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I wait for the new update just 5 month – When does it come?

I have a big project and i only can begin with the newest version because i dont want to do all changes two times. Have you a fix date? Can you finish it this month? What features will be include?

Thanks for your answer!

I am sorry for such delay, been very busy. I just got back to template updates, yesterday i uploaded an update for Amsterdam, next one will be It’s Brain. I won’t add many new features, but new versions of plugins, extended functionality and css updates. Also i need to get enough free time to finish Bootstrap version, it’s also almost done.

I can’t tell you an exact date, because i do this on my free time besides my full time job.

Thanks for your patience

Bootstrap Version would be nice! 2 month later – Is there any date or update in your planning? :)

I will start a project NOW. Must i wait until you update the Theme or can i start to use the current version and you can give a list with all change lines in the script?

hi, i want to ask you how if i want to use jquery higher than 1.7.0 i.e https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.0/jquery.min.js

i see that the template will not working if i am not using jquery 1.7.0, 1.7.1, 1.7.2

thanks, i know you are busy, i am programmer, i can do the code by myself, just help me to find out how to solve it.

find out the problem. your collapsible.min is the problem not updated that cause with other jquery if i add other jquery codes. yours is 1.1 , now 1.2 https://github.com/juven14/Collapsible

Thank you for remind me, will push an update in a few days!

Hi… how can I disable the responsive layouts? thanks.

Hi. You need to remove
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0">
code from head in html pages and remove all media queries from main css file

Is it me or is there something wrong with the datepicker? The datepicker seems to popout a transparent layout. Do you have any fix for that?

Kopyov, is there a solution for my problem?

Of course, sorry missed your comment. Please add background-color: #fff; to .ui-datepicker. File ui_custom.css, line 485

hello… great theme, and working perfect. But now I need the option to insert tables in the wysiwyg, i saw in the documentation saying that the file <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.table.js”></script> it is ncluded, but its not.. i didnt find. can u help me please. thanks

Hello. You can grab it here, by default it’s a lightweight version ;)


Kopyov, I would like to submit a form with the bPromt alert and have the form element “popup_prompt” input be submitted with it. I have tried using this code, but it doesn’t work..

$(”.bPromt”).click( function() { jPrompt(‘Enter Your Personnel Identifier (PID):’, ’’, ‘Acknowledge Item’, function® { if( r ) { $(”#popup_prompt”).val®; $(’#PIDForm’).submit(); } }); });

HTML code:

<form id="PIDForm" name="PID" action="test.cfm" method="post">
    Enter Your Personnel Identifier (PID):
<input type="text" size="20" id="popup_prompt"/> <input type="button" value="Acknowledge" class="redBtn bPromt"> </form>

BTW: The form submits, but the popup_prompt value is not there.

Kopyov, are you there?

Hi. Yes, sorry for delay. Unfortunately this plugin is not supported anymore by its developers, i am working on a massive update for It’s Brain, where it will be replaced with Bootbox plugin, which supports such things.


Is there any ETA on updating the It’s Brain? The response would be much appreciated.

WIll be ready within a month for sure. Sorry for such delay, too busy at the moment :(


Fully understand you, thanks for the update!

“WIll be ready within a month for sure. Sorry for such delay, too busy at the moment :(“

Thanks for this answer! Which Updates will be include? Can you give a date-range for the update?


Hi! I’ll include a version based on Bootstrap 3 and updated plugin version for an existing one. Really sorry for such delay, i remember you’re waiting for it, but i’m currently involved in a huge project and don’t really have enough time to manage all updates in time.


Thank you! I will wait :)!

I believe the date picker on the light version has some issues. On both Safari and Chrome (OS X), the background of the popup calendar is transparent, making it next to impossible to use when there is any text below it. It works fine with the dark theme. Anything I can do to remedy this problem?


Sorry for late response, missed your comment. Please add
background-color: #fff;
to .ui-datepicker class in ui_custom.css, this should fix the problem.


how do i input and update the graphs? where is the data stored? in an xml file somewhere?

please help

All the data stored in separated .js files, you can find them in js/charts folder.



Is there something wrong with the currency inputs? They are accepting non-integer values which is different from before!

Any fix for this?

No, I am actually using your “Live Demo” and noticed that the currency box allows non-numeric characters to be keyed in. It wasn’t like these for the previous versions.

Kopyov, did you manage to find the problem that I stated? Thanks

Hi. Sorry for late response, i’m currently on short vacation due to family reasons, it’s brain will get an update based on BS3 right after the new year. Sorry again for delay with answer

when will the next update? Thanks!

Hi! how do I validate searchDrop? class=”validate[required], chzn-select” Not working

Is it possible to upload images directly into the WYSIWYG editor?

Hi Kopyov, How can i validate the searchDrop? dropdown control not able to validate as required field. usual select box works fine. Can you please let me know the solution for this?

Here is mycode: <select id=”items” class=”chzn-select” name=”items” > </select>

Hello there. Chosen plugin was replaced with Select2 more than a year ago. In latest version of Select2 plugin validation works just fine with selects. I am working on update right now and BS3 version which will be out in a week, i’ll update select2 to the latest version and add more examples for styled form components.


ok thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Kopyov, is the bootstrap version you just released today going to have the File Manager functionality built in?


Hi. Nope, i removed it from both versions, but add them back today and reupload, i just forgot to update its version to the lastest one. Sorry

How do I incorporate Drill-Down rows (Datatables)?https://datatables.net/blog/Drill-down_rows

Sorry for late response. I think you need to follow datatables documentation in order if you want to add custom styles or code to it. By default there are only default styling and default options, this means you are free to use them in further development process.


Hello 2 questions, im new to bootstrap but curretly have a site running bootstrap 2.2.2 , can i use this bootstrap 3 admin template? the second question… is this admin brain used to design the look of the public area of the site? a GUI basically… is this what this product is? similar to how i used a html editor program???


Basically you can use BS3 template, but it is quite different from 2.3.2 version. There is a migrating guide – http://getbootstrap.com/migration/ hope it will help.

Actually it depends on your needs. Sometimes it can be used for front end, sometimes for back end. But of course it was designed mostly for back ends – structure, ui kit, layouts, forms, tables etc.


How can I change the way a date is sorted in a table? I’d like to sort date in this format: dd/mm/yyyy?

Thnx in advance!

Tale a look at this page, it’s an example of datatable with custom sorting options.


Where do I have to add this new code? If I add it directly into my page below the other js scripts, it’s not functioning.

You need to add these settings to application.js file. All datatables plugin settings and options are in this file. You can add 1 additional class to the table and then play with its settings.


How can I enable the file manager in the wysiwyg editor? Great work btw!!

Are you using BS3 version or previous custom version?


For the moment I’m using a previous custom version but I want to upgrade to the BS3 version.