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Hello! We have a problem – the gallery of photos isn’t loaded, or I can’t find as it to make. How to add the graphic menu in the form of icons: design, the movie, gallery in a narrow column between the menu and the right main field of a site? And one more problem – when the screen has resolution of 120% – right sidebar goes down. Make, please, a rubber subject that sidebar didn’t move even if the screen of the monitor changes the permission.

To add graphic menu in form of icons: Go to wp-admin >> Portfolio >> Portfolio Categories (You can add-edit-delete icon of categories) I tried to zoom demo site to 200% and it works well. Please send me an email via support@templaza.com. I will help you to check it.

Thanks for choose TemPlaza

Hello! Thanks for your answer. But the category of a portfolio wasn’t added. How to make so that the gallery was reflected in the menu?

Please send me your website via support@templaza.com. I will help you. Best Regards,


I have purchased this theme and I would like to change some graphic aspects. With this purpose I have created a child-theme but the modifications in the css file don’t work

Looking for some information I found this answer in another question in the forum of Themeforest ”...some don’t use the proper coding conventions to allow child themes to function properly/modify functions, so its best to ask the author if the theme will work with child theme”

Doesn’t Jaguarian support the child-themes? Do you have the purpose to solve this problem? Something as simple as use Google Fonts for the titles it’s not possible actually without modifying the original “style.css”


So, Jaguarian doesn’t support child-theme.

I didn’t imagine that, as I think it’s a imprescindible option for customizing the website further than change the background, that it’s the only option allowed in your theme.

I can’t modify colors or fonts with a simple .css !

Sincerely, I’m very disappointed of purchasing a theme than looks so great and that is so restrictive.

Hi Jmacizo,

I am working to release new version with that feature. I am sorry for inconvenience. Jaguarian works well on Joomla version. If you want to use Jaguarian on Joomla CMS. I am going to create a coupon for you as a gift.

Thanks for choose TemPlaza!

It sounds great

I’ll be waiting for the new version, so I’ll be able to rate the theme.



Can we change the links at the right side of home page to be pointed not to porfolio, but to blog articles ?



I’m having a problem with the menu and the responsive design.

In a small screen (smartphone) it appears the small icon of the menu… but also the entire menu displayed over the contents. So it’s impossible to read or see the beginning of the page (I’m working with Wordpress 3.5.1)

Please, where is the problem? Thanks

Please send me your website via support@templaza.com I will help you check problem.

Sorry, finally I have left Jaguarian and bought another theme in Themeforest. But I’ll send you one screenshot so you can see the problem and solve it for future purchasers.

Several small troubles with Jaguarian, too much restrictive in design, too much time for solutions … I can’t work this way.

Please, let me know when you had the theme updated (with something so basic as the possibility of working with a child-theme and some options of design: colors & fonts) and these small problems solved so I’ll rate the Jaguarian theme, because at this point I would not be fair to the valuation


I want use comments in single-portfolio sites, but if I insert classic <?php comments_template(); ?> in, it not works. What can I doing, please?

Are you planning on releasing a non-WP format version of this template? We don’t deploy WP here and would like to get the files free of any WP markup.

We are not interested in using either wordpress or joomla. I was hoping that perhaps you have a pure HTML5/jquery version of your theme. If so, I would be more than happy to purchase it.

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the description of a portfolio item show on load of the page http://imaginationseverything.com/articles/?portfolio=the-munselle-group instead of having to click the + symbol. My portfolio is websites so i think it’s more logical to see the description as part of the page load

hi, thanks for that answer on the form. But i still don’t have an answer for how i would have my portfolio items have the description in the open position instead of closed as you load the page. Please let me know how i can manage to do this, it’s pretty confusing for the user

also, tho i have a blog sidebar created, and it’s attributed to the blog page it’s not showing up http://imaginationseverything.com/home/

Hi kimhadley,

Jaguarian now does not have option to have the description in the open position. We will put it in the project for the next version. If you want to have this feature immediately, you can send us your login account via support@templaza.com. We will help you. Maybe you hide that sidebar. You can go to admin—> theme options and choose sidebar to custom that sidebar.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Before buying, Want to know if I can make Categories pages just like the homepage looks like, and not like gallery pages, same template as homepage. this can be done?

Right now as for your homepage, for example you have #Media link and it filterize the page perfect, but if I go direct to this link it doesn’t filter the page at all.

Yes, you can set up categories like homepage. The direct link with filter does not support right now. We are using isotope library. I will ask author about it.

Thanks & Best Regards,

What size of image would i need so it looks good on the portfolio items?

http://imaginationseverything.com/articles/?portfolio=the-munselle-group the image i used is fuzzy

also, http://imaginationseverything.com/articles/ i want to be able to control what’s on the excerpt. I’ve put a shorter version of what is in the main text editor into the excerpt area on each portfolio page, but what shows up is the full content (well excerpted at a certian point). Is there a way to determine what wording does show up as an excerpt on the home page?

To have the best look of image in portfolio item, you must upload the image with the size about 1900×1200. To limit the words of excerpt, you go to Theme options-> global options-> limit excerpt Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi http://imaginationseverything.com/articles/about/ Something in the css of the template is changing the field size of my form (it’s an iframe form coming from emailmeform.com). see the sidebar on this page.

same form in the content doesn’t do same thing it looks good with all the form fields the same width http://imaginationseverything.com/articles/contact-us/. I am able to set the field width in emailmeform. it’s jsut that somehow the template is changeing it in the sidbar

Hi kimhadley, Using this form in two different places: one is in the page, one is in the sidebar makes the size different the contact form does not show contact information maybe because the plugin you use does not support that. Thanks and Best Regards,

hi i need to use square images, everything i upload just zooms into the pic – how do i use sq images?


Display square image will make the image little distorted. But if you want to display square, you can this code into file style.css #ja-content-main img{ height : your px ; } Thanks and Best Regards

Hi, How is managed Google ads with infinite scroll?


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