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Wow, love it. I’ve become addicted to Admin skins! Fantastic :D!

Thank you very much! I took all the suggestion and included everything that might be wanted in admin skin.

@apearce – That’s funny, I was going to say the same thing. I think I have bought every admin template on here.

@ne-design – Great job! you really did take all the suggestions and roll it into one theme. I was about to take a go at adding sub-navigation to the QuikAdmin template I already made work with handle fluid layouts. Perfect timing with this one.

very nice and simple, if i was to buy one would u help me modify it and apply it to my site im a newby.

@JMworld – Of course! I can’t really do the modify for you but, I can help you get this theme going. Please contact me through the profile on what exactly you need help with before purchase.

Love the colours, makes the content simple and easy to look at!

looks great, trying to open the PSD ’s with Fireworks 8 – and something seems way off. could you maybe supply PNGs?


@kneidels – Your right. It looks way off in FW8 . I’m not sure how to make it as compatible with FW but, I will see if there is anyway to get this going for you.

Great skin,

One suggestion: You should add the ability to have a collapse-able box to load collapsed by adding an extra class. Something like class=”box collapsed”

Good stuff though. Keep up the good work :)

One more quick suggestion. It would be nice if the admin menu was roll over instead of click. Ex: once I put mouse over one of the main tabs, it displays the sub navigation belonging to that tab. Would be nice to have something like that.

I’ll see if I can create that mod myself, then I’ll send it to you.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Love the idea about the class. I’ll see what I can do to make it more better by adding class.

The second suggestion sounds great too. I would love to see how it can be done! You can send the files to me at ragardjp(at)

Just had to drop a note to say this admin skin freakin RoCkS!

I had to change the CSS code to use the class attribute of html objects instead of their id’s, but overall this skin just makes sense for the admin I’m working on.

I just wanted to say that I purchased this theme and it not only looks fantastic but it is so easy to update and to use! The CSS is very easy to manipulate and the code is as clean as I’ve ever seen!

I’m intersted to purchase but have a question on the horizontal nav…. Is the secondary navigation a dynamic droplist or do I need to click the parent link first to see the child links on the next page?

Sorry for the late comment. The theme does not have any dynamic moves included. It’s a very simple html template.