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Hi Kopyov,

My company purchased your template, and we are really loving it so far. I am having an issue with the progress bar though. How can you change the value/% of the progress bar?

Thanks, Eric

Also, since your code is using id=”progressbar”, I can’t put multiple progress bars on the same page??

I am trying to build a validation form as your example “usualValidate”. I have put a select in it in this way: <label>Application language * </label> <select data-placeholder=”Choose a language…” tabindex=”2” id=”applicationlanguage” class=”required select”> <option value=”” selected=”selected”></option> <option value=”Cambodia”>Cambodia</option> <option value=”Cameroon”>Cameroon</option> <option value=”Canada”>Canada</option> <option value=”Cape Verde”>Cape Verde</option> </select>

in custom.js i have added this line applicationlanguage: { valueNotEquals: “default” },

but when i am validating the form there is no error message displayed. There is an error message only if i am defining as class class=”required” but in this way i do not have anymore the search tool in the select.

Can you help me ?

Unfortunately Select2 plugin doesn’t work with validation engine by default and requires some additional tweaks. There are some custom workarounds, but i am waiting for official release with these fixes.

The uniform file upload button (+) isnt working in Firefox, though it works in Chrome. I verified that this is an issue with your demo page as well. Clicking in the text box works, but not clicking on the icon. Any ideas?

It’s a well known issue. One of the possible solutions is to reduce input file width to 210px and set width: 100%; to .uploader input {} instead of fixed width.

Interesting because it works fine on the examples over on the uniform website. I’ll take a look and see if I can figure it out.

I havent had ask for support in over a year. Just wondering if a proper support page was ever set up where I can search for issues before I ask. I’m too lazy to go through 30 pages of comments ;)

Also, this theme is still my favorite!

Yeah, i know that they have changed css and released a new version, but i just checked this version with current it’s brain css and issue is still there, so need to dig deeper. Will try to do it on Monday.

Thanks! :)

Hi – I’m trying to find a way to change the default tab that is displayed or to switch between active tabs programatically – not on an onClick within the Tabs section. Can you please advise?

Please refer to this page, ACTIVE option. This page contain all possible options, methods and events of jquery ui tabs

I don’t think it’s using jqueryui tabs – looks like a sinpletabs function in custom.js

Seems like you’re using very old version of It’s Brain. Custom tabs were replaced with jquery ui tabs a few updates ago. Please download the latest version of template ;)

Hello there,

When I change the language of the class title text to Bulgarian (Cyrillic) the font gets messed up , the letters become larger and it looks ugly. ( http://prikachi.com/images/693/6165693Z.jpg )

Is there any solution to that? :\

Kind Regards

Hey there.

Please replace
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cuprum' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' />
with this:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cuprum&subset=latin,cyrillic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

in html code, now it should support cyrillic :)


You are the best! :)

Firstly fall, thanx for this template. Will you update it for retina version?

Hi there.

I will try to do it in the next update ;)


I am waiting excitedly :)

Is it possible to add all the files that are uploaded with the File Upload widget?

What do you mean? There is a single file upload, it is a standard file input with additional styles.

We just bought your template and it’s very good.

Please we have an issue with the js scripts that you’ve put on all pages.

If we remove any the who page looks different. All the style are gone.

We believe the many links to scripts might make the page load slowly.

Please respond to allow us know what to do.

If you remove the path to js plugins in html head section, remove also plugin functions in custom.js file ;)


I just tried that. Same result.

I removed the link to the script below

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”../js/plugins/ui/jquery.timeentry.min.js”></script>

And also removed the timeentry Function from the custom.js file below:

$(’.timepicker’).timeEntry({ show24Hours: true, // 24 hours format showSeconds: true, // Show seconds? spinnerImage: ‘images/ui/spinnerUpDown.png’, // Arrows image spinnerSize: [17, 28, 0], // Image size spinnerIncDecOnly: true // Only up and down arrows });

I saved both files. The page looked differently still. most styles were gone. :(

Sorry, i don’t see you bought anything here. If you did, ask for support from a correct account.

Do you want to see brain in real world?




I’m about to buy one of your themes (It’s Brain or Crown).

One thing that bothers me on It’s Brain (which i like better than Crown) is that I dont see any Inputs grid. To me, this aspect is very important as i have large forms (30 fields+) with short text and i’d like to be able to have some columned input.

Can you please if this is possible on It’s Brain or should i buy the Crown template?

Thank you very much for your time.


Can we have a short example of a 2(3)-column form using the fluid class?

Thank you very much.

Got it, my mistake!


Is it possible to change a value of a combobox (tag=select)? I use this jquery code to change the value of a normal combobox $(‘select#id’).val(‘value’) and works. But in the theme forest combos, the value is changed, but visually stays the same, doesn’t change.

Thx in advanced.

ha ha! Got it. i know how to work around the none combo update. $.uniform.update();

Sorry! :)

No problem, glad your issue was solved so fast :)

Working hard with the template, it’s awesome! Quick question: regarding combo-boxes, if one option is considerably larger than the rest, selecting one of the small options and re-opening the combo-box makes the large value split on 3-4 rows. Tried to restyle to a fix value (like 300px or so) but that doesnt work. How can I extend the class to a specific (fixed) value?

for example: http://imgur.com/hLb7q0z


I might be being a little silly here, but is this theme compatible with wordpress. If so which version?




No, it isn’t, it’s an html/css/js template, you need an additional development to make it compatible.


Hello Eugene, Please, can you tell me wich script is used for multiple upload? Thanks

Hey there.

It’s Plupload plugin.

Got a question In a form like that shown in http://demo.kopyov.com/itsbrain/liquid/light/form_elements.html how can I deselect and element of “Select with search:” once selected? For example if I select Canada how can i cancel that selection? I did not find any way to do that. Thanks

In a week i’ll update select2 plugin with some new features. But for current version you can use
allowClear: true
but please note you will need to add some css code for it to stylize close button properly.

Hi.. i have a problem to validate a checkbox. $(”#loginCheck”).val(), doenst work, because what i could see was that the span above change the class to CHECKED and not the input to checked=”checked”. How can I get a val true or false for this case? I am doing the remember me login and need to know if is checked or not. thank you


Did you solve it with custom code or some specific plugin stuff?


custom code.. i need to find a way, using ajax code to check a string, etc. if u have a right way, using the plugin, please let me know. thanks