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Hello, There are update planned for this template?

Yes, working on it right now, bootstrap version also will be added very soon

Hello Eugene, When we can expect to download new version?

Within next 3 days, it is almost ready

how could I change the file upload field?


What exactly you want to change? If turn off the styling – remove input:file from
$("select, input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform();
in custom.js file.

If you want to change the styling – in main css file you need to change div.uploader {...}; styles


how can I load a page with collapsible menu already opened. I already have code which lets me know which page I am on but I want the parent menu to be active and opened. I can only get it to be highlighted active.



Just add id=”current” to the parent a tag (1st level) and it will be opened by default

works like a charm, thanks. Good work you have done with this template.

@Kopyov, an update would be awsome for this template. Any estimated time for this ?

Until the weekend ;)

Wishlist to add to this template:

registration form ibuttons

I’ll consider your suggestion ;)

Hi Eugene,

One question, man! Do you have a example page that don’t show the left menu? A example when the content section fills the whole page. It would be great if you could add this option in your other templates.



Current templates don’t have such feature, i know it will be awesome to have a version with top horizontal navigation, but not for the current ones. For the upcoming templates – i will try to add it as an option!

Table with pagination but without search is missing. Dropdowns have some weird problems.

Hello Eugene, In a form, when you tabbing to go on sucessive field, if next filed is a select, this is skipped.

Any suggestion to fix?

Oh man, i can’t wait for the bootstrap update for this. I am refresing every 4 hours.

Bootstrap will be added a bit later, didn’t have enough time to finish it. Updated version is out now, but without bootstrap, it requires almost a new html code for all versions, it is ready for 60%. Sorry

Where do we find it ?

Redownload it from your downloads page

Hi, is there a way to sort by date on the dynamic tables? what format should the date be in? Pls let me know. Thanks.

You need to use an additional plugin for this feature. Please chec options on this page

How can i make confirm dialogs working? Where i can put url for confirmation?

The datepicker, even in the live preview, chrome and firefox (didn’t test others) has unfortunately become transparent.

Something wrong with the linear gradient css I guess?

Ohh, thank you for the info! Missed this in the update. You can add necessary background to the
.ui-datepicker table {  }
in ui_custom.css. I’ll update it asap.

Hi there, I was just about to purchase but I noticed that there aren’t Static table with checkboxes but in your other theme “Crown” there is. Are you planning on adding this anytime soon? Thanks Kopyov.


I didn’t have such plan, but i can help you with integration, it won’t be too hard ;)

Hello Kopyov I’m tryng to add in a same page 2 dynamic tables. First table work OK, second lost header background and not show a search form on table header.

Can you have a tip to solve this?


Try to use 1 class for datatable instead of id’s. Probably your issue is you’re using 1 id for 2 datatables. Please check for js errors


is it posible to make sliders work on iPad?


Yes, you will need to add touch event support


The fixed layout looks good in PC browser, but at iPhone and iPad, it will auto zoom in and it is not possible to zoom-out and zoom-in.

I hope you can fix this issue soon.

of course you can. Remove all media queries from main css file, usually they are at the bottom of the file. And remove this line in html files:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0" />
this code prevents scaling.


It works. Thank you very much :)

You’re always welcome ;)

Hello, I’m running template on IE9, but lleft navigation background stop working in this version. (menu and submenu)

This is CSS: .leftNav ul li a:hover, .leftNav ul li a.active { background: url(../images/darkBg.jpg) repeat-x; color: #fff; border: 1px solid #3c4049; }

Have you a tip to solve? On submenu, when you point a link color change to BLUE. Seem is a Fade effect. How to change this color?


You need to add
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(enabled = false);
.leftNav ul li a.active {}

Tks, wokred :-)

I think your template would Purchased much more when you integrate such a few main extras. - profil - innovice

On all other admin templates i see this as a standard but only on “It’s brain” Template i miss it. Would you put it in your big bootstrap-update, too? I think a lots of user like it, too! Thanks!

Invoice template will be added in the next update and a few more features.


Hello Kopyov,

I was able to make a button to insert new rows at the dataTable, but when the row is inserted all styles are blown.. the row is completely different with the purple colors of the original jquery dataTables.

I use a function like this:

function addrow() { $('#example').dataTable().fnAddData( [ $('#fname').val(), $('#fdesc').val(), $('#fdel').val() ] ); }

Is there a way to add a row and maintain the css styles of the dataTable?

Thx in advanced, Miguel

Hey there.

Please, check datatables API for working example. If everything is done correctly, nothing will be broken ;) Thanks

i did exactly as is said there, but doesn’t work. the only way to get some results e by adding fnRowCallback function to force the css class, like this:

oTable = $('#example').dataTable({ "bJQueryUI": true, "sPaginationType": "full_numbers", "sDom": '<""f>t<"F"lp>', "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) { nRow.className = "gradeX odd"; return nRow; } });

of course the table will always have the same color in all rows doing like this…

could you please send me a link to your page, i’ll check what’s wrong?


Any updates on the bootstrap version?

it is not ready yet, i’m on a shirt vacation, then i will do my best to finish it asap.