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Looks absolute great! Thank you for this amazing template.

Thank you! Please vote for Jaguarian if you love it :). Best Regards,

I would give 6 stars if its possible, so i had only voted 5 :-)

Thank you Prekki! :)

Is there a Pintrest plugin for this template?

It’s TZ Portfolio Joomla Extension https://github.com/templaza/tz_portfolio

Hi, I have emailed your templaza support team more times about the main menu template problem on my site but no real help ever came nor anyone fixed it. Now who can I turn to???

Thank you, I got your support, now everything works fine! :)

Glad to see your website works fine. Please help us vote 5 stars for Jaguarian if you love this template.

Best Regards,

I’m trying to vote it 5stars, but for some reason the stars doesn’t respond to my vote (I’m trying it signed in of course).. Where should I vote if not by clicking on the stars?

Hi templaza! We’ve published our new site with Jaguarian Template! Take a look!



Hi Cavalier,

1. You need improve your background color and Slider need a clean style.

2. Rounder border is not good in this design. I suggest a solution make it flat and fit width.

Portfolio and Blog is very nice :) But I think you have a lot of thing to do in Homepage.

Best Regards,

Will this template work with Joomla 2.5.9 or 2.5.8 ?

Hi, I’m facing a problem about making my site multilingual. My site is originally Hungarian, and now I have made the English language categories, articles and menu as well, so the English content shows properly when clicking on the English flag but the main menu (in English) doesn’t appear. It only appears if I choose a module position for it, but unfortunately the original main menu in jaguarian is not assigned to any module positions. How can I fix this problem and make the English menu show as well? Thank you!

Hi templaza,

I bought this great template but i have problem with fonts… I’m using croatian letters like Š, Ž, ?, ?, ? etc. This font on template shows them different than other letters, how can you help me to fix this?

Thank you for your quick response! Ivan

The problem is font-family doesn’t support for Croatian. Please send me an email via support@templaza.com I will help you change font-family.

Best Regards,

Hello, I am girolamo I congratulate you for the template, you would like to recommend a change in the opening of the news of the portfolio on the home page does not have the chance to come back if you do not cliccaando on the logo or on the menu portfolio, it would be nice uniconcina top right to understand the type of vusualizzazione ago. hello

You recommend is great. I noticed it for next version. Thanks,

Templaza, Quick question (I believe): How do I remove the TZHeadingTitle from the Light Box? I’m guessing there’s probably an option to remove it. Is there?

If not, where’s the code for this so I can comment it out? (sorry, I’m a designer—not a coder).

You can config at tab “Page Display Options” => item “Show Page Heading” in your menu is “No”

Hi, Is it possible to make the jaguarian template bilingual? I’m still facing the problem I wrote about some comments earlier and still waiting for a reply.

Sorry Jurijj, I lost it in ton message from customers. Please send me an email via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you check it.

Thank you for the support’s quick work, the site works just fine now as multilingual!

Thanks Jurijj, If you love this template, please help me rate 5 stars for it.

Files come with the quickstart package for an easy installation?

Yeah, you can use quickstart to install full site like our demo.


I have installed Joomla via a Softaculous application install and then just installing the template manually, is there someway to install the demo content without doing it via the quick install?

Hi, You have to use quickstart to install demo content. If you need Installer support. Please help me go to http://www.templaza.com/ register a free member and create a ticket include your themeforest license. Our developer are going to help you install template with demo content.

Thanks, Sonny

I have a problem when adding multiple pictures to a slider. They are getting automatically resized or zoomed and I loose a lot of quality ( visible pixels). Could you please tell me how to fix it ? I was trying to find it inside components and code but without any success so far .

You should increase your image size in TZ Portfolio configure. http://wiki.templaza.com/TZ_Portfolio_v3:Configuration#Image

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hello, how I can create fixed background for page, like in your demo BLOG page?


Thanks for your question. Currently the TZ Portfolio Plus is just in the test phase and has not been official released. Also, the Jaguarian has just been supported TZ Portfolio. If you wanna use the TZ Portfolio Plus, you should test it on local first to advoid demage your current site.

Thanks, Mai

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Where can I download TZ Portfolio Plus Tag module?


This module is included in the component TZ Portfolio Plus. After installing this component, this module type will included in your site. You can get it here: https://github.com/templaza/tz_portfolio_plus This is its documentation. You can check in module part. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8aejzTXmzJwd3AyU2VCNkR0eDg/view?usp=sharing

Thanks, Mai

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Xelen23 Purchased

I have a problem with article additional fields. it is impossible to add one field of group. video screen where the problem is visible – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-OwnF1C494


starmai Author Team


Thanks for contacting us.

For this problem, please go to our site then create a ticket for this. Let’s send us your site and admin account. Then we will check and support you.

Also, you use your language in the backend in the video then it’s a little difficult for us to follow it.

Thanks, Mai

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