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very nice, neat & simple :)

wow! by far best admin i have ever seen! i will definitely use it in all my upcoming projects!! :D

This … is… brilliant!

Here are some idea’s to make it 6 out of 5 stars!!! (its now 5 / 5)

  • Liquid GRID (12 columns)
  • Option to remove left menu, and add it to TOP (horizontal dropdown)
  • When in mobile, the menu is then vertical on top.


  • 1.Is this template using latest jQuery?
  • 2. And for charts: HighCharts?
  • 3. When is the upcomming update (and what will be updated!?)
  • 4. Are you availible for freelance (php,jquery,sql)?

@designesia, DomagojK



For now i’m planning to add dark version (finishing the design now), few types of wizard, liquid layout and some other fixes.

1. No, i used 1.4.4 version, but i don’t think there will be any issues with latest version. 2. Nope, Flot 3. Next update will be in 10 – 11 days, i’m working on it.

I really don’t have any use for this right now, but oh my god @Kopyov, this is just stellar. Great layout, great spacing, great contrast, superb technical execution… should I continue?

Also as an aspiring UX/UI designer this is an amazing learning resource, you’re among my idols man!

HUGE RESPECT and cheers!

Thanks you so much, glad you like it ;)

Very nice template!

I’m about to buy, but I have one question! If I buy now, will I be able to get the upcomming updates for this template?



Of course, all you’ll need to do is to download an updated archive from your downloads page

Stunning admin interface! Perfect for one of my projects.

there are some really nice admin templates on themeforest.. but this is by far number 1! bought it, no use yet, but I love it ;)

@krismsu, @patatino

Thank you guys, glad you like it!

Amazing template @ Kopyov

I need to use this for my business website. My team can go into the back-end and access various whitepaper downloads/information etc.

My question for you:

If I buy this (and I’m not a web coder) do I need a database created or is everything I need built in this template out-the-box?

Will I be able to manage the log-in accounts? add/change accounts?

Can I change the red accent (fonts) to blue?

Are the various tabs indicated (support tickets, billing panel, tasks) built into the template or do I need other sources/software to feed that information into your design?

Again, I apologize, I’m not a coder so if my question sounds a little premature, that’s why. Thank you for your response and for making this spectacular admin template.


Hi brandtree.

It’s just HTML template with integrated Jquery plugins and some php files so you can use this html code for your backend, but you’ll need a developer who will integrate this html to your system.

1. I believe you’ll need a database

2. It depends on your backend system.

3. Sure, you can change any font styles and colors in CSS file

4. Tabs are controlled by jquery plugin, you can use as many tabs as you like. If you meant widgets with statistics, support tickets etc. – again, it’s just a simple html code with styles. If you want these widgets to be dynamic, you’ll need to integrate their html to your system.


I usually don’t comment on too much of anything but this HOT ! I’m in need of an admin panel… That’s why I came here looking.

I think I’ll finish the coding of my base script first and wait for your first update, and I’ll definitely be back to purchase ASAP .

Quick question for you, I’m sure I’ll see how the back end is configured once I purchase but how simple/difficult is it to connect to various third party systems:

1.) Google Analytics 2.) PayPal or eJunkie (shopping cart) 3.) Help desk (Trellis or equivalent)

...How simple is that? Or is it pretty straight forward? I’m no expert programmer at all. I know “a little” something something, but by no means an expert.

Also with the calendar and contacts can that be connected somehow to Google’s Calendar or Contacts via RSS , JSON or some sort or API ?

Sorry for all of the questions, but this thing is HOT …! It’s everything that I need for my current business.


Hi mrvalentine,

1. You can easily add google analytics code to your pages

2. Same for shopping cart. All statements could be built with tables, which are in this theme

3. You can use general html code with styles to style your chat window or tickets, it depends on the system you want to use

About Google calendar connection – you can do it for sure, this calendar plugin provides such feature


Thanks for your fast response Kopyov

Do you have this template in HTML5 ? or is it only in XHTML ?

thanks Davi Souza

Nope, i haven’t planned to code it in HTML5 , don’t see a point :)

It’s really fantastic, great work!

Thanks ;)

Fantastic theme, great work!

But I need a “time picker” (24h format) is that something you can add?




Dropdown or some form field where on click you can choose your time, like calendar?

whatever you find looking good and its easy to use.

This works but are not so stylish… http://labs.perifer.se/timedatepicker/

ok, got it, already in my todo list ;)

New to this site, I really like this theme and if i purchase the regular lic can I change any of the html / css without violating the terms and conditions set? I would like to change the colors / headers to match my site.


Hi SaraE06

Sure, you can change anything there so feel free in adaptation ;)


first of all, very nice theme with many useful plugins.

I would like to ask, if there is a way to style the notifications (nFailure) in login page.


Hey xe912,

Of course. Find .formError .formErrorContent in main.css file (line 745) and edit this class to your needs

Hi Eugene,

I have found a couple bugs. Should I post them here? Or is it better to PM you?


Hey HRR1337 ,

PM please, i’ll fix them and place in the upcoming update.


I was looking for an admin template. I was researching for the past 2 days in the internet, as well as here in themeforest. Saw other templates also. I have selected 3 templates out of so many templates.

Finally purchased this template. The template looks very good and elegant. Hope to see many improvements of this template.

Good luck on the sales!

Regards Sathish

Thanks, glad you like it!

It’s really simple and powerful, great work!

Thanks ;)