Discussion on IT Oxygen - Gantry 5, Business & Portfolio Joomla Template

Discussion on IT Oxygen - Gantry 5, Business & Portfolio Joomla Template

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Hey, thank you for your great Work. IT Oxygen is an amazing theme! I’m Working with your theme in our team at my work. I’m new at Gantry5.

I’ve a question about the implementation of your theme and Gantry5. The Gantry 5 documentation describes that all changes or file overrides have to be stored in the ”/template_name/custom” folder.

Why did you decide to overwrite the file at the top level in the template directory and not in the “template_name/custom/layouts” directory? Does this have a special reason?(/template_name/layouts/default.yaml)?

Would it not be possible to create a new file in /template_name/custom/layouts to create the individual layout for your theme?

And why did you do that with particles and atoms too?

I would be very happy if you answer my questions.

Have a nice day!

Hi there,

Thank you for the kind words! We are glad that you like Oxygen.

The user that you wrote this comment from hasn’t purchased the template so it is not eligible for support. If you need support in the future, please contact us with user you purchased the template from and make sure you use the Contact Form on our Profile page.

Anyway, since your questions are quite generic, let me answer them for you:

1. Yes, as per the official Gantry 5 documentation, all customizations and overrides has to be made in the ”/template_name/custom” folder. And we are not touching the “custom” folder at all. The template does not have anything stored in the “custom” folder.
You have installed the Quickstart package, therefore you see the “custom” folder, because there are some settings stored there. But if you UNZIP the “Template Only” package (tpl_it_oxygen-1.9.0.zip) you will see that the “custom” folder does not exist.
To answer your question directly – it is a template. The template must have everything in the root template directory (not in the “custom” directory) so the user can override it if/when needed (in the “custom” folder) so they do not lose their modifications when they update the template.
To summarize – the template developer MUST do everything in the root template directory and the user MUST override whatever they need/want in the “custom” directory.

2. “Would it not be possible to create a new file in /template_name/custom/layouts to create the individual layout for your theme?” – this is exactly what you are supposed to do. If you want to create a custom layout you need to create it in the ”/template_name/custom/layouts” folder as described in the Creating Layout Presets section in the official Gantry 5 documentation. Since it would be a custom layout (which does not come with the template by default), you need to create it in the “custom” folder.

3. “And why did you do that with particles and atoms too?” – I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.
We launched the first ever, and still the only one, particle marketplace for Gantry 5. In order to get access to those particles, you need to purchase a membership on our website. Purchasing a membership on our website directly is a much better deal than purchasing a single template on Themeforest. For the same money you get 15+ templates, 55+ particles, access to our dedicated support forum and much more…

You do not need to worry about the quality of the template. We are a core contributor (JoomFX and adi8i) to the Gantry 5 framework on Github. We have contributed many of the features that you see in the default Gantry 5 framework.
There is also a Gantry 5 chatroom on Gitter where you can get in touch with the Gantry 5 developers directly. You can ask there about us (“InspireTheme”) and you will see what the other users will say ;)

Hey, thank you for the fast reply. I’ve written you from my private account because we have purchased your Theme at work and i don’t want to post my questions with the business account from my superior. Sorry for that! I think you answered my questions with your first answer.

I was not aware that template developers should make / save changes and adjustments directly in the theme root directory of gantry. I always thought that gantry is the core and should not be touched. So that developers also have to make their adjustments and changes in the custom directory and they are not lost during an update of Gantry. So that all the changes and adaptations, including those of a developer, are stored centrally. I think i have not understood the gantry documentation correctly so far. But you have answered my first and second question perfectly with your first reply and now i know a little bit more about Gantry. :)

What I mean in terms of “atoms” and “particles” was basically the same. I was wondering why you have stored them also at the root level (/theme_name/particles) of the template directory and not in the “custom” folder. But now i know why.

I’m very interested at theme developing and i want to learn more about gantry and developing with it. So I thought I write to you directly, because your theme is very easy to understand.

And i’m not worry about the quality of your theme. I Love it and i love to work with gantry. :)

Thank you very very much for your fast reply and sorry for my bad english.

Have a nice Day. Andre

No problem at all Andre ;)

Yes, the template developer must do everything in the root template directory. Let’s take the particles for example – the template developer creates some nice particles for the particular template. He must put them in the root template directory (/theme_name/particles) so if the user wants to modify the particle files he can just copy them in the “custom” folder (/theme_name/custom/particles) and edit them. That’s how the changes will not get overwritten when the user updates the template. When you update the template only the files in ”/theme_name/particles” will get overwritten but the files in ”/theme_name/custom/particles” will stay intact.

Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad that you like Gantry 5 and our template. Have a great evening ;)

Hi. i like your template and want to buy it but i want to confirm one thing, Is the templates based on any page builder ? i personally don’t like to waste money on a template which is based on page builder. please respond

You are welcome :)

None of our current templates have a Shop extension styling included.
But you can always install J2Store, Virtuemart or HikaShop and use them with our templates. But those eCommerce extensions will have their default styling.

However, our next template (that we will release at the end of June) is a dedicated eCommerce template ;)

Thank you. waiting for it.

No problem at all :)

I’m currently using the Oxygen template and it’s simply amazing. Gantry 5 is the best framework I’ve experienced – super simple and elegant. Ivo at Inspiretheme gives absolutely amazing support for all his templates with a fantastic response time – does he ever sleep? :)

Thank you very much for the kind words Vastozone! I really appreciate that :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Amazing work! GLWS! :)

Thanks mate :)

Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)


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