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It would be nice to have an option to be able to have different colors for categories when showing on home page Also how many ad sizes do you have

ver 1.1.0 available now and 2 columns option added .. and now you can show different boxes colors in the homepage .. check it http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/

Wow that was fast, now I have to buy it. Did I read that you can pick sidebars for categories or just Page/Post?

Yes You can set custom sidebars for categories

I am a big fan of yours NEWS EDITORIAL theme as i bought your last theme and really a satisfied Customer. Well This theme except design , 3 columns and some minute changes haven’t appealed me as i still recommend others that SHIFA is best. I must say that add more features like - More optimized Design (change menu etc so it look different then Shifa) - give more header options like placing the logo in middile and on side 2 adds or else options etc - sticky widgets of ads - user optimiezed layout like megusta in tf etc options i really wish to buy this theme with some more different options

and Brother Mash’Allah no theme is better in TF than Shifa :)\\I hope shifa also come with header optimizations. \

Best of luck with Sales!!

Do you plan to do any of such thing, then i will buy this theme today…. i am interested but need the road map of modification about this theme updates ?

I need Event Options in this theme would it be possible… Example http://sportimo.orange-themes.com/events-page/

Let Me confirm so i Buy it…


Thanks for all of your suggestions .. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

This looks really amazing!

I’d love a HTML version of this to be able to incorporate it into my own system, but this really is quite nice!

Good luck with sales! :D

Thanks :)

May I know is there any way to add back pagination in news boxes mode? our site got over 10 new articles per day , it is not possible to show them all on news boxes. I was using WP-page-navi for the pagination, but it doesn’t work with “Recent Posts” in the Main Area. Any solution about it?


As in the demos site News boxes doesn’t support pagination .. it is available in the blog layout only and in archives pages http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=blog

Hi, I absolutely love your new theme. I was just about to purchase your Sahifa theme then saw huge potential in this one. I have a few pre-purchase questions…

(1) Would I be able to stretch the main nav right across the full width of the site when using the box template?

(2) When I have stretched the main nav, would I be able to insert my own image into the header behind the logo and advert?

(3) I don’t like how the main nav follows me down the page, how can I stop this?

(4) On your Sahifa theme, your primary categories have it’s own landing page with a slider. Does this theme have this feature as well?

(5) Do you have the 404 page template on this theme? I will be losing all of my current permalink structures so need a neat 404 page like the one on Sahifa to try and get the user to enter it in the search box again.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Cheers! :)

Will it be a quick fix in the code to include sub-categories or are we looking at a major job?

I am sure I can stretch the main nav with some customisation so that’s fine. Just to help me on this one further- sorry, is the header behind the logo and top advert separate to the rest of the main body content? I only say this as I aim to change the CSS to show an image instead and need to know if it’s sliced into a header or not.

Thanks again, great support!

Also, would you consider adding sub-categories into the primary category landing page in the next update please? Cheers.


1- Header Not fully separated .. check this http://d.pr/i/k7iv

2- For Sub categories in the parent category page .. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.


I have the same problem like hkocer. Can you give a solution quickly ?


As in the demos site News boxes doesn’t support pagination .. it is available in the blog layout only and in archives pages http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=blog

I have the same problem like hkocer. Can you give a solution quickly ?

Unfortunately, this is a change you would have to make on your own as it is not an automatic feature of the theme.

And how i do this ? Please

you need to make changes on loop.php This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support. If you’re interested in hiring a developer to do it for you, we highly recommend to check out: http://www.wpquestions.com

Hi there

Nice one.

One question. Are the dropdown options unlimited? Need a theme with 4x dropdown from page. This possible?



yes it’s unlimited

this template has 3 Columns. Is it possible to have just one? Can i see an example site to have an idea how it would be?


For now theme available as 3 columns only .. in next version I will add an option to use it as 2 columns only

ver 1.1.0 available now and 2 columns option added .. check it here http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=col2

Do you think i can adapt my website to your template? http://www.cinema7arte.com/site/

Thank you for this fantastic theme. I have installed and have a couple of problems, please check www.hakimiyetimilliye.org and send me your feedback:

1. The verticle 160×600 ads doesn’t appear correctly. (both on homepage and single article pages) 2. Facebook and twitter counter subscriber numbers don’t appear (social widget) 3. The white gap between the slider and other content boxes (homepage) are too big, how can we make this look exactly like on your theme live preview 4. What is the content widget you’re using for the footer content in your theme live preview? (popular posts, recent comments etc.) 5. Although I select the categories for the “Recent Content” boxes on the homepage, it doesn’t show the content for the selected category, how can I fix this? 6. Why don’t you have a picture&video portfolio template, this is a very important requirement for a magazine theme? Thanks in advance.


Thanks so much for purchased my items I’am really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it!

1- This issue will be fixed in next version .. just edit style.css and remove this line
.sidebar-narrow iframe,.sidebar-narrow .google-box div{    max-width:100% !important;     height: auto;}

2- You need to set Twitter settings in Tiepanel > Advanced .. check this video https://vimeo.com/59573397 .. and use this link as facebook URL in counter widget settings http://www.facebook.com/170944092189

3- I checked your site and the space between the slider and the news boxes looks like the demo site .. which browser you use ? Could you provide me with a screenshot for it ?

