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I get this error when using the background changer. function () { return m.replace.apply(null, arguments); }

That’s odd, I’ll take a look!

The actual theme doesn’t come with that theme switcher it’s all done in the theme options, that’s just for the demo site.

Thanks for letting me know!

I like how this front works well with this theme. What is the font called? links to the font. What to see how it looks before i buy it. thanks!

It’s called Pacifico and can be found here. It’s lovely isn’t it!?

The logo is an image in the demo, you can upload your own custom logo in the theme options.


Love it.. Wondering if it will work with WP E -commerce.. Thanks

Hi there!

It’s not been tested with WP Commerce so I couldn’t guarantee it however I don’t imagine any major issues. As it’s not been tested though I couldn’t guarantee it.


Awesome theme! Good luck with sales, Martin! :)

Thanks very much :)

Hey Great theme I’m thinking of buying this template but the only thing stopping me is that when filtering by category, shows the result in the form of archives, this is not very attractive for me, it would be great if it could show in the filtration results: thumbnail [image preview] + title + excerpt, etc. like when you click on the blog section.

last question to make sure to buy, this template have pagination? for example

It does indeed, it doesn’t show up in the demo as I have it set to 10 items before pagination, I should add some more blog items!

ok, I will begin to customize this template for my blog, when I finished, I will show as has been :D

It’s a quite nice theme, but why didn’t you include (a lot) more templates for the individual pages (testimonials, pricing table, tabs etc. etc.)?!?

Hey there, thanks for your suggestions. As regards to the testimonials, they are shown in the footer as a widget and the tabs are in the shortcodes page. As it is a portfolio theme I didn’t really think about putting pricing tables in but thanks for the suggestion :)



this is a pretty good looking theme, I bought it.

I have a few issues, mainly on the theme options page. Basically every changes I make there dont apply. Background, logo etc, when I save, it doesnt work.

Here is how my theme option look :

Is it how it’s supposed to look ? Can you please help me with that ?

Don’t want to be a pain, but since it’s for a live site, I’d appreciate a fast anwer.

Thanks !

Hey and thanks for purchasing.

It certainly looks like something is not loading, first thing would be to try and re-upload the theme folder, possibly re-download the theme from your ThemeForest admin area incase the initial download got corrupt along the way.

If that doesn’t work could you mail me from my ThemeForest profile page with the live link and login details to the WordPress admin area and I’ll take a closer look.

Regards, Martin

Does this theme allow the facebook like box module to be embedded on the homepage, or on any of the inner pages?

or if not, are there any similar wordpress modules supported? eg.

Hi there,

I’ve just tried using the WordPress plugin you mentioned, here is a screenshot of the results.


Thanks for getting back so quickly!

Not a problem :)

Hi there,

Does this template allow me to have a full picture fixed background as opposed to tiled?

:) Ta

Hey there!

If you’ve got a picture big enough, you can use it :)

There’s options to tile it, not tile it, position it left, right, center or top, middle, bottom. There’s not currently an option for ‘fixed’ but if you need it I could quite easily pop it in for you.

Regards, Martin

Thanks for the quick reply :)

I love the boxed design of the template and would really like a large, fixed image background. if you can possibly let me know how this can be achieved that would be great.

I have just purchased the template :)

you can email me directly here: amber at

Thank you very much :)

I’ll add the fixed option into the theme options later today and get it submitted to ThemeForest. It has to wait in a review queue and get approved by the reviewers  so I’ll send you an email when the update is ready for download :)


Hi, nice theme I love it ! Could you please do “Permalink Settings” to /sample-post/ portfolio pagination does not work Thanks Ned

Problem solved For example if you have page name ‘ Portfolio ‘ please do not make mistake of defining Custom Post Type as

register_post_type(‘portfolio’,$args); If you do, you will get 404 headache either with your pagination or any links e.g. Read More. So simply make either of the name plural.

Go to Jacto/functions/functions-portfolio.php and on line 47 change register_post_type( ‘portfolio’ , $args ); to register_post_type( ‘SOMETHINGELSE’ , $args );

You will always get this problem, my logic is that portfolio page should have name portfolio. If so, portfolio pagination do not work !

Apologies and thanks for posting your fix :)

Have a good day, Martin

Hi, is there any way I can ‘link’ a page to a portfolio category? I don’t want all the categories to be visible together, do you know what I mean? I would really to use the portfolio template.

Thank you! (sorry for bad English)

Hey there, You could create the portfolio page with the specific category selected, but not add that page to your menu. Then if you just get the permalink of that page you’d be able to link to it anyway you like.

Hope that helps, Martin

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your quick reply. How can i select a category to a portfolio page? Do i need to use custum fields? Hope you can help me.


When you create a new portfolio page there is a dropdown on the right hand side where you can choose a category to display, you must ensure you have a portfolio template selected and ensure you are using the latest update of the theme if you cannot see it.

Kind regards, Martin

Hello Martin,

Thanks it works! Great service! (it was the update)

No problem, enjoy the theme :)

Hello Martin, Great theme! Therefore, I also bought it immediately.

But now I have to implement a few more questions: 1) I want the blog, the word “blog” rename? 2) Rename the portfolio on the home page called “Latest Work”? 3) How can I extend the contact for more contact fields? 4) When I insert a simple image and magnify this, then the image will open in a new page? Is there no integrated lightbox? If not, how can I do this?

Thank you in advance for your help. pixelXJBpower

Hey and thanks for purchasing :)

1. You can do this by heading to index.php and changing the words “The Blog” to whatever you like, it should be around line 5.

2. You can renemae “Latest Work” by opening the 3 portfolio templates, named “template-home-3col.php”, “template-home-4col.php” and “template-home-5col.php” and changing the words “Latest Work” which should be around line 53.

3. All the contact form code is within “template-contact.php” which you should use to edit any contact form parts.

4. If you’ve inserted an image into a post/page, when you click the edit image icon in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor, set the link to the image, and then in the image advanced settings, set the link rel as prettyPhoto.

Hope this helps :) Martin

Hey Dude! I wanna buy it, but I have a Question, I need in my Portfolio the posibility yo show more info when you click on one image. I mean, I need have the possibility to put Images, videos, anda both of them in some cases. Is is possible? Cause i´ve seen both but not in the same Portfolio Item. Thanks!

Hey there!

The theme only allows you to have one or the other, however if you know what you’re doing you could easily adapt the theme to display both.


Hello, I purchased this theme yesterday and after playing around with it noticed that when I view the homepage it won’t let me scroll down to the bottom of the page smoothly- it drags and then takes a couple of seconds to load. i tried turning certain homepage features on and off and found that when I turn the ‘last blog posts off it doesn’t do it anymore so there must be a problem with the latest blog posts feature. What can I do?



Hi Charlotte,

Could you email me a screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve and one with what is actually happening so I can understand what you’re trying to do please.

Thanks, Martin

Hi martin, what is your email address so i can send you some screenshots?



Hi it’s martin [at] mushindesign [dot] co [dot] uk