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hmm… not loading for me :(

Site isn’t loading but checked the screenshots and looks really good! Just since I can’t see the HTML preview, is the width fluid or fixed?

Guys, sorry for that, fixing live preview issue with hoster. Should be online shortly

@Twade – width is fixed, on the next update will be added dark version and liquid width layout.

Wow! Awesome work dude, I really like it! I’ll buy it for a upcoming project :)

Great admin panel :)


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Thanks guys.

Live preview fixed

Great work! Really need autocomplete fields and fluid layout.


Will be on next update

Looks great. Just wondering if there are sub-menus in the current version?

I didn’t see them in the live preview.

Sure, on top panel under Messages and on the left navigation under Error pages, if that was your question

That was where it was. Thanks!

Owsome job mate. Good luck to sale. ;)

Thanks :)

This is awesome man! For me the best admin theme in themeforest right now. Good sales :-)

Thank you!

I have one more quick question about the theme. Is it possible to force a sub-menu to remain open?

I haven’t dived too much into the CSS yet, but if you could point me in the right direction quickly, that would be much appreciated.

If you’re talking about left navigation than by default it’s closed. But if you want to make it opened on an active page, simply add id=”current” to the active link in addition to class=”exp”.

See “Collapsible elements management” in custom.js

Awesome inclusion of features!!! Nicely done.

A more colorful version (icons etc) would definately win a sale from us.

Dark version will be ready soon. Plus more features will be added, include icons, so stay tuned ;)

Really good job Kopyov. :)

Thanks :)

Great looking theme!

I know you can’t have everything but my suggestions would be tool tips for data points on the graph, fluid layout that has elements scale to the screen resolution/device (mobile, tablet, etc.), and a step by step wizard.

Great stuff and I look forward to its success.

Tooltips are available, but they are just turned off. Wizard will be on the next update.


Very nice theme. Is it possible to add value hints into charts ?

If you’re talking about tooltips for data points – they are integrated, but turned off. For more information regarding to your needs you can check Flot homepage, all the features are described there.


whats the user and pass?

Any characters, it’s just validation sample

I figured that out, Thanks…..FYI…This is an awesome admin template

Thanks ;)

This is a huge one! Good work mate!


Any plans in the works for a WordPress Admin Panel plugin?

Beautiful work. :)

Thank you. Nope, at least not now, but definitely will think in this way

Awesome.. Looking forward to fluid and ability to remove left sidebar for more screen usage.

Great work!

Thanks. These features will be added soon