Discussion on JamSession - Music WordPress Theme

Discussion on JamSession - Music WordPress Theme

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Hi! How are you? I’ve got a simple question. I was wondering if I can creat an pop-up text from the play-icon from the home on my website. I was trying to do it by codding the site but I’m not as good as I thought and I couldn’t. I want to add a text that explains that you have to click the play button, by “play me” because most of the people don’t realize that and they’re not watching my reel. Can you help me?

This is my website: https://camm-productions.com


Hi, you can use Slider Revolution to build a more customized slider. I am not sure if it allows you to add a popup text, but you can add a custom text under the play button. No need to add custom code for that.

Is it possible to get latest version of WP Bakery? We don’t see it in the Downloads section here. Thank you.

Hi, we’ll prepare a new theme update with the updated versions for the two premium plugins. After updating the theme, you will be able to update the premium plugins from Appearance – Install JamSession Plugins.


gramyh Purchased


I try updating the theme on our site, but don’t find update button, option under the updates link and the theme options too.

Please help how to update 4.9.4 to 4.9.6.

I downloaded the latest version of theme from ThemeForest.



Hi, you can update the theme directly from your Dashboard, using Envato Market plugin, or via FTP, following the steps below:

Download again the theme (installer package) from ThemeForest. Unzip the theme installer .zip file and you’ll obtain jamsession theme folder. Connect to your website via FTP and navigate to [wordpress install directory]/wp-content/themes/. Copy your new jamsession folder over existing folder with the same name, on this location.

Hello, Does your theme support the last version of PHP ?

Yes, all our themes are compatible with the latest php version.

hi, how are you. i would like to show my logo on header but no options only text show

Hi, you can change the logo from theme settings (Appearance – JamSession Settings – General Options). Let me know if something is not clear.

Hello team. Thanks for the great job. Unfortunately, I am not able to import demo content. I get stuck on loading forever and yes, I have already sent an email to support@smartwpress.com – Many thanks.

Hi, we will help you, please open a support ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011684

Thanks for the support. Any chance we can an HTML version of Jam Session? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately, the package is only available as a WordPress theme.

Hi is there a reason why the footer is not visible although I configured some text for it via the options? I see in a recent update changelog you say hide footer in main slider, is that the reason? I’d like the footer to be always visible, with or without the forthcoming events tab, and also if possible to add a link to it. How can I do that? Thanks!

Regarding the license message you get from Slider Revolution: Since you are an indirect purchaser of the premium plugin, you cannot receive and license key for the plugin itself. These are the rules on Envato, it is not something that we can change.

But you have the full rights to use the premium plugins included in the theme package (we’ve already paid extended plugins licenses to be able to distribute them for free to our customers) and you can update the premium plugins with the theme. Each new theme version comes with an upgraded version of WPBakery and Slider Revolution.

I’m afraid but still no luck, as I said before would be great to have an updated documentation with details about these topics. I create a new page, but there are more than a dozens of templates within Jamsession: what’s the exact name of the template you say I should use? After that, you say I should “clone” the slide in Revolution Slider, but there’s nothing to clone inside Slider Revolution. The slide used in homepage is under “Slides” on the left general menu of WP outside of Slider Revolution, if I open Slider Revolution there are no slides. So could you be more precise please about the steps to do?

Hi, can you please send me a message using the contact form on my profile? I will help you.

​We have the same problem as 2 people in discussion (gramhy and JohnIvey)​

The general list pages do not load the posts If I resize the browser window the content appears instantly and or after two refreshes.

You can check on our news page and video page




If you can’t reproduce it just click the logo to go to Home and click “News” from menu or video….​​

I have disabled and enabled all plugins, the issue persists, no error in console.

This happened after the last update

Could it need something like? jQuery(window).on(‘load’, function(){ jQuery(window).resize(); });

Because when the window resizes it loads?

Hi, I have checked both URLs (videos2 and music-news..) and the items are loaded fine on my tests (Chrome browser, Windows OS). The existing functionality paints the layout after each window resize, but this also happens on page load. I really need to reproduce this to be able to fix it.

I have a problem with my JamSession theme. The menu does not work properly and is not displayed properly. I have the latest version and the latest WordPress version. Please help me.

The problem is solved… there was a problem with the cache.

Thanks for notice. Please let me know if you notice any other issue.

Dear Author,

Sadly we have the same experience as JohnIvey. The general list pages (like the webshop) in your template does not display the content on Firefox, Chrome or Edge, but displays on OSX Safari. If I resize the browser window the content appears instantly. I tried to turn off all plugins, but made no difference. Please debug this error.



Hi Zoltan, I need more details about your configuration because I need to be able to reproduce the problem to be able to find a fix for it. What version if Chrome/Firefox are you using, what operating system?

