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Can you please get in touch Ravi, really need to ask an important question about them theme but you have not responded to my email.


Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been really busy. I’m back now and I will reply to all queries. Please send me an email about the issues you are having and I will get back to you asap.

must be responsive!

Does it support multistore? Can it be modified to use for RTL site for one langauge and LTR site for another language?

1. Yes it supports multistore.

2. This can be done. You will have to modify a few files.

does this theme work in version i have installed it but getting undefined variable errors in the header.tpl?

No it will not work. You will have to use

tem como baixar de graça?

Can you please write in English?

Stupid question. How can I setup the homepage to have 3 columns just like here: http://cl.ly/RDOY

On the modules page I have these installed and setup (column left etc): http://cl.ly/RDPd

I can provide login details.

done. thanks again!

any chance you look at this in the near future?

I just had a look and it seems you did not add any module in the left column. I’ve added the category module and it is showing up fine.


Does your theme support IE 8.0? I have troubles browsing my site in it.

Please answer asap. Thank you.

Did you send me the email?


Forgive for my persistence? the problem has not been solved yet! VERY POOR SUPPORT!

the frontdesk did not change at all, ive already choose izistore in the settins but still not working. pls help me annco886@gmail.com

hi ravig, i already fix it. I just have problem on the title of categories, special, featured and best seller items, on your theme it is written as “FEATURED PRODUCT” “BROWSE CATEGORIES” “TOP SELLERS” “SPECIAL PRODUCT” but in my case i only have “featured” “CATEGORY” “SPECIAL” “BESTSELLERS”, i attached a screenshot below. i want it to be the same as yours. can you help?

Also, beside the shopping cart, how can i remove the pink one, how can i do that? For the welcome notes, i have the module for that but when it display, it only have the message without the title “WELCOME”

For the block titles, did you update the language files provided in the package?

i got it thank you so much. how about the welcome? it is still not working. there is no title “WELCOME” only my text display.

Hello, can i get a psd of logo and banners located in the slider?

There are no psd files. You will find layered PNG files for the design in the design folder. Those can be edited using Fireworks and I guess you can edit them in Photoshop also.

And what font You use in the logo and banners

The font used is Coolvetica.

hi ravig, i would like to delete the text “Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet is simply dummy text of the type setting industry” under OUR SPECIAL DEALS, can you help? also, how can i delete the “powered by opencart” in email? annco886@gmail.com this is my email, looking forward for your reply. thank you

The text for that is in the language file special.php.


i have problem with:

Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in C:\wamp\www\opencart\admin\controller\common\header.php on line 127

$this->data[‘logged’] = sprintf($this->language->get(‘text_logged’), $this->user->getUserName()); $this->data[‘pp_express_status’] = $this->config->get(‘pp_express_status’);

What is pp_express_status? Are you using a third party module?

I noticed on your profile that some users complained of iziStore .. you do not answer the emails more, would like a solution!

I replied to all your emails and just sent another one. Theme installation is not included when you buy the theme, I am offering my help to install it for you and for free. Check your email.

hi mr. raVig

just want to ask if possible to make at least 6 images display in my featured, latest in the front-end and if yes, how will i???thanks www.momoreshop.com greenhorse15@yahoo.com

Please post your queries with the account you purchased the theme.

Hi, Is there any update ????


You will receive an email when it is ready to be downloaded.

Thats Great! I’m so much excited to hear this…. I personally very like this theme. Btw, What new features will be there in new upcoming update.

Thanks a lot for making such a nice & simple theme :)

Hi Ravi,

I can see there is a responsive version of the theme. How can I upgrade?

Will this be updated for or even