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Discussion on Jannah - Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

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Rest in Peace TieLabs Author


iameffat Purchased

What’s wrong with TieLabs? All of their themes are outdated. There is no update and support last 1 year. Jannah is now backdated compare to other themes. We are in trouble. At Least, reply our comment or give announcement to user that we are dead. Supporting customer is first priority than any other thing.


WeslleySim Purchased

What’s going on withTielabs?

NexusFred Purchased

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BUYER BEWARE: Do not purchase items from Envato, you will get zero support from them and sellers. This marketplace has gotten terrible. I will post this on every freaking item on this website until my issue is resolved.

Salam, I have greatly enjoyed working with this theme over past year plus, but it has become quite concerning the lack of support and responsiveness the author has shown to the community. I was looking to pick up another license, but after reading the feedback it is clear that the author has clearly lost interest. Rather disappointing, but it looks like it may be time to start looking elsewhere. Like I said, it has been a great theme, and will keep using the license I have until it breaks, but I can’t see inventing in more licenses for something that has lost support or interest.

BE CAREFUL, especially do not buy this theme for now, as long as Tie Labs does not say what it intends to do. The theme has not been updated for 1 year and there are now bugs. customer service no longer works either… WARNING

I left theme forest at the risk of having the same problem as with Tie Labs. I bought Generate Press from Tom Usborn, the customer service is very responsive. There are changes to be made, but it’s a light and great theme.

actually the supported team is very bad i summited 2 tickets and no one reply on me !!!


cuteworth Purchased

A new update will be released soon. So please wait patiently :)

Hi I just checked your demo: https://jannah.tielabs.com/sport/

Found ridiculously awful statics in Google Page Speed & Gtmetrix https://gtmetrix.com/reports/jannah.tielabs.com/2Y02PKGc/

This is not acceptable now days, with this statics website will never Rank. Do you offer any solutions to this? before I make a decision of purchase. Thanks

Even the Menu’s are so slow

The last update was on November 24, 2021. I hope you will release the new update on this date, and we, your customers, will meet our high expectations of the new design.

Can you tell me what’s going on with the author of this gorgeous theme? Over 17k sales, but there haven’t been any updates for a year! There is no reply in the comment section, so imagine what the support section is like! What happened to TieLabs? Is it going to be a dead theme list?

Trinaa3 Purchased

You said the theme will be updated before the end of the year. Is there a specific date? Thanks :)


brugees Purchased

Forget this theme. It’s over ! Migrate to a more recent theme (I personally migrated to Foxiz, on which I was able to find features equivalent to Jannah). The developer has moved on and made another life. I have used Jannah on 15 websites. It was a great adventure. Too bad it ended like this.


diagogfx Purchased

When are we getting update, or this theme has been discontinue? Kindly let us know

orianos Purchased

Hi TieLabs, I would like to buy more Jannah licenses! But I need to be sure you’re active. If you are there, give us a signal! Let us see you keep developing and updating Jannah…

Hello, At least update theme to be compatible with latest version of word press, to keep the hope that theme development is alive


neomhm Purchased

It is official. Tielab is no longer functioning. Their social handlers are either deleted or left without comms for a year or more.

The theme is slowly outdating itself at every WP update.


I receive a notice that I should extend my support, at a special price of course. This must be a joke, there is no such thing as support for a long time, although I have paid for it of course.

It seems more and more that there is no more development here, the sparse comments of the provider are just a put off for the users. Obviously, Tielabs has lost the entire development team and is only trying to somehow make money out of the existing.


Engr450 Purchased

Last Update 24 November 2021

Almost one year and now new updated. We are facing multiple issues… Please update the theme or confirm you have abandoned the new development. So we will switch to another one.