4- Footer widgets are : ” Jarida – Posts List ” , ” Jarida – Recent comments with avatar” and “Jarida – category Posts”

5- From Recent Box settings in Homepage Builder you choose the Categories you want to exclude not the categories you need to show posts from it .. so edit it and deselect the categories you want

6- Thanks for your suggestion .. There are a live example for it ?


I think you may want to reconsider only allowing 3 columns. In my opinion, this theme is much “cleaner” than Sahifa, which I already use, but I could never fill the 3 columns with enough news boxes or widgets. I am very interested in using this theme for it’s aesthetics, but I need only 2 columns. Thank you for your consideration.


Thanks .. I will add it as option in next version soon

Thank you very much, I look forward to purchasing the theme as soon as the updated version is available! :) Also, I support the cause for having custom colors for each news box category.

ver 1.1.0 available now and 2 columns option added .. check it here http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=col2

Very Nice Theme , wish you lots of sales…

Thanks :)

for the banners , I found that the banners will disappear under mobile resolution. is there any option for mobile only advertisement?


There is no option for mobile only advertisement .. so if you need to show the advertisement on mobiles i can provide you with the css code for that

That would be nice if you could provide. thanks man

just add this code to :: Tiepanel > Styling > Wide Phones CSS and Phones CSS

.ads-top, .ads-bottom, .home-ads, .ads-post{display: block !important;}
.ads-top img, .ads-bottom img, .home-ads img , .ads-post img {max-width: 100% !important; height: auto;}

Have to wait until the theme will be the same as the functional Sahifa. And then you can buy :)


Did you means 2 columns or what ?

ver 1.1.0 available now and 2 columns option added .. check it here http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?demo=col2

I am having a few problems with this site. I am going to email you directly

I agree with Bruce1 that if category color can be set on homepage will be very fantastic.

Please provide URL of your site to check the problem

just mailed you the URL. also I found that I can’t add more than 3 category , is it a bug?

http://beta.unwire.hk , it is only showing 3 category in the second main area, but I had chosen 5 category there but only could output 3.

Awesome theme! Keep up the good work and good luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

i must say I am not very good at wordpress theme , is there any tutorial on how to migrate to this cool theme?

as you can see on my site , the original photos there are breaking the layout and the theme didn’t pick the right dimension of thumbnail for new posts / uploads.


thanks for your reply, my problem is it did generate new dimension such as 300×160 , but the thumbnail in the theme just picked the original pre-seted Mid size thumbnail instead of new 300×160 , for smaller thumbnail supposed to pick 70×70 , but it just picked 92×92 instead.


send me your dashboard access information via my profile page to check the problem

Hello , I had sent an email regarding to the problems I am facing , please kindly have a look. Thank you for your time. :) (my name is Leo)

I give you 200% man. This is how to design a theme using Layout builder. Every detail is considered. No sweat and no worrying about codes! You raise the bar for your fellow theme designers who i believe can learn a thing or two from how this theme is well implemented.

The options you give make designing a website a pleasure to do. From the tiniest task to the complex, you have thought through with efficiency. I must give it to you – the theme is fantastic! I am in the News Business and this is just what the doctor ordered! Congrats


Thanks a lot for your nice words :)

Really glad you love the theme :)

Hi, Thanks for this very good template :bigsmile:

Two details for me to be a perfect theme :

1/ I think too that it wil be fantastic to have the custom colors of categories on homepage

2/ And to be perfect, to manage the columns. And now I search how I can use 2 columns on a post. But the first column as not a sidebar but a column included in the code of a post (I want to use a column to display important informations in a post but I think this is not good to have a sidebar for each post… if one day I have 1000 posts…). Maybe you have ideas or hack for this ? I realy want to have the 2 columns, but one column with the code from a post. Hope you understand the difference.

3/ When you will publish the next update ? ;)



Thank you for your reactivity. It’s a good thing for the colors on homepage :)

Ok for the columns, I love the 3 columns format but don’t want a lot of sidebars, I will try by myself to understand your code an add a customfield to have this option.

I have three new suggestions : 1/ since the version 1.1.0 we don’t see the stars on home page (on the “best reviews” and on the footer…) is it a bug ? It was cool on the previous recent.

2/ I think your tool “home builder” is very powerful, but is it possible to use a shortcode or a hack in order to put a “News box” or a “Scrolling box” in a page / post / etc. ? My goal is to have a custom layout for a specific categoy and I find theses tools very cool.

3/ And I think too a compatibiliy with Ubermenu will be perfect. A mega menu is an good option for modern website ;)

Thank you again for your work !!!!

For the stars on home page, I see them on my install but not http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/, so it’s not a real problem !


1- I just disabled it by mistake on the demos site .. it backs now http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/

2- Sorry , Theme doesn’t support that .. Homepage builder avilable in homepage only

3- Thanks for your suggestion