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deefur Purchased

Hi I just updated the theme and it made the menu header area all messed up. It looks like the there’s two headers conflicting with each other because it shows 2 logos and 2 nav bars but its all distorted.

Hi, please clear the browser cache and test again. Let me know if you need more help.


wpit Purchased

Hi, I updated to the new version. The mobile menu don’t show submenus…

Hi, please make sure you clear your browser cache and test again. If still does not work, please drop me a mail. Thanks

Hello! How can I replace the seccion “leave a reply” for a contact form in the mobile version?

Hi, the “leave a reply” message is shown above the comments and not on contact form. Can you please send me a screenshot with the exact place where you see this text? Please use the support email. Thanks!

The gallery-view of my photos is showing up in a wrong ratio. The pictures are squeezed together. What could cause this?

Hi, please drop me a mail to with the URL to your website, I will take a look. But please make sure you are using the latest version of the theme. Thanks.

Can i use a video as background WITHOUT sound??

Yes, you can add the video as background for Slider Revolution and mute the sound from slider settings. Feel free to send us a mail if you need more details.

I don’t mean the slider, but a Video Background down in the page, let’s say behind the mail contact form, like in your demo.

You can also add a background using visual composer row properties. Just edit the visual composer row and on general settings, add the URL to the video, that is already saved on your website. Please drop me a mail if something is not clear, I can send you some screenshots.

Hi! I was wondering if you have an Amazon icon for the social media links? The band I work for offers a link to Amazon so people can buy the albums the band no longer has in stock. Thanks so much!

Hi, at this moment is not available, but I will put this on the TODO list and prepare for the next update.


wpit Purchased

Hi there! Before 4.8 it was easy to use .post_item {min-height: 400px !important} to level every event-post to the same height. Since 4.8 this css don’t work anymore. Can you give me a hint, please?

Hi, please open a support ticket, I will help you. Thanks.

Hi team,

I’m using your JamSession theme for a few years and it seems to work fine. Just a small problem with the Navigation Menu, I recently added a link to my other website and want it to open in a new tab. I ticked that option in Admin Dashboard but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you please help me with this?

My website is:

Hope to receive your support on this.

Cheers, Q

First of all, please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme. The “Open in new tab” option should work, the theme does not change this behavior. Regarding support – if is expired, you always have the option to extend it. Please update the theme to the latest version, and make a short test.

Hi SmartWPress, may I know from which version of the theme this feature has been fixed?

Please update your theme to the latest version, the functionality works out of the box.

On the main page the “Latest Album” is no longer playing the song that’s selected when clicking on the play button

Hi, please make sure that you have the latest theme version.

Disregard last comment about the “Latest Album” not playing my music… Had to do an update on a few plugins

That was exactly the solution, to update jamsession post types plugin and the theme. If you have any other issue, feel free to open a ticket, we’ll help you.

Hi before purchasing your i have some questions 1. MP3 Download button option is there 2.I need to add ads in-between 2 tracks

Hi and thank you for being interested in JamSession theme. Regarding your questions: 1. At this moment there is no pre-defined download button for mp3 songs – you can add a download button using Visual Composer and you can insert it in the content area. 2. If you are talking about the album post type – the tracks are automatically added to the layout. What you can do is to add the tracks manually, in the content area, in this way you will be able to insert your adds between each track. Let us know if you have more questions.

Hi, can I put a photo instead of video on the main page?

Yes, this is possible with Slider Revolution plugin, which is included with the theme package.

Is it possible to post an event as a news/blog? For example, I create a post but when I click on that post it goes directly to the event page

The event has its own template, you cannot show the event as a blog post. If you want that, you simply need to open a standard post and place your event information there. Also, you can show the events together with the blog posts on the Archives page template.

Hiya great looking theme , I’ve narrowed my search down to three ! I really want the site to look as organic as possible , but work really well etc , is it fairly easy to change the page names and titles text with pictured text ? i.e. so they can appear written or drawn by hand ? would that translate/resize still to different devices ? Or am i making things really difficult . Thank you very much .All the best x

Hi, unfortunately at this moment you cannot replace the page title with a image, this functionality is not supported. Regarding the theme responsiveness, it was created to adapt to different screen sizes, so from this point of view you should not worry. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Hi SmartWordPress,

since the update to 4.8.2 there is a different layout between being logged into the backend and being not logged in. The Slider-Video won’t load if I’m not logged in. Also the new music section shows three empty “song bars”, but no music is playable. The new videos are shown in three big boxes instead of the smaller ones next to each other. Any suggestions? (I already tested different browsers and cleared caches)

The theme requests the deprecated “theme forest wordpress toolkit” instead of the new envato market plugin. When will this be updated?

Thanks, trise

Hi Trise, regarding the video slider – this might be a functionality change related to the latest version of Slider Revolution. I am not sure about this, I need to check on your website. Also, regarding to the music section – I guess this is related to the music player visual composer element, this was fixed in the latest theme update. Regarding the video section, please open a support ticket on our new support system – and we’ll help you. Regarding Envato Toolkit – we are aware about this situation, and it will be replaced with the new Envato Market plugin, starting with the next theme update. Thanks.

HI. LOVE this theme! But we are adding festivals to our site using Events. But many of the festivals span more than one day. Is there a way to extend each event to cover more than one day?

Hi, at this moment this is not implemented for JamSession, but we did something similar for our other music themes, so we can prepare this for the next update. Can you please open a ticket and offer more details about the functionality you need?


In this theme MP3 Download option is there?

Hi and thank you for being interested in JamSession theme. Regarding your question, the theme does not provide an out of the box functionality for mp3 download, but you can use one of the available free plugins for that, like Easy Media Download. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Hi Again, i was wondering why the mobile menu is stuck on the top of the site. Even the demo jamsession website has this problem. The menu overlay / scroll to top isn’t working when using mobile devices. Any suggestions? Is this normal? (Tried chrome, safari on iPhone 7, iPad, MacBook). Thanks :)

Hi, do you have the latest theme update? In any case, please open a ticket and we’ll help you.