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Great Stuff man :)

:) Thanks !

Great work, GLWS :)

Thank 2codeThemes

nice template gud luck :)

Many many thanks !

Great work, GLWS :)

:) thanks ulathemes

great work! GLWS :)

:) thanks

Beautiful Work, Good Luck :)

Thanks my friend ! :)

Awesome Work. GLWS :)

Many many thanks :) !

Great Work. Nice Template. Good Luck :)

I am so grateful for the lovely comment. Thanks :)

Beautiful template. Good luck :)

Thank you. I will always be grateful for your comment

Amazing creativity and quality work, GLWS :)

Thanks sandymak :) !

Good item, GLWS :)

Many many thanks :) !


I’m interested in buying this template but I wanted to know some more details before I do so: - do you offer intructions of “how to install the template”? ( I’m a beginner so it’s a “must” for me).

- how customizable is it in regards to the categories, removing size from product listing and most of the text from the header ?

( I was looking for a template more fashion accessories-costume headpieces, masks etc. oriented so this is the reason for which I ask how customizable it is because I’ll have to rename mostly all the categories and everything and some of them I want to disable ).

- is it compatible with all mobile devices?

Best regards

Hey guy!
Thanks for interesting to Jakiro. If you don’t know how to install template – There are 2 options for you to choose:
1/Please send us your ftp information via our email: – We will help you to install.
2/ We will send you a video of how to install template. Then you will do it yourself.
II/ Template is compatible with all mobile devices!
III/ This template is using Ecommerce (Virtuemart) – So those functions which you want to customize (Change name category/ order category/ setting image… ) can do easily!
If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!
Have a nice day!
Theme UI!

Hello, I buy this template , but I can not add a new Languages in virtuemart

Okay, Please send info backend via I will check it right now !

OKay, Sent

Okay, i has fixed it. Please use after when install new a language in virtuemart

Great looking template as long as it is only involving Joomla.

But integration with Virtuemart is poor. Hard-coded functionality, not depending on settings in the back-end (example: customer reviews ahd price filter).

Documentation is missing (the only documentation regarding the shop is on modules positions) for the Virtuemart part.

More frustratingly: the support is simply awful. Already sent over 15 emails with over 10 issues to the Gmail “support” account, but responses are late (>5 days) or missing at all. When, after several reminders, a reply is given, it is incomplete or asking questions which are irrelevant. On top of that: 5 working days to respond?

Really a shame, because again, I really love the looks / the pure Joomla part.

I totally agree with RonvdS.

The template configuration doesn’t match with the front end. Seems like the template was made only for showing and not for customization.

Just purchased it but it seems like the real template is missing from the template folder. Please help asap. Something is wrong with this package.

Well, I would like to have to opportunity to install it myself in case I have to do it again. I downloaded the package from your site. So you can provide me with a different package because the one I downloaded does not contain the proper template.

And the sooner the better please. Many thanks.

Hello my friend,
Please contact us via our email: – We will send the package for you to redownload!
Theme UI Team


jkupca Purchased

One of the worst templates in my life. Graphically successful, but many things do not corroborate or are unattainable, mainly due to lack of documentation. Customizable is really too strong a word. The template is hardcoded. I totally agree with RonvdS in the comments. The fact that he has no documentation and man can not find anything is a disaster.

With this template I lost money, worse time and energy. And without commenting about Mr. saihoai, who absolutely does not respond to questions. However, this was just a little advice. I know people from envato who are able to write off within 5min !!! Mr. saihoai was not able to post 23 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nowadays, when communication is the most important thing among the seller and buyer in the world of design, this is absolutely incredible.

Hi, I bought the template earlier but the quickstart folder has wrong permissions and after installation, we cannot use or see the template. all folder and files end up with no group permision. What can we do ?

Also I get this error after installing quickstart “The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.”

Hello my friend ! Could you please send for us: cPanel info via email: ?

Hello quickstart is not correctly installed. How can i clean quickstart install?

Hello my friend ! I replied you. Please check mail.