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Are you going to come out with a version of this theme that works with OpenCart ?

Thank you.


This theme for 1.5.4.x and this described in theme description. Theme work for 1.5.5.x too but with no any warranty that all features will work. Returns is not possible, you see what version you have and what version supported by theme officially.

I understand but the only reason I purchased is that you said it would work with but not “filters” without a module uploaded. It is not usable as it is unless you have a module I can upload to fix the problem. How long will it take you to fix it or come out with a module to upload? Thank you.

You notice is about Filters module and this is not a critical error. We will not release this theme for This is simple low cost theme for OpenCart 1.5.4.x without extra features.

Is it support greek language?

Yes, you can install any language that supported by OpenCart.

Can I use this theme with opencart version 1.5.5 ? Please reply.

Yes, but without any warranty or support. This theme for 1.5.4

Hi, im having problems with the main header on the menu.

My site is at

as you can see the positioning of the first catagory is off, can you tell me where to fix this and how?



Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support you can submit ticket in our Support System:

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

The autor said “We don’t provide support for IE in this theme.” so be careful when download. The menu cannot run corretly under IE. :((

This is low cost simple theme. You can see in theme description page that it not for old IEs.

Hello I am looking to setup my own storefront and considering iTechShop OpenCart Simple Universal Theme. If I do get your services what level of customization I can do. One thing which I like to do it download product catalog from the distributor via XML integration. Would that be possible.

How do we maintain product and pricing in current theme. Is it all manual process or there is any automation.

Kindly let me know


Hello, you ask questions about OpenCart usage, not theme. You should ask OpenCart support about this (ask what features that you need supported by OpenCart as platform). This does not related what theme you will use. OpenCart allow you to manage prices and products from OpenCart admin panel (not manualy).

what is opencart support link for asking such questions

I would like to ask you if it possible to show, like default Open Cart template, the product quantity on the categories and on the top/main menu. Electronic (23) - Laptop (8) - Tablets (12) - PC (3) Regards, Paolo

This is OpenCart admin panel settings, not theme feature. You can enable or disable this in OC admin panel.

Nice themplate! We did not work widget Facebook. What to do?

Facebook changed API, this will be fixed in theme update.

I downloaded 03/14/14

Update is not released yet, wait.

Is this going to be updated before open cart 2.0 comes out? I’d grab it now but it sounds like there are several compatibility issues with

This theme for OC 1.5.4 and will not be updated.


I try to upload the theme but once done, here is what appears:

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description itechshop-dark Stylesheet is missing. itechshop-darkround Stylesheet is missing.”

What can I do because it is the same problem whan done by Filezilla.

Thank you

Your errors looks like you installed this theme in Wordpress. This theme for OpenCart, not wordpress.

does it support RTL languages?

Hi, no.

this theme use bootstrap or html5+css3 for web design and jquery mobile for mobile ?

Hello, this is very simple theme, it does not use bootstrap and jquery mobile. If you want more powerful OpenCart theme check our premium themes: