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< Nice slider animation and nice pattern, Ibrave..


I guess you’ve spent extra time on details right?

Good luck for you..


Congrats! Looks really great! Good luck with sales!


Lookin good. Best of luck.

thank you

Excellent work my friend!! ;)

thanks my friend

Nice template,. GLWS :D

thank you

Love it, love it, love it… Going to have to buy this one! Finally a dark theme with detail and design. Good luck with sales!

thanks for comments and hope you will like my template..

Hmmm nice… Wish you huge sells. :D

thank you

Very nice template :) Question: You say All installed Extensions (Component, Modules and Plugins) are included in package Now some of the extensions are commercial extensions and the sum of al these extensions together is more then the price of your template.

So are all extensions in the package, including te commercial ones? Because if so I think it’s a violation of copyright of the makers. You are selling their products without them knowing and receiving money for it.

included all extensions which is used in template. we have extend license of all extensions. you can use it in that all extensions in template in template price only.

Great job, but can’t help to think you missed a trick by not including a light colour.

Good job ibrave. Good luck with sells.:)



Just purchased your theme which I think is superb. Just one initial question, I cannot see how to remove your branding from the footer. If I change the CP message, I get my new text followed by your branding. Please advise asap. Richard

you can change it from plugins/system/helix/features/brand.php thank you

plz give rating to the template, it will hep to purchase more user thank you

does this work with joomla v3?

no its joomla 2.5 version

will you update for version 3?

the sample_data.sql is over 2M,how can i do in phpmyadmin , I can not install the demonstration data ,it always waiting!!

main_body_main, #bot_main, #bottom_main ?I do not want them transparent layers , Where modifications?

main_body_main, bot_main, bottom_main , I do not want them to modify the transparent layer, where?

Where modifications?

you can modify in templates/istore_template/index.php

Elegant!! but - What about Joomla 3? - What about template documentation and support?

in this template include virtuemart. and virtuemart not supported yet to joomla 3. when will release virtuemart for joomla 3 we will release template with new version. template documentation is included in template package. we can support through comment or email (ibravethemes@gmail.com). thanks

Beautiful template. Cheers!

Just one question, and this may sound silly, but…how do I change the iValiant logo in the header?

Never mind. Got it.

ok fine

Is there a way to load the sample data when performing a piece by piece upload?

no you should use full clone for sample data

gotcha. I did a clone upload and sample data content is loaded, but not displaying properly. I will make sure all the settings match up with the screenshots you included. Thanks

send me send me details on ibravethemes@gmail.com

please i just finish installing the template i need to make the main menu of equal size and spread them evenly i mean the mega menu ineed the menu to be of the same size and the text to be bold and large pls response asap

you can use moomenu for the same….. select moomenu from template admin panel..

on the main menu i av 9 items but with different size and the end of the menu is empty i want to eliminate the empty space and spread the others out.

please check http://cheetahsoft-ng.com/nayoweb/

change following css in templates/ivalient_joomla/css/menu.css line no 78
#hornav ul.level-0 > li.menu-item > a.menu-item, #sublevel ul.level-1 > li.menu-item > a.menu-item {
    color: #333333;
    display: block;
    font-weight: 600;
    line-height: normal;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 7px 26px
    text-decoration: none;

tks great it works

plz go to your download section n give rating for the template.. it will help to buy new buyers… thanks