Dear Author, my config is OSX 10.13.6, Firefox 85.0 (up to date), Chrome 88.0.4324.96 (up to date), other config in office: WIN10 HOME 2020×64 (up to date), Edge 88.0 (up to date), Firefox 85.0 (up to date). Thank you! Regards, Zoltan

Hi Zoltan, at this moment it si really difficult for me to check the problem since I cannot reproduce it. I will put this on my TODO list for the next update for further investigations.

Dear Author Please update the WPBakery to 6.5 my site is crashing since the last update. This plugin came bundled in the theme and can only be updated by the author. Symptom: Video page and others load up only the background and none of the elements. Just started doing this with latest WP update. Please help Iveysong.com

Hi, I will prepare a new theme update that will include the upgraded version of WPBakery. Regarding the issues you mentioned, I am quite sure that they are not related to WPBakery. Please check your setup and make sure that you don’t have one plugin installed that is causing the problems. If you want us to take a look on your setup, please open a ticket on our support system: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011684

Hi! Comments on the site are no longer displayed, but they are visible in the admin panel. What could it be?

Hi, please check the Discussion meta box on the page edit screen. Just make sure that comments are enabled. Let me know about the result.

Yes, comments are enabled and allowed and are displayed in the comments Metabox in the admin panel, but they are not displayed on the page itself. Only their number is displayed. Here is a link for an example https://e-izmestyev.ru/?p=4539

What is the theme version that you have? Can you please open a support ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100011684 and send me credentials for your website? I will take a look on your setup.

Hi! I have a problem with albums discography. down the image of the album appear the title with rectangle with 1 opacity, I need it whiothout opacity. Like the preview of jam session template. Thank you.

The URL that you’ve sent does not load, can you please check? I can only see an empty page and a 404 – page not found error.

sorry, i made it work. thanks anyway

Thanks for noticing!

Hi! I just get a new update for the theme and the video gallery stopped working, it’s the second time it happens with an update and I just get out of support so I can’t open a ticket but it was not suppose to be happening, can you help me? Last time you add some code to let it show all the videos on the gallery, now I can only see 10 of almost 150. Thank you so much!

Hi, Please send me a mail using the contact form on my profile and I will help you.

Hi, New theme update – v.4.9.3 – released on 09 October 2020, regarding the following changes:

== v4.9.3=
     - update WPbakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.4.1)

Hello. I’ve reviewed other comments related but I don’t see exactly what is happening to me. I’m attempting to download the demo and my browse just hangs. I wait up to 10 minutes and nothing happens. No error messages or anything. Does this throw any errors if I already created pages? Or, will it know to delete those and upload?

Nevermind! It seems to have worked. I needed to update codeblock plugin.

Hi, what was the problem? Was it related to codeblock?

I have a problem with my JamSession theme. The menu does not work properly and is not displayed properly. I have the latest version and the latest WordPress version. Please help me.

Hi, please check my answer on your private ticket. Thanks!

HI! I’ve preinstalled WP 5.5. on my website. Jam Session theme will work with WP 5.5 or I need to downgrade to WP 5.3? Thanks.

Hi, JamSession Music Theme is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and php. If you notice any issue, please leave a short comment here and I will help.

Hello, I’ve got a few pre-sale questions here. I’m trying to decide which of your themes to buy. 1) Is it possible to have the menu scroll along with the page and not remain fixed at the top of the screen? 2) Can I add social media icons/links on the menu bar like with some of your other themes? 3) Are different audio player interfaces available? Can I add Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple icons/links on the track listing like with your Slide theme audio player? 4) The time lapse video under ‘Contact’-Is that a video? Or a gif? How do I add my own time lapse video/gif to that section?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. You’ve got some great themes and I’m looking forward to getting started.

Hi and thank you for being interested in our themes. Regarding your questions, please check my answers below: 1. Yes, you can use the theme options and decide if you want to have a fixed/sticky menu or not. 2. This is possible on our other two music themes Lucille – https://themeforest.net/item/lucille-music-wordpress-theme/19078867 and Slide – https://themeforest.net/item/slide-music-wordpress-theme/21680152 3. Yes, you can add embedded external players on the album post. Also, embedded code (like SoundCloud) can be added anywhere on the theme. The built in music player that you can see on front page is dedicated to your own hosted music files. Also, in Slide theme, we are offering a great and flexible music player that allows you to link each song with external locations (AppleMusic, SoundCloud etc) You can see this player in this demo: https://slide.smartwpress.com/demo1/ 4. The background for Contact section is a video that is set as background for the section. You can change it and add your own visually, by editing your page with WPBakery Front Editor. This kind of option is available for all our music themes. Please let me know if something is not clear or you have more questions.

Hello, I`,m Alexandar and we just bought your great them in 2014., and we never update theme. My version is 1.3. Can I now do the update because I have a lot og bugs on mobile device (homepage is opening with open menu and it isn`t possible to scroll menu etc)? And what is solution you recommend?

Hi Alexandar, please check my latest email!


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