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Hi Eugene,

I have purchased these theme and it is just what i wanted, but there are some small issues about it: - the left navigation menu when a submenu is active it should have some logic that should keep open the menu (the example is for the error pages) - the PIE chart has some missing functionalities: it should have a tooltip when hover an item; the click event that you have created it is broken - the file manager: when selecting an image from the explorer and i press the ‘Resize and Rotate’ the popup that is displayed is somehow displayed partial

Hi there.

1. Pie charts parameters are for demonstration only. You can add any available option depending on your needs.

2. I know, this is a common bug of elfinder, crop and resize function doesn’t work with latest jquery versions, waiting for solution from developers.

Once there will be a solution, i will upload an update for all templates.


how easy it is to add data to the charts?

inspecting the source code I cant see anything…

All data for charts is in separated js files which are added only on pages where charts are actually used


Why do parts of the template seem to not work in Chrome? For instance, the error pages seem to remain open or the calendar doesn’t render? I have JS enabled on the browser. The site looks fine in FF.


Just checked. Everything works fine on my side. Did you make any code modifications?

hmmm, it looks like its my browser…. thanks for the quick reply. love the template.


Sorry my english.

There is the possibility to put a form in a modal? or maybe a table?

In theory yes, it’s possible. But depends on the form and its elements

But currently there is no example of it working right?

no, i didn’t add such examples to it’s brain, sorry. But the logic is the same, you just need to insert form with elements inside modal body

Hy Eugene,

Can u provide a blank page like yours other templates with a minimal css and js configuration?


Yes, will be added in upcoming update.


Tks Eugene. Your themes are awesome. I have 3 of them and its hard to choose which the best

Thank you! I’m working on a new advanced framework, so there’s more to come :)

Any updates are gonna come for this theme ?

Hey. Yes, some minor fixes for responsive layout

For some reason the WYSIWYG-editor doesn’t seem to load. I only see a regular textarea and no editor. I’ve inserted every js script like in the examples (and everything works but not the editor).

could you please send me a link to your page, i’ll check what’s wrong

already solved the problem, but thanks anyway :-)

Hi Kopyov,

I want to replace some HTML Containers (div with form elements) by AJAX. Thanks to uniform, after the replacement the new content is hidden / not visible.

To replace select option entries also does not work dynamically.

What would be the correct way to replace DOM elements by AJAX without double executing uniform? $.uniform.update() does not help.

Hi there.

It depends on what code are you using. Maybe this will help.


Ok thanks, I’ll try. FYI: you’re missing some ; in your js-Files. Good to see as warnings in Visual Studio 2010 and above.

Thank you for the info, will update very soon!

Hi Eugene, On table headers, miss column dividers, and sort icons not appear. There is a way to fix quickly?

Please send me a link to your page, i’ll check what’s wrong.


Hi, how to set min-width for the template?

You need to use min-width for .wrapper


Please tell me how can i change leftnav menu icons or how can i select i didn’t find how can i do

The package contains psd file with icons, just apply new styles and save it to the proper folder.

All icon classes you can find in icons.css file and in /images/icons/dark folder. Each icon name is the same as icon class, with “i” letter, like
list.png = "iList" class

thank u for information and thank u all of this. Wonderful job 8-)

Thanks! ;)

Are there planned very useful “moduls” for the start page like: - Recent Activities (new user, last innovices, system updates for example) - Chat Inbox

Can you integrate this in your update?

Unfortunately i haven’t planned such additions. You can easily add it yourself using lists, tables, tabs and general widget styling

With the file uploader, I want to send an ID with it (I’ve adapted the upload script, so it updates my database when a file is uploaded). For example, if I want to upload a picture of a member, I want to update the table of members with the new uploaded picture. But for that I have to send the ID of that member with the upload. Is there any paramter I can use for that?

Since i don’t know what you changed exactly, i’d suggest to post a thread on Elfinder forum or check Documentation


Thank you. Very good template. Works great with CakePHP for making web applications.

Trying your template ‘Pannonia’ now, with CakePHP again. 8-)

Thank you so much!

Hi Eugene, is there a way to represent tree structures in the following:

1) Select elements using Chosen with search as included in the template. 2) Tables using the datatables included in the template.

Best regards, Tony.

Hi there.

I don’t think i understood you correctly. You want to show dropdown and collapsible tr’s as a tree menu?

Hello there,

Could you please tell me what the HTML code for those error messages is: http://s9.postimg.org/ymna0j3hr/Capture.jpg



If you want to change styles, fin in main.css
label.error { ... }
And if you want to change messages or validation options, in custom.js
//===== Usual validation engine=====//
$("#usualValidate").validate({ ... })

Thank you for the reply, I don’t want to change the validation or the style, I’m using a framework to build my site with the theme and I need the actual html code for displaying the error message.

E.g. <?php echo ‘html code for error message’; ?>

Hi. It doesn’t have static html code. When you add class=”required” to the field, validation engine dynamically adds html code for error label. All plugin options are in custom.css file

I’ve got a problem: if you have a table that doesn’t fit the page width is there any possibility to add an horizontal scroll bar or any other trick to fix this bug. Please take a look at http://www.ecro.dreamslab.it/tableBug.png

Sure. Wrap table in some div, for example div class=”table-overflow” and set overflow-x: auto;

You can also add white-space: nowrap; to table td’s, so all content inside td’s will be displayed in 1 line


Do you have admin template with top navigation menu?

I want it to be simple and look like this:

It must have:
  • arrow on the main menu
  • simple and clean look

That is my current admin template and made by myself. But it lacks of div features and mostly it made by using table format (not div). I don’t need it to be responsive template.

Do you have this template?

Unfortunately i don’t have templates with horizontal navigation. But this kind of menu is pretty easy to implement.

Another question: is there any way to fix this problem? http://www.ecro.dreamslab.it/dropdownlistBug.png Thanks

Can i see you page online?

Remove overflow: hidden; from .tab_container class. But please note that this kind of layout uses hidden or auto overflow for right content area, so long dropdowns will be hidden and additional vertical scrolling will appear