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Bought this because it looks great – on the demo site. Mine is a total mess – no pages, no posts, three bits of basically your content on my site I don’t even know where it’s getting it from. No images in the slider, I am absolutely lost. I could really do with seeing better help documentation – but where has it gone? On the (silent) Screenr video (therefore impossible to follow) there appears to be some very clear documentation but the links to it throw up a sparse html text file that has done nothing to help my site.

I’m not going to rate this site yet as I really want it to work. Please help. First up, is there more documentation anywhere? I looked here


...and got a short page that did help me to set up a contact page – which doesn’t appear on the site.

Secondly, where do I put my customised images so that they appear in the slider instead of the word sideside?

Hello again

I have managed to resole most of the issues I had with iSite and as I said before, I do love the look of it. Just one thing remains to be sorted – can you help?

I can’t get the slider working, either basic of cu3er. Actually it is the basic I really want – I’ve completed my artwork to size (I assume – 920×400) and put them in various places with no joy. Where do they go? All I get is a white space with the word ‘sideside’ in it.

The slider is presently disabled until it’s fixed. If you can help me sort this I’ll be a very happy customer!


Important Tip: One thing to remember, every time you change a slide or an image in a slide, you must reconfigure the slider admin area.

The slider resets every time slide data is modified.

Email me with your contact info if you like and I’ll drop you a line.


Hello! I’ve tried to install the theme following the procedure, I’ve installed a lot of themes before and I never had any issue, but this one seems that is not working at all.

I can’t see the posts in the main page, the color scheme doesn’t change (it shows always the same grey background) and the Cu3er doesn’t work either.

I’ve tried in 2 different servers and with 3 different versions of wordpress.

There’s a lot of people who made it work, I’m doing something wrong? It doesn’t seems too complicated… There was a version update or something and maybe I have some corrupt file?

Please help!

My email is diegoop [ at ] gmail . com

Thanks! Diego.

Thanks for purchasing, where is the URL ?

Did you follow the setup instructions?

hi there!

can you help me please :(

my web is www.priorystage.com

my pictures only move in the same way and they stopafter like 6 images and freeze with a rd horizontal line. any idea what this is?

My administrator would love for you to call him if you could work it out!!!

his details are Aiden, aiden@aditservices.co.uk or 07554996397…

Please help me!

Yours Sean Donnelly

Check your email good sir.

Hi there again, my administrator is busy there.. So he just wants you to find out whats wrong with the site.. I can email you the login details if you wish? Www.priorystage.com

Many thanks Sean :)

Did you all get it figured out? As I mentioned it appears to be a simple XML code error. I recommended simply double checking your image locations in the config.xml file.

Let me know, Sean Sr.

hiya heres the info you need to fix it i think-


seandon1234 /wp-content/themes/iSite


hi, iwant to buy but i have a question,the three blocks contain post?

No, they contain static data.

does not work, the help is poor and the theme gives too much trouble, I can not use it, it looks different in different browsers, sorry but it sucks

@juancho3000: Sorry you had a poor experience with one of my file. This is only the 2nd WordPress Theme I designed for sale on Theme Forest and I did not do the development. The development was handled by another Author who teamed up with me to get this particular file approved. Hopefully, you will have a better experience moving forward.

It looks fine to me, but I understand that you may have had a different experience based on your harsh comments.

So let me get this straight:

1. You have to use cu3er, and to use it, the free version won’t allow you to upload your image files? So you HAVE TO pay? That is just wrong. There appears to be no way around that. Also, flash just doesn’t work on apple hand held products, so why would I want to be limited to that?
2. At least on my dashboard, there is no way to upload my logo. Nothing in the logo area is clickable. ????
3. Is there any way to add a tagline?
4. Cufon fonts are not working at all. I chose (from the VERY limited selection) Georgia, but am not getting it.
5. Someplace in the documentation, it says that you can eliminate items of the site. I can find where they are listed, but no way to eliminate them. I do not want my blog posts below the main page elements. This defeats the entire purpose of having a single, above the fold web page. How do I get rid of them?
6. I configured an ad, but it never shows up. ???
The documentation provided could be beefed up considerably. You sort of point “at” what can be done, but not how to do it. In the video demo, you show the menu as having all sorts of goodies in it, but once a person starts configuring their own site, those menu items disappear. What is the url of that information?
7. After having configured the contact page, it continues to show the content for another page (incorrectly). ????

I have to say I’ve never had so much trouble just finding the basics before, from the basic upload process to the general configuration. If this continues, I will want my money back. I just don’t have time to put all this work into a site only to be limited in the number of customizations I can make.
Thank you.

If you can help with these VERY basic issues, I would really appreciate it.


Today, I will email the developer who helped with this theme and it’s documentation.

Thanks for purchasing and I hope we can get you squared away.

Regards, Sean Sr.


I just reached the original co-author of this file.

I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience concerning this matter.

Sincerely, Sean Sr.

Hi there,

I’m thinking about buying your site because I need a clean 1 page site. But before doing that I would like to know if it’s possible to use the shopp plugin? https://shopplugin.net/

Is it possible to make pages within the one page? I mean “chapters” like the “shopp/checkout/cart” pages.

Thanks, Mike

Howdy Mike,

Anything’s possible if you or someone you know can code it. It sounds like you are referring to something like a “hash tag scroll to” effect.

I have not tested that with this theme and therefore do not know how easy it will be to achieve.

With regards to the “shopplugin” the same story. I have not tested it with this theme and there is no way to know for sure until someone tries it out to see if it will work or not.

Regards, Sean Sr.

Your demo site is broken…


Your demo site is broken, can you fix?


I dont think they care anymore about this theme. Just move on. Nothing to see here.

Hi, Purchased this theme a while ago, came here to ask a question and review the “demo” site, and it links off to some strange page that talks about nonsense – nothing related to the theme or website design.

What gives?

Yea!!! What Gives???


I tried to see the demo and I got this. Where is the owner of this theme?

This is Another one Author with poor support. links are fuck up too.. next time if you can’t Handle this better stop doing this shit. I felt sorry to the people who purchase this.