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OK real issue now… clicking “Add Google Map” in article body, I place the URL in, fill out everything, hit insert post… nothing happens. This is in Google Chrome.

EDIT: This seems to be for everything in that top bar, including Boxes.

http://www.firestorm.tv/thedishwp however… the map is not saved on the page because hitting “Insert” will not make the dialog box go away and insert the item. It stays on the dialog box… the only way to get off the insert item box is to hit X, which obviously does not insert the item.

I notice that on your demo site, for example the Google Maps page, there is no map. http://themes.tielabs.com/jarida/?p=42


You installed the theme in incorrect way .. here is your theme path ”’http://firestorm.tv/thedishwp/wp-content/themes/Jarida-Theme/jarida" and the correct is ‘http://firestorm.tv/thedishwp/wp-content/themes//jarida" you need to move jarida folder to be in the theme folder directly .. check this https://vimeo.com/48295608

You are right. AH! Thank you sir…

I’ve never bought a theme from here before.

I have 2 sites.

One of them is my prod site (www.website.com) One is my test / dev site (test.website.com)

Am I safe to install on both. Is the license / support okay for both?

mo3aser, do you have any email address? I have tried to contact you using the Themeforest contact email form on your profile but I have never ever got reply. I need your help to change something in the theme I purchased from you.


replied to your email .. please check it

Would love to have the ability to title the “News Box” as I can with the “Scrolling Box”.


Thanks for your suggestion .. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Hi, I run a popular investing collaborative blog in India, StockMusings.com. I intend to change my current layout and have found this theme useful. However, before I make the purchase, I would like to know if the following features are in-built in the theme or can be incorporated using simple plugins. Kindly mention if the feature would require the services of a professional wordpress customisation expert. Also let me know if you’ll undertake wordpress customisation.

i) Colour scheme blue ii) 2-column category wise display of articles, along with the author name and the time posted iii) Break the article in two pages using the next button iv) Display related posts category-wise in the sidebar; ability to choose which articles go appear as related articles v) Follow button in the blog with the option of following all posts, posts under a particular category or a particular author vi) Email alert should be sent to the person who has commented, in-case his comment receives a reply or if anybody else has posted a comment in the same article. vi) Also, the site is visited by 600-700 people each day and I want the transformation to the new layout to be as smooth as possible. Can I incorporate all the plugin/theme changes in some demo site, before it goes live? vii) My website is not video/image heavy and I do not intend to have featured images for my articles. Does the theme allow the flexibility of removing the option for featured image?

Regards, Neeta

Thank you! you have created a wonderful theme :-)

Can I test the theme by installing wordpress in my computer, and finally install it in my live website? That should not be a problem right?


Theme containing a Export/import feature so you can export your theme settings and Import it on another web site

Thank you ! Nice theme http://www.armymag.cz

I bought sahifa WordPress theme , and now I bought jarida and both got 5 stars from me because simply they are the best of all themes here in themeforest and this is the honest truth.

waiting for more creative production from you mo3aser. so far no major bugs in this theme, keep improving it and because of your customer service you will have a lot of returning customers. best luck with sales.

Thanks a lot! :) Really glad to hear that!

Hi, does this theme support Google structured data such as authorship?

When I add sidebar and narrow sidebar to a page it doesn’t display correctly. If I leave Sidebar as “Default” and Narrow Sidebar set to any other sidebar it only displays the default and leave an empty space where the narrow sidebar should be. If I choose a sidebar other than default for then that sidebar appears in both the regular and narrow sidebar columns. See links for examples and please let me know what I need to do correct this. Thanks. http://www.injuryrelief.com/xfer/1.jpg < “Default” Sidebar shows but narrow does not http://www.injuryrelief.com/xfer/2.jpg < “Normal” Sidebar appears in both Normal and Narrow spots


thanks for reporting this issue .. I will check it and provide a fix in the next version soon

Is there a demo or better screen shots of the homepage builder


check it here http://d.pr/i/6igD

I’m having the same issue as glopc above. Very happy with this theme so far, just need to get this working. No matter what I do, the same sidebar shows in both regular and narrow sidebar spaces.


it will be fixed in next version soon

New version works perfect -thanks!

There have been a lot of theme updates lately—awesome! Is there a way for you to post on here what the theme update fixed so we know if we need to update or not?


You can check the files updated in changelog.txt file in the theme folder .. in last update we fix a bug in homeapge builder and i custom boxes colors on the homepage

I am sorry to post here but I do not see any support email or link so I was unable to figure out how to properly contact you.

On FireFox 19.0.2 OSX the links are all shifted to the right of where they are supposed to be. When you hover over a link it does not work, you need to be 5-100 pixels to the right.

Safari and Chrome are fine.

I was able to recreate this locally as well as on your demo.


Please provide URL of the page containing the problem to check it .. is this problem appears on the demo site too ? or just your website ?

“I was able to recreate this locally as well as on your demo.”

This has ironed itself out somehow on my end. Sorry if I spent any of your time.

Salam, I’m new and I want to buy this theme.

1) Can you tell me exactly what to do to make the site RTL?

2) Can I put a “sticky” post as a welcome post for my blog, and make it appear different than other posts?

3) Is there somewhere in the theme I can stick a large square google ad?

4) Is the theme compatible with facebook comments?


1- Check this please http://themes.tielabs.com/docs/jarida/#!/rtl

2- Sorry , Sticky posts is a feature in Wordpress .. but it will appears in the same style of other posts .. but you can customize it by adding some css to it

3- You can add 300250 and 250250 Ad in sidebars , between boxes in the homepage and above,below posts in single post page

4- It in built-in feature in the theme .. but you can use plugins to add it


Hi. Was wondering if this theme able to use Uber Menus.



thanks for your suggestion :)

i found it hard to use the homebuilder to make my homepage look like your.. please can you tellme in each area what u have inserted?


check it here http://d.pr/i/6igD

chokrannn … but pls look here http://www.lisour.com/ some photo are so big! they didnt minimized they look big .. and not scalled into the rectangle. .

use this plugin to regenerate Thumbnails with suitable sizes http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Good morning

This theme works well with ads plugins to make advertisement? I need to use AdPress or Ads Google or WP Pro Advertising.

Do you now then? Is there any suggestion from you which I should use?

Thank you


Sorry I haven’t tested it yet so I can’t guarantee on it

It would be nice to stop comments from being able to be posted on Pages. Just a checkbox to stop people from posting on them.

Quick question, can an Author’s profile picture fill-up the entire circle space or does it show up as a square as in the demo?


it appears in fill-up circle space for me on chrome and firefox ! what is the browser you use ?

why ThemeForest should accept this template?! Why they don’t check every pages!!!! just select 2 columns and resize your browser