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Do you have an email to contact to get a quicker response?

Thanks, Joseph

Thanks. I have emailed a few times, look forward to a swift reply.

Please can you reply to my emails. I have sent numerous now with no reply.

Our support has already installed the demo. Please check

Would you please send us a mail with your website address and wp credentials ? Our support team will help you

I have already sent, write me here or email…

Email: www: Problem:


As soon as I activate the child theme I get a strange padding-top and padding-bottom of 6rem on .section. It’s written from “theme-blue.css” and I can’t overwrite it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Would you please send us a email ? Our support team will assist you

Ok, what’s the email address?

Go to our profile page. You will get the email sending option there

I have already sent, write me here or email…

Email: www: Problem:

Nothing came, send screenshot or email again!

Write me the path to the file I want to edit

Already supported through email. Hope it’s working well

Hello, congratulations on the theme. I like a lot and it is also easy to manage. However, I have a problem that I cannot solve. I set up the site with the version “Developer – Scroll Vertical”. Now I want to change it with “Developer – Scroll Panel”. I changed the home page from “Scroll Vertical” to the “Scroll Panel” page. However, the initial image is not set to full screen. Same with the contact section: the box is not full width. On all pages, the “Model” attribute is set to : Page Full Width The site is this:

Thank you, Daniele

Hello, Thanks for your queries. Would you please send us a email with your admin credentials ? Our support team will help you to fix the issues. Thanks

Hi, I sent you the email you requested directly from your profile. Have you got there? How much can I expect from you? Just to get an idea of the timing. Thank you very much for your kindness :)

Will take 2/3 days. Actually we have too many support requests.

Hi, I am using Jab theme for my website – I am using Slide Horizontal single page template for my home page. I am not sure how do I add a new section to this page. How to get the # links for the menu? Please help.

Guess we already having conversation is email. Our support team replied you already. Right ? Please help Thank you

Write me the path to the file I want to edit Send me a screenshot, here or email

Guess we already replied you in email

Hello, The Law-Services Slider does not save any information that I enter. I tried hitting save changes and updating the page, but the old text still shows.

Hi, unfortunately that does not work. The Law:-Service Slider is still not saving my new information. I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari.

Hi all, I’m really trying to fix this. Is there a way to get faster help as a customer who still has an active subscription?

Sorry for late response. Please send us a email with your website address and wp credentials. You can send email from our profile page

I’ve followed the instructions for installing the theme, and then importing the demos… the import goes smoothly, says that it’s done… but when I go back to the main page it hasn’t actually changed the layout to the one I selected, just seems to have added several blog entries.

I sent an email about another issue that I hope you can assist with today.

Did you get the email?

Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Will check and reply by today.

OK… so I’ve got the demo info in, and it looks fine. I can modify individual posts (Banner, Resume, Portfolio, etc…), but I don’t know what makes them all appear on one continuous page when I select “Scroll Vertical” as my homepage. If I try to edit that page it’s just blank. Where can I modify what appears on my main page and in what order?

If any other users can assist with something that’s probably simple and I’m just missing it, I’d appreciate it. You can reach me at hmarcbower-at-gmail-dot-com. :)


Thanks for your update


Is jab compatible with WPLM multilinguage ?

If not, is there any way how to make a website in 3 languages (french, german and english) with jab ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer


Yes ! jab is compatible with WPLM multilinguage


TRTH20 Purchased

I was wondering if it was possible to adjust the font size of the Testimonial section. Anytime we adjust using Header/Preformatted in the editor, it places the text outside of the boxes. The primary font is too big for our liking.

Sorry for late reply. Please send us a mail. We will help you on that

I am using the one page vertical scroll format… but I’d like to know how to remove a subsection or change order of sections.

My email is