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really nice! a single page website done in Joomla is quite rare. success with sales.

Hi readactor,

Many thanks for your comment!

Great design! You should make a wordpress version. ;-)

Hi anderworks,

Many thanks, but i’m think about it.

I saw there are 69 module positions there. Where can I find them? Is there anyway I can see all module positions ? As I’m thinking of buying this for my photography website.

Looking forward to the reply.

Many thanks! CMS

Hi bintypaul,

Yes, the template supports 69 positions. Used a lot less, but you can always use them. Positions, you can see here http://www.gantry-framework.org/documentation – tab joomla, Module Positions.

Great présentation.

If you made a version wordpresse, I purchased !



Hi Victor,

Many thanks for your comment, but I has not yet decided.

Sorry I tried to install it using Quickstart, but it does not work. After installation I have the basic joomla template but not this one. There is a particular procedure to install using quickstart?

Thanks in advance for the answer

Hi Zagaros,

When you install Joomla! in step 4 you need to change Table Prefix on jos_
Try to re-install Joomla!

Can someone help me with this template and the issues I’m having?

Hi kbigmike2121,

Yes, of course, please send me more details.


I’ve bought your template. I’m having some troubles with the accordion module. The icons in the accordions (behind the title at the right) don’t load after the second accordion. In other words, the first two accordions have an icon (home and wheel) and the last four didn’t have one.

Some has an answer for this problem?

Thanks in advantage!

Kind regards,


Hi Nick,

Please send me link on live demo via my page. I’ll try to help you.

Hi, I would like to buy ‘James – Premium Joomla Template’ template but I have one question: is there any possibility to receive an invoice from you?

I will be grateful for an answer.

Best regards, Michal

Hi Michal,

I’m sorry but for the purchase of template that is impossible. Only on themeforest.net
The invoice can be set if I agreed with you about customizing template

I trying installing zip file and i am getting an error “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file” can someone please help. I have joomla 1.7 I do not understand why this template does not work

Hi pyrexkid,

Please use support forum.
Check email.

Under Joomla 1.7 I have the same problem as pyrexkid. I always get “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file”

I don´t get it…

Hi FritzB001,

Please, send me request via my page.

Hi Woo_Doo,

thanks for your very fast reply :-) I found it by myself. Was too stupid.

To all with the same error under Joomla. You cannot install it at once. Use the detailed manualy that comes together with the template. Follow it step by step and everything is fine.



Hi FritzB001,

Ok, no problem. But if you need help, please contact.

Hi Woo_Doo Nice template! Could You help me and write how to add next menu buttons?

Hi Cosmicpromotion,

Please, check email.

Hi, and thanks for this nice template. I have 2 questions regarding this template: - Does it support Joomla 2.5? - Does it support HTML5 ? - Can I alter it the way I wish to? - Does the template contain out-of-the-box all the modules positions included in Gantry Framework?

Hi stephouille,

This template can be updeted to joomla 2.5 but it doesn’t support HTML5 . The template can be changed (backgrounds, logo and etc.) as you wish. Also the tempate contains out-of-the-box all the modules positions included in Gantry Framework.

Hi, Before I purchase the template, I have some questions: 1. Will it work with Joomla 2.5? 2. Multilingual option: can it work with few languages? Can it work with Hebrew which is right to left language? Meaning, the writing should be aligned from right to left. 3. Can I put “read more” that will lead to full article? 4. Is it Smartphone “ready”?

Hi orensolell,

I’m sorry, but at this template is little chance on 1, 3, 4

I just bought this skin :)

Hi designmvd,

Thanks for your choice.

I recommended to sitemap?

Probe the xmap but I created indexes articles …

Que me recomienda para sitemap ?

Probe el xmap pero no me indexa los articulos creados …

Hi designmvd,

For this template, need manually create the xml file.