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Hi, I just downloaded this and it’s awesome.

One quick question, the only icons you credit are Icon Sweets, but it seems like some of the icons are not from Icon Sweets such as the colour ones. Are these custom made by you or sourced from somewhere else?


I took those icons from Fugue icons set. Just forgot to mention about them in description

Hi, how to insert images from file manager via WYSIWYG ?

You can integrated file manager into WYSIWYG in your template ! Can you help me now ?, thank you very much !

i can, but not right now. Sorry, its christmas time ;) i will be available in 2 days, lets talk then. Merry Christmas!

I hope you make it soon ! Thanks :)

Hi Kopov just another question.

Why do you use jQuery 1.4.4 instead of the latest 1.7.1?

Will some of the plugins break if I update it?

I used this version for my previous theme. I dont think it will brake something. Anyway i will switch to the latest version in the next update

Hi, Great work ! i have a question , how can i auto-active an element in the left nav ?


Simply add id=”current” to the active link in addition to class=”exp”. It will keep submenu of active page opened See “Collapsible elements management” in custom.js

Hi, Am using the “tabs” widget .. how do i change the default tab to something else other than the first tab .. even if i remove the “activeTab” class from the first tab and add it to say the third tab .. it still shows the first tab selected along with the third tab .. and shows the content of the first tab ..

Hi. All tabs settings are in custom.js file. By default it set to “li:first-child”. If you need to use them in different order, you can add some class to

  • and change “li:first-child” to “li.yourclass” in custom.js file
  • Nice theme, I will be using it for a project of mine, starting in a couple of days from now. I have only one question, is there any way to invoke some sort of notification via js that remains on screen for a set period of time? It’s no biggy if it’s not included, because I can easily implement it myself, but it would be handy if it were. Thanks

    Nope, it wasn’t implemented, sorry :(

    Alright, as I said it’s no big deal. Thanks for letting me know.

    Very useful file, simple design! Great work!



    First of all, congratz for the theme! It’s really good!

    For now, I just have I thing to ask: The theme could have support for jQuery UI Dialog… The JConfirm don’t give options to change the buttons of the modal… It’s always Ok and Cancel… It’s just and example that jQuery UI dialog is more flexible than jConfirm function… The other thing is the possibility to pass and catch variables thru the box… jConfirm just pass TRUE or FALSE :(

    Sorry my bad english…


    If you want you can add UI dialogs by yourself, UI library is already added to the theme. All you need to do is to add parameters for dialog windows in custom.js file

    Is there a way already implemented to have sub-menu items in the left nav to be scrollable? For example, if I want to show 20+ error pages links, but have that section height be fixed to 200px, and you have to scroll in that section to see the rest of them?

    Thanks, enjoying the great theme so far!

    You can set fixed height and overflow: auto; for ul class=”sub”, it will be scrollable

    Sure, I can use the dialog of jQuery UI… But when it came up, have no style… No background, no image, no color.. Just the text in a modal… Am I doing something wrong?

    I know, because i didn’t apply any styles for UI dialog, i didn’t use it. I will try to include these styles in the next update. Sorry, but i can’t predict needs of each buyer


    Hi, I want to buy this mostly for dynamic table. Most of my contents is retrieved from database. My question is, will having more than one dynamic table on one page work?

    Hi. Sure you can, just add another id to the table and set parameters in custom.js for this id

    Hi, could you advise a free php admin engine that can be integrated with your theme easily?

    Hi, How to make check all action with input type=checkbox using Jqtransform ? Ex:
    (input type=”checkbox” name=”post” value=”1” /) Post 1
    (input type=”checkbox” name=”post” value=”2” /) Post 2
    (input type=”checkbox” name=”post” value=”3” /) Post 3

    (input type=”checkbox” name=”checkall” /) Check all

    Here is an example for check/uncheck for checkboxes

    Hi, I tried it. It worked with normal input form but not work with jqtransform. Please check again for me ! Thanks !

    Function JS:

    $(“INPUT[type=’checkbox’]”).attr(‘checked’, $(’#checkAllAuto’).is(’:checked’));

    Form checkall:
    (input type=”checkbox” name=”checkAllAuto” id=”checkAllAuto”/)

    Guys and girls. I’ll be unavailable next 4 days, holidays stuff. Please, if you have any questions or issues, email me through my profile page, i will try to reply asap.

    Happy holidays!!!

    Thanks. Eugene

    Hi, Just bought the template, and I’m trying to work through some issues with how the form elements are laid out. I often build forms that are horizontal instead of vertical. The select and checkboxes show up with extra spacing and odd positioning.

    As an example, a form that is laid out like this :

    | input box | input box | select box | submit form

    The form is drawn with lots of extra spacing around the select box, and also overlaps with the input box on the left.

    I’m using tables to draw these horizontally.

    Do you have any tips on how to make those behave better with the elements around them?

    find some bugs in WYSIWYG Editor by open the linkcreator. it haven´t a background.

    And i didn´t find how to use the tooltip i woud use it also on input text and or label´s ist it possible?

    Hi. Already discussed, i didn’t add styles for UI dialogs. Already added and will be uploaded with the next update.

    For tooltip you need to use 1 class with direction of the tooltip and add title for the input field


    a great admin template! Do you have a plan, when the version with Responsive layout is released?

    Thanks for your answer!


    Hey there. Next update will be uploaded right after holidays ;)

    Hi Kopyov,

    when are your holidays over? Can’t wait for it :)

    I will be available on 4th of January, took a little break. I will let everyone know when update will be released ;)

    In your doc you wrote in Alert section: this plugin has been archived and is no longer actively maintained. We recommend jQuery UI’s dialog widget for similar functionality. Also, I need a basic dialog box not only alert and confirm. Can you supply css for jQuery UI’s dialog widget answering your theme?

    Styles for standard UI dialog already included, but will be uploaded in the next update with responsive layout


    Do you provide the PSD sources?



    Yes, PSD files include dashboard design (2 colors) and icons in 2 sizes with vector shapes. Everything other was styled directly in HTML