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Good Theme, GLWS ;)

I’ve liked a lot! But before buying:

You will update this one to 0.5?



yes we will update all our themes.

Great theme! Congrats! GLWS :)

I like it, but theres something with the background adjusting its size when Im browsing in desktop, every time I load a post or page.

yes it can happen because we use some plugin for changing themes, when you will get real theme, you will not able to change theme color using color palette https://www.dropbox.com/s/ej1l2k3ehsktozv/Screenshot%202014-08-25%2009.04.14.png?dl=0 you will able select one of them

I see, so once a color is configured, it won’t show that color flick while navigating, thanks for the clarification. But what about the background image readjusting itself every time you navigate to a blog post ?

we tried to reduce speed of page load, don’t upload very big images, so all images tries to fit on screen size we use css rule background-size: cover; so as we have different content, the image always try to fit in screen.

> yes we will update all our themes.

Have you updated to 0.5 yet?

yes, we updated all our themes to ghost 0.5

Will this be updated for Ghost 0.7?

Hey is the theme compatible with with Ghost 0.7.6?