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Discussion on iSite - 1 Page Folio + Contact Styling Validation

Discussion on iSite - 1 Page Folio + Contact Styling Validation

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Absolutely perfect for my nefarious plans … Mwahh haa haaaa! :)

Awesome work Flash_Cart … just one quick question …

Can I have a video display instead of an image when an icon is clicked?


Nick :)

Howdy Nick,

The slider currently displays only .jpg images. It can be done though I do not currently know how to add this functionality.

If you get it done, please email me the code and I will ensure the app gets updated for anyone else who can benefit from such an additional feature.

Thanks for purchasing. Sean Sr.

Hi Sean Sr.

I’m gonna have to hire someone with more technical knowledge to sort it out for me, but if they do manage to get it to work, then maybe we can come to an arrangement.


Nick :)

After a few edits on the page, I’ve bumped into a few issues. The first one is that for some reasons, the “subject” part of the contact form disappeared and not showing. I have no clue how to make it reappear. The other issue is that I’m getting too different look from IE 8 and Firefox 3.5.6 The problem (I assume) is with the CSS settings in demo.css for the contact form and footer. Please take a look here. As you can notice in IE 8 , the contact form top merge with the bottom of the main body and second, there’s a big gap between the contact form bottom with the footer. That’s my only issues (hopefully last) with the page and I hope you can help me get this fix, please.

The height is styled within the css file. Have you altered the original code?

As far altering the code, I’ve deleted the iMenu and inserted a larger logo but everything else stays the same in the code. The height situation seems to be easy to fix but I just can’t figure it out. What’s the best way to go forward in helping you, helping me?

You need to know css and html a bit in order to manipulate the template’s code. I recommend you keep tinkering until you get the height property adjusted which is in the form of a numerical value.

Hi, i’ve purchased your template but i have some problem.

1) the template doesn’t show correctly in IE sometimes, other times in firefox..on different computer/mac

2) the email form doesnt work! neither the original purchased and the version edited by me.

thanks for the reply (:

btw great job

View the original email template tutorial here: WORKING CONTACT FORM

Hey, I have no idea what files to open to edit the website? Can I PM you so you can help me out?

Yes, please do. List what you wish to edit specifically and include any screen shots if you have something image related to help me understand what your goal is. Additionally thanks for purchasing.

this is a little fake out…you should say its php and needs to be uploaded before it can be tested…

does this theme work with wordpress?

Hello there, I tried to add an extra icon to the horizontal menu which was easy to do, then I added a link to be opened in a new page, but did not worked. could you tell me whats the idea of of clicking that part of those menus icon and only displaying an image on that timeline? also I see this work of yours is 9 years old, you should have at least added a small help page giving customers a bit of introduction on how to edit the page since is pure php.

Hi, thank you for purchasing this file I made 9 years ago. I was very new to design & development at the time. I am humbled people still buy my works here.

I’m not sure I understand the question, but to make an anchor tag open in a new tab, simply add this to the link > target=”_blank”

So your link would be like this < a href=”#” target=”_blank” />