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When is going to be available the Layout PSD ? For me is a must before purchasing the template, so I can change things easily.

Thank you!

Hi there,

It will most likely be the end of the month.



I bought the theme and I love it!

But I have a problem with the portfolio pagination, getting a 404 error.

The second url page of the portfolio is: but I didn’t specify this url…

Any idea what’s going on?



Could you email me with a link to your site and login details so I can take a closer look please.

Kind regards, Martin

By the way, I’m also having problems with the “latests works” section at the homepage. It doesn’t appear

I checked at the setting and this 3 option fail:

Hide portfolio items? Tick this box to DISABLE your latest portfolio items.

Hide widget area? Tick this box to DISABLE the widget area on the homepage

Hide latest blog items? Tick this box to DISABLE your latest blog items.

And everytime I change something at the setting the background and the font changes to default again… that’s annoying! :(

If you need anything to figure it out, please let me know.


PS: suggestion, video + 4 pictures in one project portfolio would be great!! Thanks!!

Hi there,

I’ve just replied on your previous post, once you send over your details I’ll take a look and get it sorted for you :)

And thanks for your suggestions! Martin

Hi Martin, Thanks for your wonderful theme! I’ve sorted out a few things that I had emailed you about but I have one new question. Is there a way to link the portfolio thumbnails on the homepage to a different url?

Thanks for your help! Kit

Hey Kit,

In the theme I have it set to link these to a lightbox preview or the item page however you could easily delve into the code and change this to suit your needs. Shoot me an email if you need me to point you in the right direction of what code to modify.



I’m trying to get a direct link to two categories of my portfolio. I tried your suggestion in other posts, but it works with some categories, but not the ones I want. Really weird :(

I sent an email with my details, we can continue the discussion there and if you need more information, please let me know.


Hi I’ve just replied to your original email, let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. Martin

Hello, I bought the template and I am very happy. But, i have one problem with latest works. I can not figure out how to make them look in the home. Please help me!

Hi, I’ve replied to your emails.

Regards, Martin

Hey- building out my site now with your template..

One question:

As you can see, the image I want to showcase is being cut off about midway through. When I alter the height of the first image, it simply seems to magnify/de-magnify the image—instead of making the image template taller for my image to display in full.

Is there any easy solution to this - I’m not a designer and building out/saving images in PowerPoint isn’t easy :).

Thanks, Michael Buffa

Hey Michael, thanks for purchasing.

Could you post up a link to the site in question and mail me some log in details so I can take a closer look please.

Kind regards, Martin

Hey Dude! I wanna buy it, but I have a Question, I need in my Portfolio the posibility yo show more info when you click on one image. I mean, I need have the possibility to put Images, videos, anda both of them in some cases. Is is possible? Cause i´ve seen both but not in the same Portfolio Item. Thanks!
Hey there! The theme only allows you to have one or the other, however if you know what you’re doing you could easily adapt the theme to display both. Martin

Hey Martin! How can we do that? :) Thanks!

Hey, you would need to use a slider which can display both types of media and then set up the slider to display any videos or images which have been supplied as it currently displays a video if one is available overruling any images.

How can I have an image gallery with this theme? When visitors click on an image, I want to open in fullsize in slider. Does this theme have this option?

Hey there, Sorry for my late reply I’ve just returned from my honeymoon :)

This theme doesn’t come with the ability to do exactly what you’re after however if you’re comfortable with code I don’t think it would be hard to accomplish.

Kind regards, Martin

Hello Martin! we need to help us. Today is the website presentation and the contact form still doesn’t work. How can i do to set the email in the buttom “send”? Tks. We hope you can answer us as soon as possible! Regards!

Hi I’ve just replied to your email but basically you need to put your email address in section in the Theme Options, if you check the documentation it’ll guide you to the section.

Regards, Martin

I changed the permalinks to /%posts/ and now my homepage is a 404 error… any idea why?

Hey there,

Could you email me with a link to your site with login details so I can take a closer look please?

Hi Martin,

I purchased your theme a few months ago. I’d like to make some changes to the theme, but can’t figure out how to/where to look. I’d like to change the text color on the site and change the size of the words in the menu.

Thank you.

Hi there,

The file you need is located in styles/default-styles.css, you’ll find all styling elements located within this file to edit ;)

If you don’t already use it I recommend using Google Chromes ‘Inspect Element’ tool to help you modify parts of your site, it’s a very handy tool.

Kind regards, Martin


Thanks so much for answering my questions. I’ll check Chrome’s Inspect Element.


No problem, enjoy!


Can this theme support Paypal and Woo Commerce?



It’s not been tested with this but it shouldn’t be a problem, the WooCommerce plugin may need some styling to make it fit in.

Regards, Martin


With Jacto-Theme the portfolio projects and the last works are not indicated: “Page not found” Can you help me please?

Thanks Rainer

Hi there,

Could you try changing your permalinks to default and see if that solves it please.

Kind regards, Martin

Thanks. Now the projects function. But the last works are not indicated on hompage yet.


Could you email me from the form on my profile page with a link to your site (the last link kept re-directing to your login page) and some login details so I can take a closer look please.

Cheers, Martin

Hello Martin,

Just bought your Jacto wordpress theme. I tried installing it and it says the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the Style.css stylesheet. Can you give me some directions on how to upload the theme properly?

Hello Martin,

I figure out how to install the theme…

I have a lot of questions if you don’t mind. I tried looking for tutorial about how to do certain things but no luck.

I have a few more questions, if you don’t mind…

I have tried to create the slider with our photos, on the top right like how you have it. How do I make this work?-

The testimonial is not sliding how you have it at the bottom right corner of this page How can I make the testimonial slide how you have it?

I would like to make the portfolio like this – How can I do that? I tried adding images from the portfolio page I created and the images land where it says Portfolio 4-Col…

Hi Joseph,

I’ve just replied to your email.

Kind regards, Martin

the drop-down menu isnt work in my webpage with the theme

Hi there,

There’s an update in the review queue right now.

If you can’t wait for the update you can sort it by changing the following in the functions.php file:

wp_register_script(‘jquery’, ‘');


wp_register_script(‘jquery’, ‘');

Kind regards, Martin

Thanks, is working !

How can i know when the update will be ready ?

The update is ready now however it’s just the same as the above so if you’ve done that and it’s working you’re all good :)

Is there an easier update for this? My website is now not showing up…Please help asap.

Can you contact me from the form on my profile with a link and some login details please.