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Dude, this template was astonishingly beautiful. thank you very much, I wanted to send you a personnal message, unfortunately themeforest doesn’t allow to contact you in person. eitherway, I return tomorrow to buy this one. take care

Thank you!

hallo great template … can you also do this for joomla 1.7 backend? i would buy it! thanks a lot!

I haven’t planned to do such version, sorry

Kopyov, single file upload with styles? i think buy, but need this, ty :)

Not yet, but will be a bit later. There is a multiple file upload integrated, i skipped the usual one, but will add later with one of updates

Purchased this because I love it. However, I will be modifying it quite a bit and don’t want to start till the next update comes out, because it sounds like it should be soon. Need to be done with project by Jan 1st so I am just wondering on the ETA of the next version?

I’ll try to upload an updated theme tomorrow, dark version is ready, need to fix some issues in the light version and it’s ready to go.

Will the new updates that you mentioned be in there as well. Like the “wizards”, and “timepicker”? Those are some the real reasons I am waiting. I wont be using the darker theme.


Theme was updated

Hi ; i give Turkish character error while record mysql db.

Please give more detailed info, didn’t get your issue :(

Love the dark theme :) good job.

Have you checked also the bugs that I had mailed? :)


Looks great. Thank you.


Stunning design! Just grabbed it, i hope the coder whom we just agreed on developing an app for me can use it, this looks just beautiful.


very good template mate :)

It’s very successfuly

Thanks ;)

There is a bug, when the datepicker drop down caleder is placed just above the select input, which is changed with jstransform. The calendar stays behind the select box.

Hm, don’t see it, everything works for me. Could you please give me a link to your page, i’ll check it?

It’s not online. I can send you a screenshot, just pm me where I could send it.

btw, .ui-datepicker {z-index: 30 !important; } fixes the problem. z-index must be greater than 10, as jstransform makes those select z-index:10;

Ah great, i got the issue, thanks for mentioned this! Will put this fix into the next update ;)

when do you think the liquid version will be live?

Up to 2 weeks, i’m working on it and other updates.


Excellent. I think you’ve done a really good job!

I like the theme a ton, but it seems to be very heavy both in size and the number of requests, is it possible for things to start disabled and we can enable features as we need them?

First couple hours with this has been me stripping out unneeded code :(

Of course you can delete unnecessary plugins. It has all plugins loaded as a separate file, it is up to you to minify or combine JS files for fast loading.

I still think it would be cool if there was a config.php script that makes it easy to toggle things on and off.

By no means is it a must, but I do believe it would make implementation a tad easier :)

Still love the theme either way

Very nice indeed.

How do I open a submenu in the left navigation and make a submenu item active and at the same time make the menupoint active.

Thanks for the answer.

Tryed it out on index.html in the light folder on the error section and tried setting the 404 link to id=”current” while the menupoint was folded out with class=”exp” as shown belov, and it didn’t work for me (I probably don’t get what I am supposed to do, so any advice is much appreciated :)

Hmm, can’t show it since it converts it to displayed html.

  • Error pages 6
  • Oh, you need to set id=”current” to the parent menu item and only if it has a sidebar. Each error page doesn’t have left navigation. If you add any submenu to any item which has left nav, add it to the parent (main) nav item. For example if you have:

    - Form
    + Text fields
    + Upload
    + Select

    add id=”current” to “Form” link

    Thanks, that worked :)

    Could you let us know where the icon set came from and/or provide the vector source? I would like to use some larger versions.

    Also looking forward to the liquid version.

    All icons are in photoshop vector shapes, just open them in photoshop and resize to the size you need

    Quick question: I am currently developing an application in .NET and would like to use this template. I noticed that PHP files are included in this template. How reliant is this interface on those PHP files? Can I easily replace the functionality that exists on them?

    Outside of that, the template looks amazing. Great work!

    Hey Splinter.

    There are 3 .php files – 1st is a simple php connector, 2nd is file upload settings, 3rd is file manager settings. So actually if you don;t need file manager and multiple file upload, you can remove them :)

    Would have paid triple without a blink!

    This is exactly what an Admin/backend theme should look like in my opinion – clean, simple, intuitive and clutter-free – focussing on the task and data at hand.

    Also it feels more like I bought a collection rather than a single item – I’ve never seen such a feature-rich template where every feature makes sense and does not break with styling and design!

    BRILLIANT – bought, subscribed and waiting for more awesomeness

    Thanks alot, you’re a champ!!!

    Thank you so much ;)


    i have purchased this item and now realized that the theme dont have the opportunity to upload a single file.. ;c

    Don’t worry, i already added this feature, it’ll be uploaded with the next update tomorrow ;)

    By the way Would you add pricing table?

    I think i’ll include it into one of upcoming theme updates

    Hi, Great theme ! I’m using it and it’s great.

    But any clue how I get the dropdown in the Dynamic table in the correct style (like all dropdwon lists ?)



    I haven’t planned it, because styled dropdown menu is much higher than the usual one, so bottom of the table will be bigger in size, so i removed styled dropdown from dynamic table

    Hi Kopyov,

    When I add jQuery UI to the html source code, I keep getting this error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. I think maybe there are some conflicts. And when I remove custom.js, the error is gone.

    Can you check and fix the problem? Cos I want to use some jQuery UI’s widgets.

    Best regards.

    ah, so you mean there’s already jQuery UI in your code? silly me :D cos I don’t see any script tag for jQuery UI inside the html, so I thought you don’t use jQuery UI, and I tried to add it to the html source.

    well, I find out that you use google api for jQuery UI. Thank for your time, and quick response.

    Yeah, it is already added (check line 15 in html code on each page) and spinners, sliders, progress bars, dialog windows are based on jquery UI :)