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Kopyov, when the update will be published?

Tomorrow in the morning (EU time), i’m stuck with one feature, still working on it

I am also waiting for your update. Then I will purchase the template.

Loving it!


Great template, but i’m wrestling for a few days to get nice looking edit/delete button in the dynamic table ( behind each row), and an add button on top of the table.

This add/edit/ delete is actually a must have for my web app.

I already managed to get the table filled/paged with ajax calls, but really missing those other buttons…

Any hints ?


I uploaded an update, added 130+ new color icons. Also there are 2 sizes of usual icons + vector shape sources so you can choose something suitable among 430+ icons ;)

Hello Kopyov,

This is an adorable template, nice work!

Few bugs I’ve noticed:

  • Contact list is not compatible with IE 9 .0.3.
  • If you put less than 5 data into Dynamic table, it doesn’t shrink to expected height. (same on Chrome and IE)
  • I like the font but it’s not same on IE 9 .0.3. I hope you will find a way to fix it.

Also one question about charts. I liked “autoUpdate” (Lines with fill). But somehow if I remove first chart, then “autoUpdate” comes blank. I mean:

If I put this:

<!-- Lines --> <div class="widget first"> <div class="head"><h5 class="iGraph">Charts</h5></div> <div class="body"> <div class="chart" style="width: 700px; height: 200px;"></div> </div> </div> <!-- Lines with fill --> <div class="widget"> <div class="head"><h5 class="iGraph">Charts</h5></div> <div class="body"> <div class="autoUpdate" style="width: 700px; height: 200px;"></div> </div> </div>

Both works. But If I just put this:

<!-- Lines with fill --> <div class="widget"> <div class="head"><h5 class="iGraph">Charts</h5></div> <div class="body"> <div class="autoUpdate" style="width: 700px; height: 200px;"></div> </div> </div>

It doesn’t work. There is a dependency between charts.

I spent a few hours to solve that but no luck. What I want to achieve is putting CPU and Memory usage on panel. I can fill 10 data/value into text file but how can I fetch that from that text file? Is that possible to write an example for CPU graph same as “autoUpdate” version?

My text file is like this example: Y1: 50 X1: 16:45 Y2: 35 X2: 16:50

CPU fetch interval is 5 minutes. But I don’t want to use JSON to get text file. There will be a background job to update text file. If user refresh charts.html page, it will get values again from text file.

Thanks for help.


Hi Yusuf,

Double checked in IE 9 .0.8 (latest one), everything works fine. During development i oriented to the latest version of IE. But i’ll find the way to check it for IE 9 .0.3. The only thing i missed is letter navigation of the contact list, i’ll fix it in the next update.

1. Contact list is fully compatible with the latest browser versions 2. My bad. Quick fix – find ”.dataTables_wrapper” in “datatable.css” and remove min-height. Also will include this fix in the next update 3. Again, in the latest version font replacement works fine.


If you’re removing the first chart, remove also its parameters in custom.js file or simply move chart settings to a separated .js file. If you want to keep only auto updating chart, remove all the others parameters and keep only one you need.

Hope that helps

Hello Kopyov,

Is that possible to give a date for update? I’ve downloaded recent update but it doesn’t cover font fix.

Also I’ve removed min-height and it works, thanks.

BTW , my IE version is 9.0.8. Only issue is letter navigation on contact list.



Yes, it doesn’t cover font fix, because i didn’t see this issue, in IE 9 ,.0.0 everything works correctly.

Don’t know, i think maximum 2 weeks, holidays. Liquid layout is in process, then responsive and then i’ll upload it.

Yep, my bad, missed that issue with navigation. Will post a quick fix a bit later

Hi Kopyov, I like this theme so much. but it would be more nice if you put “lightbox” function on gallery and full screen layout. Then i will buy this theme soon. good work! :D

Working on it :)


Great! Looking forward to it.

On the light demo site, the form elements page is not working ;)

Fixed, was updating some stuff. Thanks :)

Hello Kopyov, This is great template, i have purchased today. I have one question: Top drop-down menu that shows on a click,but how hide clicks anywhere on the document?


Thanks for purchase.

Quick fix:

$(document).bind('click', function(e) {
    var $clicked = $(e.target);
    if (! $clicked.parents().hasClass("dd"))
Place this code in custom.js right after
$('.dd').click(function () {

Hi Kopyov,

Well coded, congrats.

As you are the developer it will be best if you can point me in the right direction:-

Can you suggest any areas where a liquid layout will require JS/HTML changes? I have to go liquid for this project but I’m going to be using your theme in my application prototype because it’s perfect. I have no problem making any layout changes but I don’t want my client to find any surprises for things I haven’t thought to test.

If you can think of anything that may not work nicely please let me know.

Cheers, Lee.

