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Hey there,

I am trying to change the movement on the main navigation; the 5px movement when we hover the link. Kindly please advice how to remove the movement. Thanks.

Hi there,

Please open folder wp-content/islamic/javascripts Find and edit file cp-scripts.js

Find and move following code it would be around line number 15.

    jQuery(this).animate({ top:'5' }, 400);
    }, function(){
    jQuery(this).animate({ top:'0' }, 400);

Best Regards.


Currently default color scheme is set to orange. How can i change it to green?


thanks for the reply. i have added the class but after dong that main navigation doesn’t seem to work properly, on hover its drop down list appears but on the back of the body section, which is unable to access. Please help me out with this asap. Thanks.

im only having this problem with green color scheme even if i change it from the switch-box, its working fine with other colors.

Hi there,

We have a special customer support system at It allows better complaint resolution and ticket tracking to our customers. Please open a ticket there and a dedicated support representative will get in-touch with you shortly.

Please share following information in that ticket. 2. Your FTP login.

Thank you

Thank you so much Noor!

Hi, the default color scheme is set to orange. How can i change it to blue?

Can you please explain this to everyone so that you do not get this question again and again.

Kind regards


Hello Adnan,

Thanks for your purchase of Islamic HTML theme. You can set Blue as default color scheme by following these instructions.

1. Please add this class to all HTML pages.
<body id="def" class="homeblue">

2. If you want to use anyother class, just change the class name. These are 3 class names in use.

1. homegreen 2. homebrown 3. homeblue

Best Regards.

Thanks, excellent service.

Hi there, ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files but after I purchased and downloaded the theme I see no php files!

can you please tell me if I am wrong here?

Kind regards Adenino

Hi, I will check for contact form issue and if this file is not available, will release an update ASAP.

Very disappointing!! what shall I tell my client now? wait!! The theme has a Twitter’s widget, contact forms, newsletter form and password protected form all which need php files. I would never have bought this theme had you not claimed to have php files included. Simply misleading. Please provide a time frame as to when will you be able to have these php files ready for download.


As title states its an HTML template. It does not come with CMS support (PHP files with dynamic features). Only PHP file that is missing is of contact form. If you are looking for details CMS functionality, you should get its WordPress version.

Best Regards.

Hello, we bought this theme and our client loves it. But, we are having 2 issues with the layout:

1) The font in the main navigation does not appear as the demo theme style? We have uploaded all of the included files and no luck.

2) The thin pattern bar running directly below the homepage slider is pushed down a little instead of tucked completely up against the slider bottom as it is in the demo? Again all files have been uploaded and no changes have been made to the css to cause this.

You can see the homepage here at this address:

Thanks in advance for your help correcting these issues. AJ

Hello AJ,

Thanks for your purchase.

Issue 01.
Please share your FTP details and we can fix it for you.

Issue 02.
In which browser you are facing this issue?
We provide all technical support from our ticketing system at

For a timely response, please open a ticket at support system with your FTP login info.

Thank you.

How do i install it in wordpress?


Its not a WordPress theme, its an HTML template so it cannot be installed in WordPress.

Thank you.

Thank you for this great theme :)

Can i find an Arabian version for this template please, rtl edition i mean.

Thank you again..


We had not developed its RTL version, however we will consider it updating in near future with RTL version. Your request is forwarded to our development department.

Thank you.

I would buy but the prayer chart is missing which is the most important thing. I can add it but then everything will get messed up. Do you plan on adding the prayer chart?


Your requested is forwarded to our development team as a feature request. Meanwhile, do you have tried adding this widget?

Try this with Islamic theme, it should work without creating issues.

Thank you.


This is what i exactly wanted, In sha Allah going to purchase it asap. One quick question, there is a calender i guess its jquery can i add any text upon hover on a selected date ? and also i want google maps integrated in contact us page !!

Thank You


Thank you very much for showing your interest in Islamic Template. This is simple HTML template you can customize the template you wish you have :)

Also we have its Wordpress version with page builder with drag and drop options.


Hi admin do i have to leave a credit link for designer on any one of your template brought from evanto or i have right to remove footer link after i buy the template ? thank you so much in advance.


Feel free to remove the link if you would like to, its not necessary to keep that link in footer.

For more questions please contact us at \\


Can you include a page for News page please


Right now we don’t have the news page. We will consider it to have this page in our next update of the template.


The gallery feature has to be improved, on click of thumbnails the images have to open up and user should be able to navigate to previous/next image


Thank you for your suggestion. We are going to forward your suggest to the Front End Department.

If you are facing any sort of difficult in the template feel free to contact our support team simply by opening a ticket at

Best Regards

Hi, You have provided a contact-form.php recently , the validation has to happen on the same page in a nice way, currently user is taken to the php page where the message is displayed. Moreover after message is sent, the succes message has to be displayed on the same html page, now the message is displayed on next page which looks a bit awkward from user experience point of view



Please open a ticket at

Our technical support team will help you with it.

Thank you.

If there is a provision to display video , It will be good .

You can add Video to any page using iframe from YouTube or anyother popular video hosting service.

I purchased the HTML version instead of wordpress version. Is there any way to get a refund? So that I can get the WordPress version? Or can the payment is adjusted with WP version?


Hi there,

Only Envato can offer refunds. For this please open a ticket here,

Thank you.

i am from Pakistan and here paypal is not allowed, so i want to purchase this template, please help me that how can i buy this theme.. . ??

Hello Waqas,

You can use a Credit Card or any debit cards from banks those work online like Standard Chartered or UBL Wiz card.

Thank you.

Hello, I got a problem with the menu in mobile size. it shows correctly but it do not navigate to any link. just a dropdownlist no action.

I tried to force jquery but nothing work also, I am using routing URL

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

If you are facing a technical issue then please open a ticket at

Our technical support team will help you out.

Best Regards.