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I cant seem to find the google map api – how do I change the map? thanks

Hi. You need just to copy your iframe into the html file.



What could be the problem?   There is no style sheet.

Ivana-Under Theme

HI. What exactly do you mean with that? tnx

It solved the poroblémát!

I thought this wp topic, but it’s still good thank you!

Very nice work!

oh yes it’s not WP:) tnx br

the countdown don’t work on safari browser and i cant make it work some help please

pls contact me tgrough my contact form and send me your live link. tnx

Hi there,

Can I redirect to page after video ends?


Hi. Not sure what exactly you have in mind…but I think this will need some customization.

best regards

Instead of looping the video when it ends I need the website to point (go, redirect, switch to, go ahead) to another URL address when the YouTube or other video in the background ends. Could you give me a quote for this customization or some useful tips.


My YouTube video doesn’t work on Chrome, it works on IE at skocznazakupy.pl . Any ideas why?

sorry for late respond. What seems to be a problem? can you send me the dev url? tnx best regards

hi, is there a way for the menu to be collapsed when the page is loaded?


yes…you will need to do some customization of script. It not so big. best regards

well, thanks… could you help me with that? =/ please.

contact me through my contact form. regards

Can i start the video’s at a specific point

Also, is there any way to stop YouTube adds from popping up?

Counter doesnt work at all ? The counter part is not well documented. How can I make it start count until 01/01/2015 ?

Hi. Find the Count Date Stared date section inside script.js (white version) or scriptblack.js in black version…it’s on the end of the file. Just change to you values.


Hello, can we use your [Discussion on Ivana Under Construction Template] in [Maintenance Page HTML Code] field using [Magento] with [ http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/store-maintenance.html ] extension installed?

Appreciate quick reply, please.

1. If your module is just HTML, but the Magento extensions provided window for code insertion is HTML only, could we after purchase just copy the HTML code off your module files and insert it into that HTML window to work?

2. Also, how would I administer and tweak your module after insertion on our website?

If you look at the above Magento extension link provided, you could see in screenshot that it supports HTML and provides a field where user can type down custom HTML code. We wonder, if we could use your module’s HTML code and simply copy and paste it in the Magento’s HTML box provided and the CSS files could simply be uploaded via FTP, it it has any CSS anyway…

there are js scripts also.

E impossível ajustar a data, eu nao indico

? english pls

Hello I want to translate theme in Russian but I cant find where can I translate Counter labels (days hours minutes etc)?

??? ????? ??????

hi. you will need to change this in the code…either script.js or scriptblack.js inside js folder line 120. regards

Hello Im having a problem getting the countdown to work, is their a script that needs to be installed on that page? Please advise.

The video doesnt work, even on your sample!! WTF! Help!

Hi. Please read the manuals. You must edit either script.js or scriptblack.js inside js folder. regards

The video is now fixed. Update will be available after review. regards

Hallo, I just saw that the videos inside this template doesn’t work anymore! My Site: http://www.azetaenologia.it/ Your template: http://www.theme-maniac.com/ivana/ivana-video/index-white.html

I can’t see any video!!! Can you give me the solution to resolve this problem please?

I PURCHASED your template more than one year ago and everything was ok…What happened now? Are 5 weeks that I can’t see any video?

Hi. Sorry busy days. Probably the script needs to be updated. will check this. tnx

my vidoes dosent work! what happend?

Hi. Sorry busy days. Probably the script needs to be updated. will check this. tnx

How can I download the new version fixed? I can’t find it in my DOWNLOAD page!!!

I purchased it in 5th October 2013. I got an email from themeforest

with this username? Pleas turn on their support. thank you

you’re right…was another username, thank you

Please advise me if I am able to run youtube video background on the ipad or other tablet PC. It runs smoothly on the PC, but no video can be seen either ipad or other tablet PC or smartphone. Any good solution?

Can I use the blogger or only serves in wordpress?


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