add the music (3 or 4) in this mp3 player on the first page? 03) Same doubt for the mp3 player of discography. 03) Theres any tutorial to make work twitter and the subscription?

Thanks…. btw, great template!

Hi Passajou,

Yes, you can change the color of the menu.

You have 2 options. 1) Read the documentation where it says: You can choose between multiple presets by including the appropriate CSS file within the head of each template Look for <link media=”all” rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/colors/pink/style.css” class=”color”>. All you have to do is replace the default color pink to any of the available colors. Here is the list of available colors

css/colors/blue/style.css css/colors/green/style.css css/colors/grey/style.css css/colors/orange/style.css css/colors/pink/style.css css/colors/red/style.css css/colors/violet/style.css Of course you can also create your own preset file.

2)change only the pink color in the style.css file
#nav > ul > > a{
    background:#FF !important;

To change the mp3, please read the documentation. It comes with the theme and it’s located in the DOCUMENTATION folder: AUDIO PLAYER

The audio player on the home page requires a JSON playlist file. you can modify the playlist by editing the /inc/playlist.json file.

For the mailing list, please read this FAQ:

thank you,


Thanks, Maxime! Great! Everything is fine! 3 more questions? 01) How can I change the songs of video-discography-album.html? I searched for another .json file and I cant found any. 02) Theres a tutorial for twitter on the first page? 03) When I play a song, the mp3 player button (thats is fully functional) shows a piece of facebook button when is ON . Im using Mozilla Firefox. Thanks!

Is this fully responsive?

Thanks in advance,

hello Gluegl!

yes it’s fully responsive! thanks


Just one last question: How can I change the songs of video-discography-album.html? I searched for another .json file and I cant found any. tHANKS.


you should check the source code in the video-discography-album.html.

There is not json in this file. instead, we use directly the mp3 name.

            <ol class="tracks-list">
                            <li data-media="">
                                <span class="name">STADIUM DANSE</span>
                                <div class="buttons">
                                    <a class="button" href="#">BUY TRACK</a>
                                    <div class="jp-jplayer " />
                                    <!-- jp-audio player-box -->
                                    <div class="jp-audio player-box">
                                        <div class="jp-type-playlist">
                                            <div class="jp-gui jp-interface">
                                                <!-- jp-controls -->
                                                <ul class="jp-controls">
                                                    <li><a href="javascript:;" class="jp-play btn-play" tabindex="1">play</a></li>
                                                    <li><a href="javascript:;" class="jp-pause btn-pause" tabindex="1">pause</a></li>
                                            <!-- jp-no-solution -->
                                            <div class="jp-no-solution">
                                                <span>Update Required</span>
                                                To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your <a href="" target="_blank">Flash plugin</a>.



just uploaded the wordpress theme. waiting on my ticket to be answered. but in the meantime, is there a way you can add fucntion to add lyrics to a song. Perhaps clicking on the song title can open up a drop down or window where you can add lyrics??? Also I really like how the photo page looks, I would like the option to make my video page look the same way.

Hello leaf,

Tickets cleared.

It’s not possible for now to add lyrics to a song for now, sorry. However, you could use the text field in the album page to put your lyrics there.

For the photo page look that you want for the video page, go to PAGES > Videos there is 2 type of template. VIDEO (GRID) and VIDEO . choose the one you like.

If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket.


hello, iv had a bit of trouble setting this up and was wondering if i changed to the wordpress version would it be easyer to use?

Hi KyborgFTW,

Yeah, the wordpress version is a lot easier to use because it comes with a full control panel options and obvisouly, Wordpress as the CMS to manage your content.

thanks, Maxime

I’am install theme not in root folder, change sources links to css, js and all fine, but player doesnt work ( Can you help me?

Hello Smakarov, It cannot find this file:

Web host issue ?


Great theme so far! But the sorting in the gallery is not smooth, if I compare your gallery

with another gallery like

Is this a bug in your template?

Hello Stryker1,

Sorry if you don’t like our gallery. We are not using the same code nor the same behavior than the one you shown us.