PS: Just a brief rundown, I’m not asking for specifics here. Thanks :)

Hi Catskin,

I am working now on liquid layout, i think it will be ready max in 10 days so you can wait a bit.

If you want to go through the code by yourself, for charts you’ll need to use resize plugin for flot and all the changes could be nade in CSS only, if you need to convert it to liquid only. As i am doing both – responsive layout and liquid version, it’ll require some html/js changes, i’ll explain in help file what exactly needs to be changed

Sounds great Kopyov,

I’ll wait for your implementation which will be awesome, but in the meantime I am still going to provide a prototype to my client which will not include any charts, so I’m feeling pretty safe.

I’m very interested in your responsive layout but I’ll wait for you to announce it later :)

Thanks for the advice on flot. Good job on this theme too, It’s good to work with.

Thanks, Lee.

As an aside, I look forward to more of your Admin Themes in the future, this is absolute gold!

Hi Kopyov,

A suggestion here. Jquery Flot Plugin has a bug when you try to render a graph inside a hidden DIV . That is messing with my custom manual menu open calls ;)

Solution here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1595993/graphs-from-mysql-to-jquery-flot

Oh, I’m working for a client who bought it from you! Great work by the way.

Regards, Eduardo

Great, thanks, will check it asap ;)


Nice template =)

I noticed some “bug” not really a bug, but for this to be more perfect i think it needs to be fixed =)


Do you notice the rounded corners when a submenu is open ? That’s the “bug” i’m talking about

I started working on my backend but i’m wating for the fluid version tbh =D

Hey BrunoG

That’s not a bug, Submenu adds one additional class, so bottom corners stay rounded. It can be solved, but with additional css

Hi Kopyov,

I’m working on the charts. I checked your examples and flot examples, but they all have static values. I need to get them from another text file.

So I changed this code: $(function () { with this one to get data: $.get('data/cpumonitor.txt', function (content) {

I can get data from txt file with the code above.

cpumonitor.txt file: 0,60 5,10 10,20 15,35

Also I need to create array from cpumonitor.txt file to use it in flot.

I changed: var d2 = [[0.6, 29], [2.6, 13], [4.6, 46], [6.6, 30]]; with this: var d2 = content.split("\n"); It draws something but not like I expected. http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/6060/82wmicpu.png

I’ll be glad if you give me some clue.



Hi! First of all, great Theme!

I tried to look for the code of , but i couldn’t find. Could you put it here?

Thanks a lot.

Hi. What exactly you can’t find?

Did you download the latest version? I added it on previous update only so please redownload an archive

Hi Kopyov,

I did some .net script to update flot values automatically. Now i can fetch values from external source and graphs are fine.

I just want to inform about Wizard. Autogrow textarea and select with/without scroll couldn’t extend Wizard area and becomes invisible.


Is that possible to publish a quick fix?



Wizard plugin sets fixed height depending on few inputs. I’ll look at it tomorrow, but original source was with fixed height. Anyway i’ll try to fix it

Another inquiries with Wizard:

  • Could not put dropdown menu instead of Step1.
  • http://imageshack.us/f/233/capture01.png http://imageshack.us/f/580/capture02z.png
  • 3 steps wizard gradient doesn’t extend to right end.
  • http://imageshack.us/f/832/capture03r.png


    I mean, if I put dropdown menu to Step1, it works like capture01.png. But if I put it on Step2, Step3 etc it comes empty like capture02z.png.

    Ok, gotcha. Find
    .swMain .stepContainer
    class and remove “overflow: hidden;” Then find
    .swMain div.actionBar
    class and remove “z-index: 88;”

    So your dropdown will be visible.

    For the second step – seems like something wrong with plugin, will check it tomorrow

    Thanks Kopyov, I removed “overflow: hidden;” and it became visible. But now, if i switch between tabs, i see the page’s sliding :)


    Thanks again.

    I must admit that this is really cool! ;)

    Thanks mate ;)

    Well done, Tezka! =)

    Spasibo ;)

    Amazing theme! Very easy to configure and adapt. Sincere thanks to the author!

    Thank you!

    We wait for the liquid version, amazing theme! Congratulations to the author!

    Liquid version is in upload queue. Live preview was updated, you can check it ;)

    Perfect the liquid version! When will be compatible for iPhone and iPad?

    A bit later, in 10 days. It will be additional styles with instructions for those who already bought my theme. Thanks

    Great theme! What was needed. Just today, thought about the liquid form, as it already is! waiting for update.

    Best 20 bucks i spent =) Tak derjat’ uda4i!

    Thanks ;)

    Hey Kopyov,

    How do I get more than one decimal field on the same page since it works form s1 id

    You need to add options for more fields here:
    's1': {decimals:2},
    's2': {stepping: 0.25},
    's3': {currency: '$'},
    's4': {}
    in custom.js Plugin takes elements by id, this is the way how it works