Discussion on Ivy - Uniqe and Creative Photography/Portfolio/Agency HTML Template

Discussion on Ivy - Uniqe and Creative Photography/Portfolio/Agency HTML Template

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Good morning, is this theme compatible with the WPML plugin?

Hi. We got the Ivy HTML Template by accident though we were actually looking to get the Ivy WP + WooCommerce template. When seeing our error, we also got the Ivy WP + WooCommerce template today.

So as we have no use for the Ivy HTML Template, could we kindly get a refund for it? Thank you!

Hello; I am having trouble to get the contact form work, can you please help me take a look? https://emineyildirim.com/iletisim.html

not wiev successMessage and my email box


purchased this item. 2f3e8526-27f9-48dd-8afb-8d47933bbb1f

Hi, for instance, I should add (-) and (+) icons in lightbox that is opened while clicking on pictures at the page “https://emineyildirim.com/dusbahcesi.html” to zoom out and zoom in.

Hello, I hope that all is well. Your theme is wonderful. I wanted to ask if you could advise how to change the line height of the paragraph text. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I bought and downloaded the theme Ivy to use on wordpress, but the download does not include the CSS and hence I can’t use it. Can you please help me? I can’t build a website without the CSS.

Thanks in advance,

regards Flora Cusi

Hello. We checked our theme and all files included. If you need we can send you style.css on your email


yes please as every time I try to install it on Wordpress it says that the CSS is missing and it fails to upload the theme. I would really appreciate, the email is: floramc@gmail.com.

Thanks again, kind regards Flora

We sent files on your email

Hello, I just realized you’ve removed Ivy – Uniqe and Creative Photography/Portfolio/Agency WORDPRESS Version. I am interested in purchasing it. How can you assist?


Thanks alot, please can you notify us once its up?

Yes of course. Thanks

Hello. Theme now are available

how soon will the wordpress site be back? Thanks in advance

Hello. Theme will be available in about a week. Thanks

Hi, i saw you had a wordpress version of this theme. Will it be available again?

Hello. Yes it will be avaible after we fix all the problems. Thanks

hi! it’s a cool template! one question it’s possibile to have an automatic slider on homepage? I love your creative sliders, but I’ll ask you this question if the client wanted the slider to start automatically

thanks a lot

just one more question how can I change the logo with a longer logo width:150px .. because once replaced and modify width and height on the css file ( class=”type-2”) the logo remains fixed at the top left

Hello 1. For autoplay you need in this place http://prntscr.com/ivay9m put this code http://prntscr.com/ivay9m 2. Please put this code in the end of style.css:
@media (min-width: 991px){
header.type-2 #logo {width: 150px;}

Hi, could you help me to hide mobile menu after click on menu item?


Hello. What is your problem with mobile menu?

My menu contains some internal homepage links. I need to hide mobile menu when a li is clicked.

Hi, I’ve a presale question…Is possible to use an youtuve video background in the hero section?

Unfortunately on this version of the site you can not do this.

Hi there I’d like to have this type of slider: http://unionagency.one/ivy/index5.html with navigation arrow like in this one: http://unionagency.one/ivy/about2.html Is this possible?

Hello. Insert this code in the end fo style.css:
.swiper-entry.slider-5 .swiper-button-prev{left: calc(100vw/7);}
.swiper-entry.slider-5 .swiper-button-next{right: calc(100vw/7);}

Hello. Tell me please, what should be the size of the pictures? What should be the size of the upper large banners? Do you have any general advice on the size of the pictures? Thank you. Sorry for my English )

Sorry, but you will not find this information in the documentation. For image sizes, there are no clear requirements. Existing image sizes can be viewed through Firebug in Crome (F12) or in admin panel when edit image. For banner you can use different sizes – 24401400 / 19201080/900 ….

is there any tool/page to insert a video?

Hello. Where you need video?

inside a page, or maybe as background in a page and the whole video in a pop up

Hello. Example for video popup you can find on this page http://unionagency.one/ivy/blog1.html. Example for video in content you can see here http://unionagency.one/ivy/blogdetail1.html

Hi there, i’m working on index5, and i’m wondering if it’s possibile to use other objects as a mask instead of a letter. If it’s so, could you please explain how? P.S. I’m not a rookie in html/css

Hello. Sorry, but the slider development under the letters. Simply changing the letters to some other form is not possible, because everything is calculated and optimized exactly by letters.If need a different form it is necessary to develop a slider under another specific form. If necessary, then you can email us and we will make changes specifically for a certain fee

Hello! When will the WordPress version be available? Would love to use your amazing theme! Thanks!

Hello. We waiting on approval

Thanks for the quick reply!

We want to use your theme for shopping cart. Does your theme has ecommerce platform supported??

Awaiting your reply

Hello. Now you wrote us from html template. Today we send on review Ivy WP version with woocommerce and hope that on this week it will be approved


I am having trouble to get the contact form work, can you please help me take a look?


May I ask if you have newsletter setup form for this template ?

Regards, Ke

Hello. We looked on your form. Sorry but you change our default code . We did not solve problems with custom user code in standard support. If you restore form to our default code we could help you

On our template we didn’t have newsletter form

Is there a Wordpress version available?

Hello. Sorry for so long delay. We working on wp version. On few next weeks we will send on review

Do you have an exact release date? Will it be released before March 1st?

We planning finish WP version until this date but how long will be review we don’t know


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