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Hi SmartWPress. Just noticed a couple of quirky things happening on my site and wondered will you be updating the theme to Visual Composer Plugin version 5? I have theme version 4.7.2 and currently need to update. If you will be issuing an update could you give us a heads up on the date your planning to release it. Thanks man!!

Hi, I can send you the latest version of the plugin before releasing the theme update. Please send a mail to

Hi SmartWPressm. I can’t import demo content. please look the message as below:

Importing content step 1 of 4…

JamSession Importer returned with the following error: 500 (Internal Server Error).

Hi, this is a theme generated message that is letting you know that you do not have enough php memory size to import the demo content. Please send a mail to and I will take a look. Thanks.


rjay Purchased

I’ve had this theme a long time ago and it’s great. But since the recent update when you changed the Contact Form Captcha, I get spam on a daily basis from the contact form. With the previous Contact Form, I never got any spam. I hope you can fix this in the future.

Hi, do you get the spam from the contact form? I’ve recently replaced reCaptcha with the latest version, do you have that update?


rjay Purchased

Yes I checked: it is actually coming from the contact form. I downloaded the latest recaptcah and that is when the spam started

Can you please send more details by mail? Recaptcha is included in the theme, is not clear for me how you donwloaded it. Please send a mail to with details.

Hi, the google fonts doesn’t work:, it’s a broken link How I can fix it? All the best

Can you please send me a URL to your website. The google fonts are working 100%, the demo website is using the same theme version. Please send a mail to with details.

Hello, super interested in buying this, does it have a cutsom CSS option or child-theme?

Hi, please send a mail to and I will send you the child theme. JamSession is child theme compatible, but the child theme is not included in the download package. Please send a mail to support and I will send you the child theme.

hello, i bought the jam session license and i was trying to get the Jam session 3 or jam session extended. Are all 3 layouts included in the zip file?

You can import any of the layouts from theme options. Please go to Appearance – JamSession Import. Please send a mail to if you need more help.


I love the theme but have a couple of questions before I buy. I like that you allow past events, but is there away to have these on the same page and have past events as a category instead of pulling the user to another page?

Can you make the events paid for via the website or do you always need to use offsite re-sellers as you do in the demo? Thanks

Hi, I am glad that you like jamsession At this moment the events can only be accessed as different pages (past/all/upcoming). The mechanism of showing event categories is connected to the type of event you are showing (past/upcoming/all). Related to event paying, I guess you can use woocommerce to sell tickets directly via your website.

Thanks for the reply. This is quite an important feature I’ll need for my website, so it’s a shame you don’t have it.

I think both the features I mentioned would be a great addition to your theme, very much so the ability to sell tickets. There seem to be to few event based theme that don’t allow ticket sales via the theme.

Hi, like I’ve said, you can use WooCommerce plugin to sell tickets, the plugin is nicely integrated by JamSession theme.

I had my hosting company increase the php limit but then i get a 504 error on step 2. how do i proceed.

not to mention this came with a deactivated version of visual composer.

Hi, you have the full right to use Visual Composer, it is fully functional, and you can update it with the theme. Since you are an indirect purchaser of the plugin, you cannot receive and license key for the plugin itself. These are the rules on the Envato market, is not something that we can change or decide about. Each new theme version come with upgraded version of visual composer so you can update the plugins through the theme update mechanism. Related to the demo import, please send a mail to with credentials for your WordPress, and the URL to the website, I will take a look and check the importer on your side and if needed I will import the demo manually for you. Please let me know what is the demo that you want to import.

Hello I am having issues with my background photo to my home page on my website. I can not seem to find a way to get it to resize and look okay. I have tried several photos and was wondering if you have any suggestions on what to do. Thank You!

Hi, please send a mail to and I will send you more details. Shortly, please use a wide image to fit the nowadays screens sizes.


outlines Purchased

Love the theme – Visual Composer is out dated, and the creator says if we got it “in a theme” that we must wait for the theme creator to update it. Will that happen soon?

Hi, I am preparing a theme update for today/tomorrow, related to this.

Hi, the new theme version containing the lateste version of Visual Composer is now available.


I need to know if your theme is compatible with WPML. Thank you

Hi, I did not test the theme with this plugin, but there are several JamSession customers using it. If you meet any problem, please let me know, I will help you.

How can I make the album covers smaller on the discography page? Or maybe have more to a row?

Hi, at this moment you can only use the existing layout on discography page. But I will try to help you, can you please send a mail with details on the support address?

Hello! I have bought your theme, but it has a big problem. When I add a new image in news the thumbnails doesn´t have the same size. The same height is very important for us.

Thank you

Hi, please send more details (URL to the page) on Thanks. The featured image is set as cover, for better visibility of the layout.

I am working in localhost for the moment, but I have tried to do flexbox for the same height and it is totally impossible. I am working for several bands and all of them say me the news have differents height! :(

Please send a screenshot at least to support email. Is not clear for me if you are talking about masonry layout or a different one. The masonry layout is meant to show different height for featured images. Thanks

i keep getting a jam session return with 404 error when uploading my demo.

Hi, this is an error caused by the low amount of your php memory size. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase the amount oh php memory size on your web server. Also, please keep me up to date with the status of this, and drop me a short mail on