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Hello, I am experiencing a couple issue with your theme:

- BLOG PAGE: There is an issue with the category filters - HOMEPAGE: When you click on the email e-mail address/contact number in the contact section you are directed back to the top of the webpage, these should be mailto’s or else they shouldn’t be links - MOBILE NAVIGATION: When you add a sub-navigation the items overlap

I would appreciate some assistance in sorting these issues out.

Thank you.

Really enjoying the theme otherwise!

Thanks for your query. Please send us a email with your server credentials. We will help you to solve the issues.

Hello, I am also experiencing an issue with the blog section. I cannot change the avatar from the default to my own. I’m using the developer template and no matter if I use the backend wordpress avatar image option to point to my picture in the media gallery or alter the image URL in classic mode in wordpress, I still see the avatar image being pulled from a “developer” location within the site:

and I want to pull my image from my media gallery from this URL:

Lastly, can you help explain how to make this one page developer theme scroll to different sections of the one page theme when clicking on the different menu links or pointers as seen in the demo? Currently, when I click on the menu links or pointers, it just jumps around the page versus smoothly scrolling up and down. I am using the ‘one page scroll template’ on my parent home page as well as the ‘slide template’ custom fields on all pages.

Thank you,

- Marcel

Thanks for your query. please send us a email with your server credentials. We will help you

Email sent. Please let me know if you have not received. Thank you.

Thanks for your email. Would you please paste the problem in email reply.

Hello, I downloaded the theme and loved it. I have a few questions about the demo content.

I imported one demo, then changed my mind and imported a different demo. Now I have two demos showing at the same time. When I went to Pages in my dashboard, I noticed I have page duplicates from importing two different demos. I tried removing the pages from the previous demo, but it’s hard to distinguish the two. As a result, I deleted all of the pages and tried to reimport the demo, but nothing showed up. So I then restored all of the deleted pages.

What is the best way to move forward with one demo? Should I start all over again from scratch or is there a way to remove the demo that I don’t want and keep the demo that I do want?

Please provide your server credentials. Send us an email

Hello Support Team

We have found there is issue with Law:- Service Slider We have tried to solve our end but still issue not solved When we add text and slide after click on Save Changes It got blank neither slider nor text saved in slide.

Please let me know what are things need to solve? Also i don’t prefer to share detail on public post comment


Thanks for your comment. Please send a email also share your wp credentials. We need to take a look

Hello – I have a couple of questions regarding jab:

1. Unable to locate slider to import within Slider Revolution 2. When using the Vertical Navigation (static left-hand pane) how do I configure the rest of the screen so that I can ensure even spacing and the entire real-estate is used?

Thanks, Akram

Hello Akram, Thanks for your query. Please send us a mail with your website link and credentials We will take a look Thanks

The menu hyperlinks do not scroll to the proper location on the page. Currently they are refreshing the entire screen. Is something missing?

Hello Akram, As we already having conversation in email please reply there. That would be easier to fix your issue


I have installed this theme on wordpress, i didn’t see any part where i can update image and text of this view

please have a look

Hello, Would you please tell me where you would like to update image ? Also you can edit trough backend

I didn’t see anything in word press admin to update these things

Sorry for much delay. Would you please send us a email ? with your server credentials ?

Hello Support team,

I haven’t revived response for my issue its almost one month Its really frustrating I have also sent email on your email from my registered email Please let me know if you can’t provide bug solution in your product


I need urgent solution i can’t wait for more one month please please

Hello, We are sorry for the delay. Sorry we have changed our email. For that we couldn’t cghech your email. Please send email in

We will reply and fix asap. Sorry for your trouble Thanks

Is this multi-page friendly?

Hello, I love this theme but I see that there are a lot of bugs. Do you plan update it frequently when you have bug reports?

Please send us a mail. We will give you support for that

Thanks for offering the support. But my question still remains. Can you tell me about that? Thanks

Hello, Don’t worry about any bug. If you get any we will solve and update quickly.


I just purchased your theme. I want my homepage to look like the demo and I managed that.

But once I want to edit it, how do I do it? When I press on “Edit with WPBakery” then I get a blank page. Like I can’t edit what is already in the demo page I loaded. How do I edit just the demo options? Please help.

Hello, Would you please send us a email. Our support team will help you regarding this. Sorry for the late reply

Hi again, I have a problem with adding languages, skills and experience. When I for example press on Resume Box: – Skill settings, the “Skills” on the bottom are just 4 arrows (there is nowhere to edit them, put the text). How do I do this? Is there any guide I could download?

Hello, Would you please send us a email. Our support team will help you regarding this. Sorry for the late reply


I really lik the jab template. I am having lots of fun with customizing it for my own use. Only I am facing some problems with that..and I can’t find the right information in the documentation. Or can’t I find the right documentation??

I have more problems, but first let’s try to solve the main problem.. linking errors:

- When I click at the frontpage on ‘me’ the screen goes down without loading (the url is #14), it is the same for ‘services (url is #39) but when I click on ‘Inspiration’ (with the url it loads to a different page, even when it’s part of the one page front page. The same problem occurs with Portfolio (url: - I don’t know if it has anything to do with the problem above but when I click on portfolio (for instance), a horizontal scroll menu appears but when I try to click on ‘me’ or ‘services’, nothing happens. - Where can I change the color of the ‘google-maps-contact page’? And how do I get my map filled over the horizontal side of the page?

Hope you can help me first with this. Thanks in advance!

Rik from the Netherlands

Hello Rik, First we apologise for the delay. Would you please send us a email with your website address and wp credentials ? Thanks for your patience

Good Morning. A few days ago I bought the theme for WordPress “Jab – Advanced Personal Resume”, but I could not configure the theme.

Please, do you have a video tutorial or a more complete guide?

Thank you.

First we apologise for the delay. Would you please send us a email with your website address and wp credentials ? We need to take a look

Hi themecap,

Do you currently offer this theme for sell? I cannot see the demo, I see all errors. Can you please assist?

Thanks in advance!

Demo is okay. Please check. For offer please send us a mail

Just bought this theme. I and my friend using multisite to share the hosting. And this theme I want to install for my friend site. I activated the theme on my friend site but I don’t see any plugin to install. can you help, plaease?

First we apologise for the delay. Would you please send us a email with your website address and wp credentials ? We need to take a look


josera Purchased

Hi there,

I need you´re help, In section “mi book” when click on image it takes a long time to open the pop

Could you help me?

Thanks for your query. Would you please send us a mail with your website address and wp credentials ? We need to take a look


Sababa_ Purchased


I am having trouble importing the demo content. I have followed the instructions but the I did not see where to import the slider and the home page does not look like demo. Would you mind helping me, please?

Thank you, Adam


Sababa_ Purchased

Figured out one part. I set up developer demo. However, if I wanted to exclude the portfolio or pricing section, how would I do that? Thank you :)