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like also i would like to know how to delete search icon in the right upper corner? or even upcoming events if i don’t need for now?

Hi, unfortunately, mixcloud icon is not available at this moment.

Hi, uploading just albums to the website, but doesn’t show them together on one page shows just one album and under shows older post which i need to click to go to older album. I would like to have them all together on one page. can not find any option to do this. Thank you

Hi, you just need to increase the number of posts that are shown on one page from Settings – Reading. If something is not clear, feel free to mail to

is there any dummy data xmls

Please make sure that you have the latest theme version, the theme comes with one click demo import. Please take a look on the online documentation, on the chapter related to one click import.

I bought their squad today, and it’s been three hours and you can not install the demo “JamSession Extended”, besides the documentation did not even mention how to create a slider version “JamSession Extended”, you want me to send my username and password from my wordpress administrator to give me a solution. Le envie un mensaje para recibir su ayuda.

Hi, you have my reply on your email. Feel free to send a mail to if something is not clear or you need more help.

Sorry I’m so late because its staff does not work correctly, please want the extended demo is activated. I not getting the support I need

Hi, sorry for this, I will install it for you today.

I’m trying to install the “JamSession Extended” demo file into WordPress importer, but it seems like the demo data file isn’t importing…

Hi, please send a mail to with credentials, I will take a look on your installation.

I can not install the template workpress ” Jam Session Extended” don’t works. Pleace I see more people have the same problem.

Hi, I’ve released a new theme version with an improved version of the importer(4.7). Please make sure that you have the latest theme version, and if the problem is still there, please send a mail to with credentials, I will take a look. The importer works, but since it downloads a lot of content and images from the demo website, it might need some bigger amount of memory dedicated to php, that is why for some customers it does not get all the content. But this can be easily fixed by the hosting provider. Anyway, please send a mail to email, I will check it and help you.


ijaz429 Purchased

just a quick question… the top menu has a purple shadow background. can i change that to a white shadow?

Hi, can you please send a screenshot by email? – Thanks.

Hi guys, I purchased your beautiful theme last night, impossible to import the demo content. I already sent you an email from Thanks!

Hi, I’ve sent you a mail, please check your inbox. Thanks.

Yes I read it and replied back. Thanks

Thanks, I’ll take care of it in several hours.

quick questions one more time again mixcloud icon. Any plans to make one and when? Talking also about social icons I have problem to add icons to home page when I’m using slider as a template. I am not able to add widget with social icons there..

Hi, please send a mail to related to your issues with adding icons on home page. Please offer more details. Thanks

Feature request: for video post types, allow parameters in the short url, e.g., to play an excerpt of a Youtube video:

Also, an option to turn on autoplay would be nice.

Thanks, great theme!

Hi, thanks for the idea, I will consider this for one of the next updates. Related to autoplay, this is useless for iOS devices, because autoplay is disabled.

The XML files won’t install .Getting a lot of ‘failed to import’ . Is there a reason why the installation isn’t working correctly ?

On a normal web server configuration, the installation works out of the box. You can get “failed to import” message for various reasons. If a file was already improted, it will not be imported twice, or if you try to import woocommerce products, and you do not have woo commerce installed, you will get this message. The problems with importer might alsow be connected to the php memory size on your web server. JamSession importer is an extended version if the default WordPress importer, and low php memory size can cause trouble when trying to import one of the demos. Please send me a mail to with details (url/login) and I will take a look and try to install the demo for you. Thanks, Alex

Hi ,

I want to customise my website but Visual Composer does not work anymore and says that needs update.

It does not allow me to add any element! why it does not work with the current version ?!

Best regards

Thanks, I will check this later on. Keep in touch.

Thanks a lot. Can I ask how I can add track playing feature to album page like this :

Simply ad your music to the upload are on the album post type. Please take a look on the dedicated documentation page:

Hi, presale question: does the theme have Soundcloud integration features, or I need to copy the iframe from Soundcloud and past it in posts? also, does it support WPML or RTL? thanks

Hi, for the album post type you need to copy the SoundCloud iframe code and paste it to the dedicated edit field in the album edit page. Related to WPML: the theme was not tested with this plugin, but I know there are several customers using it. If you have any problem with this plugin, I will support you. Related to RTL: the theme does not provide this option. Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

Hi. Is it possible to put lyric for each song? Thank you

Hi, unfortunately, at this moment is not possible to add lyrics for album songs. There is not special functionality for this, you can only add them to the album text content.


can you tell me how much PHP memory size i need to import the extented version? at the moment i have 128 MB, but it doesn’t work.

thank you very much,


Hi Vanessa, please check my email.

Hi I cant import Jam Session Extended version. I contact my hosting they increase the memory limit but nothing change

Hi, please send a mail to with credentials, I will take a look and help you. For future questions, please use the dedicated support email, you will get a reply within 24 hours.

How do I get the shop grid display as it is on your template? I have downloaded woocommerce but it’s only allowing me to display products in a list. Please help

Hi, please send a mail to, with details. Thanks.

Hi, Alex

On my computer I can watch videos through revolution slider but mobile not (in any browser), why this happens?

Best regards.

please send a mail to with the URL to your website and I will take a look.

Now it is perfect, Alex!

Super Nice Theme!

Thanks for all your help!

I am glad that I could help. Feel free to mail me if you need other help.


bsanzcalvo Purchased


I have some questions about the theme:

1) It´s possible to order the menu differently proposed by the theme? In my case, I see it done in alphabetical alone.

2) I have many problems with the logo. What are the perfect height for them?

3) In with zone can i change the message in the footer “2014 JAMSESSION © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.”?

Now it´s all.

Many thanks for your work. It´s a really good theme for a music group / singer!! ;)


Hi, 1. You can simply drag and drop the menu items in Appearance – Menus 2. What kind of problems do you have? Please send a mail to support with details. Thanks. 3. You just need to set your own copyright text on Appearance – JamSession Settings – Footer Options Feel free to mail to for more details and other help.

Anyone know the optimal image size for the slider my images keep getting cropped